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Early Ministry of the Church and Opposition Acts 3-7.

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1 Early Ministry of the Church and Opposition Acts 3-7

2 Questions for chapter 3 Where were Peter and John going? How long had the healed man been lame? Why was Jesus sent into the world? Early Ministry of the Church

3 Peter and John's healing of the lame man and teaching (3:1-4:31). Peter and John's healing at temple beautiful gate (3:1-10)beautiful gate Healing drew people to hear the gospel message Were going there at the "hour of prayer" (3:00 pm) last prayer time of the day many people present Healed at the temple gate the man lame from birth who was begging for "alms" (gifts of charity). In the name of Jesus Immediate People knew him as being lame People were filled with amazement and wonder Early Ministry of the Church

4 The Temple Area Beautiful Gate?

5 Peter's teaching of the people (3:11-26) Peter teaches that the power is from God who raised Jesus(3:11-12). Not by their own piety This same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (3:13- 15). Glorified His Servant Jesus whom they had disowned even though Pilate was willing to release Him (Servant - Isa. 52:13f.) Disowned the Holy and Righteous One Asked a murder to go free Put to death the Prince of life, "the one whom God raised from the dead" to whom they witness. Healed on the basis of faith in His name, Jesus (3:16) Early Ministry of the Church

6 Peter calls for their repentance (3:17-26) They acted in ignorance like their rulers Christ suffered to fulfill prophecy "Repent and return" so sins may be wiped away Period of restoration of all things (20-21) God will send Jesus after time given for people to repent. Spoken of by the prophets (Deut. 18:15, 19) Prophet like unto Moses = Jesus Listen to Him Those who do not listen will be destroyed Early Ministry of the Church

7 All the prophets from Samuel on announced the time when all the earth will be blessed through Abraham's seed (24-26). see Gen. 22:15-18 They are sons of the prophets and the covenant made with Abraham (Gen. 15:16; 17:1-21) God raised Christ first for them that they might be blessed and turn from their wicked ways. New Covenant Jer. 31:31 Lk. 22:20; 1 Cor. 11:25; 2 Cor. 3:6; Heb. 8:8, 13; 9:15; 12:24 Early Ministry of the Church

8 Important events to remember in chapter 3 Healing of the lame man at the temple gate. Preaching to the people to repent. Early Ministry of the Church

9 Questions for chapter 4 Who is arrested? To what court were those arrested taken? What charge was place against those arrested? How old was the lame man who was healed? Early Ministry of the Church

10 Jewish leaders actions toward Peter and John (4:1-22) Peter and John arrested (4:1-4). They were preaching Jesus and His resurrection Placed in jail over night Results of teaching: church grew to over 5,000 men. As the church grew, opposition became stronger. Jewish leader could not control. Early Ministry of the Church

11 Peter and John before the Sanhedrin (4:5-22) Sanhedrin was the ruling council of elders (4:5-6). High court of the Jews Annas = high priest (deposed by Rome but considered the High Priest by the Jews) Caiaphas (A.D. 18-36) = son-in-law of Annas and successor People of high priestly descent, John and Alexander Decided on matters of Jewish religion. Sanhedrin questions Peter and Paul's authority (4:7) What power or in what name did they do "this." Early Ministry of the Church

12 Peter's reply to the Sanhedrin (4:8-12) Filled with the Holy Spirit (see Mat. 10:16-20). "If" on trial for healing, it is by the name of Jesus. By Jesus whom they crucified and God raised from the dead. He is in good health because of Jesus (10). Quote of stone rejected became the corner stone (Ps. 118:22). Salvation only in Jesus (4:12) Early Ministry of the Church

13 Sanhedrin's reply to Peter and John (4:13-18) Noted the confidence and abilities though they were uneducated. Recognized they had been with Jesus. Recognize the lame man had been healed and it cannot be denied. Sanhedrin was not sure what to do so confer in private to decide what to do about their activities. Sanhedrin decides to forbid them to preach in the "name of Jesus. Early Ministry of the Church

14 Peter and John's response to Sanhedrin (Read 4:19-22) Released with more threats to quit preaching because they found no basis for punishing them and fear of the people who witnessed the miracle of healing a 40 year old man that they all knew. Early Ministry of the Church

15 Christians response to Jewish leaders' threats (4:23-31) Peter and John report back to the other Christians the events (23). Church prays (24-30) David prophesied through the Holy Spirit about the persecution (Ps. 2:1-2). Gathered against "Thy Holy Servant Jesus." Request to they will speak God's word with confidence. Request God's hand to heal, do signs and wonders through the name of Jesus. Results of the prayer (31). Place they were gathered was shaken and filled with Holy Spirit Spoke the word of God with boldness. Early Ministry of the Church

16 The continued spiritual struggle and spiritual growth of the church (4:32-5:11). Generosity of Christians (4:32-37). Church was sharing with the needy. Apostles were witnessing to the resurrection of Jesus. Church members were bring gifts, even selling houses and property to be used for the needy. Joseph the Cyprian (called Barnabas by the apostles) sold land and gave the proceeds to the apostles. Barnabas means "son of encouragement." Early Ministry of the Church

17 Barnabas - "son of encouragement. Brought Paul to the Apostles (Acts 9:27) Went on 1 st missionary journey with Paul (Acts 11:22) Defended the ministry to the Gentiles (Acts 15:2) Disagreed with Paul on taking John Mark on 2 nd missionary journey John Mark was Barnabas cousin (Col. 4:10) Early Ministry of the Church

18 Things to remember in chapter 4 Peter and John before the Sanhedrin Church prays for boldness and continues to teach even when persecuted Early Ministry of the Church

19 Questions for chapter 5 What was Annanias and Sahiras sin and why did they do it? Where were some of the activities of the early church taking place? Who is arrested ? Who defended the disciples that were arrested? Why? Early Ministry of the Church

20 Hypocrisy and sin of Christians (5:1-11) Ananias and Sapphira conspire to deceive the church. They could have kept it all if they wanted to (4). There sin was to lie to the Holy Spirit (3). Also lied not to men but to God (4). Great fear fell upon the church (11). Early Ministry of the Church

21 Growth of the church and opposition from the Jewish leaders (5:12-42) The church grows (5:12-16). Apostles were performing many signs and wonders.signs and wonders In Solomons portico. None of the rest dared to associate with them. People held them in high esteem. Many men and women were constantly being added to their number. Great many sick taken to the apostles and people with unclean spirits, even when Peter's shadow to fall on sick. People came from surrounding towns. Early Ministry of the Church

22 Purpose of miracles, signs and wonders Help faith (Jn. 4:46-53; 20:30-31) Confirm the word (Mk 16:20; Heb 2:3-4) Confirm Jesus was sent from God (Lk. 4:16-21; Jn. 3:2; 11:42, 45) Point to Jesus spiritual authority (Lk. 11:14-20) Proof of Jesus power to save (Mt. 9:1-8) Early Ministry of the Church

23 Opposition of the Jewish leaders (5:17-42) Apostles arrested and place in jail (5:17-18). High Priest (the Sadducees). Rescue of the apostle by an angel (5:19-21a). Angel opens the gate of the prison. Angel tells them to preach the whole message of this Life. They go to the temple at daybreak and preach. Early Ministry of the Church

24 The apostles brought before the Sanhedrin - Jewish supreme council of elders (5:21b-32) Council convened and prisoners sent for but not found in prison. Guards reported the gate securely locked and guards still posted but no prisoners which greatly perplexed (see 24). Someone comes and tells them they are in the temple teaching (25). Captain of the guards and officer told to bring them without violence for fear of being stoned by the people. The council's concern. Filled Jerusalem with the teaching. Bring Jesus' blood upon them. Early Ministry of the Church

25 The apostles brought before the Sanhedrin - Jewish supreme council of elders (5:21b-32) Peter's response to the Jewish council Must obey God rather than men. Tells them about God raising Jesus. Tells them He is exalted to the God's right hand. Jesus is Savior to grant repentance to Israel. Grant forgiveness of sins. The are witness Holy Spirit witness who is given to those who obey God (Acts 5:32). Early Ministry of the Church

26 Jewish leaders response to the apostles teachings (5:33-40) Intend to kill them. Pharisee Gamaliel advice Sauls teacher who become the Apostle Paul If there work is of men it will be overthrown as others like Theudas (unknown) and Judas of Galilee (possible zealot around A.D. 6). If they are doing the work of God they cannot overthrow them and would even be fighting against God. The Jewish leaders take Gamaliel advice. They flog them. Tell them not to speak in the name of Jesus then release them. Early Ministry of the Church

27 Apostles leave the council rejoicing (5:41-42) Considered worthy to suffer same for Jesus. Kept teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ. In the temple. From house to house. Two important events to remember in Chapter 5. Ananias and Sapphira Apostles arrested for teaching brought before the Sanhedrin Early Ministry of the Church

28 Questions for chapter 6 Why were the seven men chosen to serve the church in Jerusalem? Who was arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin? Early Ministry of the Church

29 Choosing seven men to serve in the church (6:1-7) Problem arose as the church was growing fast. Hellenistic Jews complained that the Hebrew Jews were overlooking their widow in receiving food. To solve the problem the twelve apostles discuss the issue Twelve point out the need to continue Jesus mission. But there is a need in the church as well. Early Ministry of the Church

30 Choosing seven men to serve in the church (6:1-7) Seven men to be chosen to be in charge of the task to care for the Hellenistic widows good reputation full of the Spirit and wisdom The twelve will continue to devote themselves to prayer and ministry (service of the word). Congregation agreed and selected them (5). Apostles prayed and laid their hands on them. Word of God continued to spread. Number of disciples was increasing in Jerusalem. Great many priests were becoming obedient to the faith. Early Ministry of the Church

31 Stephen before the Council in Jerusalem (6:8-7:60) Stephens activities (6:8-10) Full of grace Performing wonders and signs among the people. Synagogue of Freedmen argue with Stephen. They were unable to cope with his wisdom. Charges against Stephen (6:11-14) Brought before the Sanhedrin Stephen said Jesus will destroy the temple and alter the customs of Moses that have been handed down Got people to falsely accuse him of blasphemy Blasphemy means slander or contemptuous speech against God, temple, or the Law Council saw his face like the face of an angel (6:15) Early Ministry of the Church

32 Things to remember in chapter 6 Choosing of the seven to serve the church Stephen arrested and taken before the Sanhedrin Early Ministry of the Church

33 Questions for chapter 7 What was the point of Stephens sermon? What was the response to Stephens sermon and what happened to him? Who was helping those who condemned Stephen? Early Ministry of the Church

34 Stephens defense (7:1-53) Abraham and covenant of circumcision (7:1-8) Traces the promise of the Messiah who is Jesus Joseph, Moses, and freedom from Egyptian bondage (7:9- 37) Quote of a prophet like unto Moses from Deut. 18:15 (37) Israel in the wilderness and faithlessness (7:38-44) Worship of golden calf Wanted to return and not enter the promised land Joshua and dispossessing the nations (7:45) Building of the temple (7:46-50) Early Ministry of the Church

35 Stephens defense (7:1-53) Condemnation of the Jewish leaders (7:51-53) Uncircumcised - not really in a covenant relationship (that is not following the covenant made with Abraham – not believing). Resisting the Holy Spirit (they see the miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit and hear the teaching but refuse to believe). Acting like their ancestors who persecuted and killed the prophets. Those prophets had announced the "Righteous One" who they are the betrayers of and murders of. They receive the law ordain by angels but do not keep it. Early Ministry of the Church

36 Stoning of Stephen (7:54-60) Jewish leaders are angered (7:54) Stephen is full of the Holy Spirit looks up into heaven, see the glory of God & Jesus standing at His right hand (7:55) Stephen express what he see (7:56). Reaction of the Jewish leaders (7:57-60). Rush at him and take him outside the city. Lay their garments at Saul's feet. Stone Stephen Stephens words, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit." "Lord, do not hold this sin against them." Early Ministry of the Church

37 Two important events to remember in chapter 7 Stephens defense to the Sanhedrin. The stoning of Stephen, first Christian martyr. Early Ministry of the Church

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