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Autodesk Inventor Fusion for Moldflow

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1 Autodesk Inventor Fusion for Moldflow
Jeff Higgins Technical Specialist Hanno Van Raalte Moldflow Product Manager

2 Agenda About Autodesk Simulation and Digital Prototyping
About Inventor Fusion Using Inventor Fusion File Translation History Free Modeling Assemblies Preparing Models for use in Moldflow Feature modification Process for exporting to Moldflow Making Modifications from Inside Autodesk Moldflow Insight Seamless roundtrip using Inventor Fusion Other plastic functions using Inventor Fusion Gate and Runner System Creation

3 Digital Prototyping

4 Digital Prototyping Digital Prototyping enables customers to design, visualize, and simulate their products and processes digitally. Digital Prototyping enables customers to design, visualize, and simulate their products and processes digitally. More product knowledge can be shared downstream, which means, for example, that engineering can simulate the behavior of the product under the operating conditions that it is actually going to experience. Manufacturing doesn’t have to wait until a physical prototype is constructed to start evaluating how to most efficiently manufacture the product, providing more opportunities to innovate and test “what-if” scenarios earlier in the cycle.

5 Simulation and Digital Prototyping
Simulation is the ++ that perfectly complements the Product Design Suite The Autodesk Solution for Digital Prototyping is focused on delivering real value to our customers and moving them beyond 3D to help them solve their real, critical challenges. Digital Prototyping gives conceptual design, engineering, and manufacturing departments the ability to virtually explore a complete product or factory model before it becomes real. With Digital Prototyping manufacturers can create, validate, optimize, and manage designs from the conceptual design phase through the manufacturing process. Using a digital model throughout the design process helps manufacturing teams boost the level of communication with different stakeholders enabling them to more quickly adapt to changing business requirements

6 AutoCAD & DWG Interoperability Documentation and Technical Publication
Conceptual Design Detailed Engineering Plastics So I’ve thrown a lot at you but I hope that you agree, that if you step back and look at the totality of our DP portfolio, that it’s capabilities are simply staggering. As you can see here in this illustration, our strategy of leveraging Inventor as the heart of digital prototyping inherently builds future opportunity for you to address. It creates a digital pipeline of adjacent opportunity that seeds long term growth in our accounts and extends our reach into additional areas of our customer’s business. Data Management Simulation AutoCAD & DWG Interoperability Documentation and Technical Publication Visualization Electro-Mechanical Design Tool Design Routed Systems Provided by Inventor Provided by Inventor with follow-on ADSK Products Provided by adjacent ADSK products Automation & Configuration Marketing Factory Design

7 Attainable Scalable Cost-effective How is Autodesk Different?
So why should you choose the Autodesk solution for digital prototyping over other alternatives? Mouse click for slide build The Autodesk solution is attainable – meaning that it provides you with the fastest path to Digital Prototyping, whether you’re currently using 2D AutoCAD, or an existing 3D system and are looking to take it to the next level. The Autodesk solution is scalable – it can be implemented at a pace that is right for your business, with minimal disruption to your existing business processes. Finally, the Autodesk solution is cost effective, providing you with the clearest path to a significant return on investment. Scalable Cost-effective Autodesk, the world-leader in making powerful desktop technology available to mainstream manufacturers. The easiest way for manufacturers to quickly create and share a single digital model that can be used in all stages of development. The easiest and most flexible solution to integrate into existing processes.

8 Autodesk Software Enables Customers To…
Design – Visualize – Simulate Explore design ideas Visualize projects Analyze & test to simulate real-world application and performance With our solutions, customers can design, visualize, and simulate their projects digitally, so they can test and improve those ideas long before they are built. They can explore design ideas, from initial concept through development and documentation. This means you can visualize your project with photorealistic renderings and walkthroughs, allowing you to experience your design as if it were already built. You can communicate design intent so people can see exactly what the project will look like. It means you can simulate how it will perform in the real world, test, analyze, and improve the design. You can see how daylight will affect energy consumption, how HVAC systems can take advantage of natural airflow, how products will perform under repeated stress. The benefit? Your design is optimized to perform before it’s ever built. Image note: Created in Autodesk® 3ds Max® software (modeled and rendered) Image created in Autodesk® 3ds Max® software

9 Strategic Acquisitions
$500M 2005 2007 2008 2009 2011

10 Autodesk Inventor Fusion

11 Inventor Fusion Autodesk Inventor Fusion expands the 3D conceptual design capabilities of Inventor and sets a new standard for 3D modeling ease of use. Unites Direct and Moldflow 3D modeling Ease of Use Rapid Design Changes without Limitations Aids in Design exploration Support Points: Unites Direct and Parametric Workflows With the Inventor Fusion Technology Preview, both direct, history-free and parametric, history-based workflows are united. The unique fusion of capabilities enables you to adopt the modeling approach that is most appropriate for the task at hand. Inventor Fusion change manager functionality* delivers: The freedom of direct modeling with the ability to exercise control over change Automatic creation, deletion or modification of features necessary to accommodate changes Automatic update of a parametric model's feature history with each change, ensuring critical design intent is maintained *Available only in Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Inventor Professional Sets new standards for 3D modeling Ease of Use Fast, easy selection tools for direct manipulation of your design models Heads-up sketching and modeling predict your actions based on design context Intuitive, graphics-based user interface keeps your focus on the screen center Advanced graphics technology for crystal clear visualization and stunning displays Rapid Design Changes without Limitations Direct modeling when it's the right tool for the job Quickly make unique design changes and explore "what if" scenarios Easily express your design ideas irrespective of feature order, dependencies, or original CAD system Aids in Design Exploration with Free from editing

12 Direct Connection to Autodesk Simulation
Interoperability – Data Translation Improve collaboration with suppliers and customers who use different CAD formats CATIA Translators Autodesk Inventor LT 2011 software simplifies interdisciplinary collaboration across many industries and products. In addition to CATIA V5 files, you can now open, import, place, or drag and drop CATIA V4 models into Inventor files. Associativity is not maintained, but the imported model behaves as if it were created with Inventor. Select from various import options to achieve the appropriate model characteristics. With the ability to read CATIA V4 and CRG formats, Inventor users will now be able to leverage even more models that were created with CATIA. Additionally, enhancements made to the existing built-in translators offer improved importing and exporting of the many file formats already available. Direct Connection to Autodesk Simulation

13 Using Autodesk Inventor Fusion
Personal Note: How do I show something so powerful in a presentation?

14 Translate CAD Files without a need for Translators
Alias *.wire Alias *.wire Rhino *.3dm JT Files Rhino *.3dm DWG Files JT Files DWG Files

15 Concept Modeling and Test Part Creation
Concepts come in different forms of data CAD Files Industrial Design Sketches In some cases data needs to be created for use in Moldflow

16 Assemblies Assemblies Needed for Moldflow Part Insert Mold Inserts
Core Deflection Over-Molding Etc…

17 Feature Modification and Simplification
Typical Recommended Part Modifications Remove Tooling Features or non- critical features Rounds Fillets In-Mold Text/Lettering Etc… Edge Length – 3mm Chord Height – 30° Elements – 193,192 Max. Aspect Ration – 48.2 Mesh Match – 78.1% Time to Mesh – s Edge Length – 3mm Chord Height – 30° Elements – 34,194 Max. Aspect Ration – 18.8 Mesh Match – 91.4% Time to Mesh – 82.75s

18 Moldflow – Inventor Fusion Interoperability
Part Modifications may be required for improved moldability Typical Changes Flow Leader Flow Restrictor Wall Thickness Change Feature Removal Feature Additions

19 Advanced Gate Creation
Quickly Make Gates that aren’t easily modeled in Moldflow Diaphragm Gates Fan Gates Contour Gates Edge Gates

20 3D Runner System Creation
Sometimes we need 3D Runner Systems Not easily modeled in Moldflow Sprue Gates Complex cross-section Shear-Induced Flow Imbalance Complex Runner System Configuration

21 Additional Capabilities
Allows for solid model modification from Autodesk Inventor Full roundtrip functionality with Autodesk Inventor Allows for easy modification of non-native CAD files used in Inventor Export to Autodesk Simulation Mechanical Full automated export to Autodesk Simulation Mechanical Offers full functionality offered to Autodesk Moldflow Products Contains a full set of Surface Tools as well as Solid Based tools Thicken Industrial Design Surface data Patch or repair problem surface files Manual Tools Automated Stitch Tool

22 Summary Autodesk has provided the tools to complete the Digital Prototyping solution for the Autodesk Simulation products Autodesk Inventor Fusion provides CAD functionality without the restrictions traditional CAD environments Autodesk Inventor Fusion is the additional functionality required to optimize designs and make needed part modification at the analyst’s command Designed with the end user in mind, with easy to use commands and a familiar interface AND YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!!!

23 Autodesk, AutoCAD* [*if/when mentioned in the pertinent material, followed by an alphabetical list of all other trademarks mentioned in the material] are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. © 2011 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

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