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Golden Gate Bridge Presented by: Roberta Aquino Hoang Nguyen

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1 Golden Gate Bridge Presented by: Roberta Aquino Hoang Nguyen
Niels Rasmussen Daniel Serrao

2 Objective Describe the bridge History Vision
Permit & Financial problems Construction Scope, Time, & Cost Facts today

3 Description Suspension bridge from San Francisco to Marin County
Golden Gate Strait Longest span in 1937, now 9th worldwide Total length is 1.7 miles or 8,981 feet Width of 900 feet 220 feet clearance above high water

4 History Ferry system was the only way until 1900’s
Demand for transportation due to increase in population James Wilkins revived the idea in 1916 The bridge cannot be built according to engineers Estimated cost $100 million

5 Vision Joseph Strauss Ohio-born structural engineer
Designed nearly 400 spanning bridges Feasible to build Chief Engineer Estimated cost of only $20-30 million Quote: “A great city with water barriers and no bridges is like a skyscraper with no elevators. Bridges are a monument to progress.”

6 Permit to Build Preliminary sketches with cost estimate of $27 million in 1921 Golden Gate Bridge Highway District Act passed in 1923 Secretary of War approved transfer of land in 1924 Final permit issued in 1930

7 Financial Voters put their homes, farms, & business properties up for collateral Support $35 million bond $23,843,905 awarded for the construction in 1932

8 Construction Commenced in 1933 11 died during construction
19 saved by the bridge’s safety net Expected 35 to die – 1 life per $1 million Completed after 4 years

9 Scope, Time, & Cost Scope: To build a bridge connecting San Francisco & Marin County Time: Although no set time, considered ahead of schedule Cost: $1.3 million under budget Bonds were retired in 1971, $35 million in principal & $39 million in interest Paid entirely from tolls

10 Facts Today Cash tolls to cross is $6 for a 2-axle car
Over 40 million vehicles cross every year 1994: Seven Wonders of the Modern World by American Society of Civil Engineers The most photographed bridge in the world

11 References Zuehike, Jeffrey (2010). The Golden Gate Bridge. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lerner Publications Company. MacDonald, Donald, & Nadel, Ira (2008). Golden Gate Bridge: History and Design of an Icon. San Francisco, California. Chronicle Books LLC. Malloy, B. (2001). Golden Gate Bridge Facts. Retrieved August 2, 2012, from Elliot, Kathleen (2001). Golden Gate Bridge Changes Engineer’s Reasoning: Construction Bridged a Frontier in History. Retrieved August 3, 2012, from Highway & Transportaion District (July 1, 2011). Auto and Multi-Axle Toll Rates. Retrieved August 3, 2012, from Wikipedia (July 31, 2012). Golden Gate Bridge. Retrieved August 3, 2012,

12 Questions

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