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Real World Quadratic Activity

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1 Real World Quadratic Activity
Golden Gate Bridge Real World Quadratic Activity By: Tracey LeNeveu P. 3 Algebra 2

2 History The actual portion of the bridge that is the ‘golden gate’ is the strait the bridge spans. It was originally named Chrysopylae by Captain John C. Fremont in Chrysopylae meant Golden Gate. After completion in 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge was the longest bridge until New York built the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in 1964.

3 Facts about the Bridge Total length of the Bridge: 8,981 feet
Middle span: 4,200 feet Width: 90 feet Clearance from the Water: 220 feet Weight originally: 894,500 tons Weight now with new materials: 887,000 tons

4 Facts about the Towers They are: 764 feet from the water
500 feet from the roadway The legs are: 33 x 54 feet 44,000 tons each in weight and have 600,000 rivets each.

5 The Equation Y = x²

6 Graph

7 Follow up Questions What are the transformations of your graph from the parent function? The only transformation is being widened by a factor of Does your graph have a maximum or minimum? If so, what is it? What does this mean in regards to your example? There is no maximum and the minimum is zero. It just means that the graph doesn’t extend forever.

8 What is the axis of symmetry (AOS) And what is it for your example
What is the axis of symmetry (AOS) And what is it for your example? The axis of symmetry is the line vertically in the graph that the points reflect over. For my example the AOS is the y-axis. If you moved your graph 250 feet up, what would be your new equation? Create a scenario that could represent this change. The equation would become y= x² And a scenario that could represent this change would be the water level going way down and the amount of space between the bridge and the water would increase. where else have you seen parabolas in your surroundings? There are parabolas in signs and household items. Such as the McDonalds sign and home décor items.

9 The end

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