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Grid Development, Operation & Connections within EU Legal Framework Michael Walsh 17 th May 2013.

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1 Grid Development, Operation & Connections within EU Legal Framework Michael Walsh 17 th May 2013

2 Overview Grid Development - Context and Challenges Constraints Reports and ATRs Gate 3 Offer Execution DS3 Update

3 Wind Development - Context

4 Grid Development Strategy to: Support energy policies: security of supply, sustainability, competitiveness, efficiency Facilitate economic growth in all regions Connect renewable and conventional generation Increase interconnectivity with other systems More than 300 projects 3.2bn expenditure

5 Programme Progress 2010 Actual New Line - 130km completed Line Uprates - 340km completed 2011 Actual New Line - 80km completed Line Uprates - 300km completed 2012 Actual New Line -130km completed Line Uprates - 215km completed 2013/14/15 Forecast New Line –200 km due for completion Line Uprates – 860 km due for completion 14 major station projects in the same period

6 Capital Expenditure

7 Challenges Ensuring Public Acceptance Land access Legal challenges Legislation changes Uncertainty of volume of Gate 3 work

8 Response EirGrid/ESB Networks coordination on multi- Year Regional Programme Planning Project Development & Consultation Roadmap Stakeholder Engagement (local/national) Community Gain New Technologies


10 Overview Grid Development - Context and Challenges Constraints Reports and ATRs Gate 3 Offer Execution DS3 Update

11 FAQs Constraints ATRs 3 pieces of the information jigsaw….. Published Dec 2012 Published April-July 2013

12 FAQs and ATRs Firm Access Quantities for all Gate 3 Wind were published in December 2012 Determination of Associated Transmission Reinforcements is now complete ATRs will be issued alongside the constraint reports

13 Constraint Reports Studies for Gate 3 constraint reports have been completed following the publication of a final tie-break decision by the SEM Committee High-level results available Some general trends have been observed in the results Detailed Area reports to be issued

14 AreaEstimated Date Range for Issue K 24 Apr – 3 May D 8 May- 31 May H2 8 May- 31 May H1 8 May- 31 May B 4 Jun – 28 June F J E 10 Jun – 5 Jul A 17 Jun – 12 Jul G 24 Jun – 12 Jul C I Non-Wind 1 Jul – 19 Jul

15 Scenarios Two scenarios covered: –33% uptake of Gate 3 This is achieved by derating all Gate 3 projects to 33% of their MEC. –100% uptake of Gate 3 The build-out rate is the same for both scenarios –This included project size, shallow connection leadtime, planning permission status etc 15

16 Build-out rate: 100% Gate 3 Large projects with planning assumed to connect ~4 years from offer acceptance Projects without planning take an extra 2 years

17 Build-out rate: 33% Gate 3 Average installation rate in Ireland of ~275MW/year

18 Overall 100% Gate 3 results

19 Overall 33% Gate 3 results 19

20 Observations on constraint results Average levels are low for all years There are some nodes that will have high constraints: –During uprate outages –Until uprates or new builds are delivered –Inside a constraint group There are constraint groups – higher levels of constraint –Donegal –South West

21 Observations on curtailment results High levels of curtailment if all of Gate 3 connects Low levels of curtailment in the 33% Gate 3 case assuming: –Exporting of excess wind on the EWIC and Moyle –DS3 can deliver 75% SNSP* –No additional operational constraints to those modelled in the study *System Non-Synchronous Penetration

22 Overview Grid Development - Context and Challenges Constraints Reports and ATRs Gate 3 Offer Execution DS3 Update

23 Gate 3 Offer Validity Period Offer Validity Period is 50 Business Days and commences on receipt of Constraint Report No Extensions to Validity Period –Modifications do not extend the validity period

24 TSO Offer Execution To execute an Offer the Applicant must meet the conditions precedent which include: –Make First Stage Payment –Put in place MEC Bond (where applicable) –Sign the offer After signing the applicant will receive an offer acceptance letter –Contains information including Long Stop Dates 36 Months post Scheduled Consents Issue Date 30 Months post Scheduled Operational Date A Kick Off Meeting will be scheduled within 20 Business Days of Execution

25 Executing TSO Offer: First Stage Payment The First Stage Payment (FSP) Mechanism* applies to Gate 3 Transmission Renewable Generators –This may be different to what is currently in your offer A Sliding Scale Mechanism now applies to FSP –Full amount of the FSP may not be due on execution. –Amount due on execution depends on Scheduled Consents Issue Date –The remaining amount is due 12 months prior to your Scheduled Consents Issue Date. First Stage Payments are non-refundable *CER/11/083

26 TSO First Stage Payment Renewable Projects: –Contested FSP = 10,000 per MW –Non Contested FSP = Greater of [X and 10% of the connection charge] where –X = Lesser of [10,000 per MW of contracted capacity (MEC); 50% of the connection charge]

27 Sub Groups Project Starts when critical mass have signed –When enough MW has signed to warrant the connection works to go ahead –Members of same sub-group will have aligned validity period expiry date Sub-Group Agreement is required for any modification that may change connection works –One party cannot unilaterally hold up progress on connection works by requesting a modification –If one or more parties wants to change the connection works e.g. AIS to GIS all parties must agree and seek to modify their agreements accordingly –Splits, Mergers, Relocations can all impact on connection works

28 Sub Groups - Continued We proceed with connection works as set out in contract until a contract modification is signed –We cannot act on the basis of general discussions or hearsay –We must have contractual basis for progressing works/planning for something different from what is in the offer –This is for the protection of all parties within the subgroup and for the TUoS customer COPP is a good source of information about sub-groups

29 Overview Grid Development - Context and Challenges Constraints Reports and ATRs Gate 3 Offer Execution DS3 Update

30 DS3 Programme Shaping the power system of the future System Services Performance Monitoring Grid Code Demand Side Management Frequency Control Voltage Control Renewable data Rate of Change of Frequency Studies & Model Development Control Centre Tools Wind Security Assessment Tool

31 DS3 Programme: Workstream Update (1) System Services Review –Paper on Financial Arrangements submitted to RAs Grid Code –All RoCoF Modifications submitted to RAs - Dec 2012 Demand Side Management –WPDRS Phase Out, DSUs, Demonstration Projects Renewable Data –2012 Curtailment Report Drafted and submitted to Regulator Performance Monitoring and Testing –Deadline for receiving Operational Certificates is 1st of December 2013 –Performance Monitoring Workshops: Belfast and Dublin on 6th and 11th of June

32 WFPS Controllability Update Status Update 1-2 slides Mar-13MW Category (1)72.95 Category (2)1218.8 Category (3)62.1

33 DS3 Programme Outlook Project will evolve over the coming months –Enhanced role for the RAs –Progress for certain workstreams is dependent on other parties e.g. RAs, DSOs –Progress is dependent on decisions on System Services, RoCoF etc. –Move toward implementation of change in operational policies Challenge of aligning all island position –Different Grid Codes –2 Regulatory Authorities

34 Supporting Meitheal na Gaoithe (1) Gate 3 Customer Meetings –Opportunity to meet with EirGrid in advance of signing your offer –Available to both TSO and DSO Customers – contact relevant SO –18 th June, 18 th July, 1 st August Gate 3 Frequently Asked Questions –On Gate 3 Section of EirGrid Website

35 Supporting Meitheal na Gaoithe (2) Customer Forums –Last forum took place on 16th April –Presentation available on the Events page of EirGrid website Customer Connections Update –Regular Bulletins issued by EirGrid –Also available in Gate 3 section of EirGrid Website Register for EirGrid Updates –Email to be added to circulation

36 Summary Grid Development –Network Development Update and build out –Significant challenges and TSO Response Constraint Reports & ATRs –Progressing the issuance of all area reports –Constraint levels low for all years Gate 3 Offer Execution –First Stage Payments –Processing of Sub Groups DS3 –Multiple workstreams ongoing –Regulatory Input and decisions due over coming months


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