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Louisiana Valve Source

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1 Louisiana Valve Source
Quality people driving a quality process Your single source for all Process and production valve needs

2 American Petroleum Institute American Petroleum Institute
Our certifications: American Petroleum Institute API Spec 6D License No.6D-1416 American Petroleum Institute Registration no. Q1-0092 The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors Registration No. 715 APIQR Registration No. 0370

3 What We Provide: Plug Valves (Including General Twin) Gate Valves
Globe Valves Adjustable & Positive Chokes Barton Recorders Well Head Valves/Equipment Sight Glasses And other flow control Components Gate Valves Control Valves & Instrumentation Ball Valves (including Orbit) Actuation Regulators Meter Runs Pressure Relief Valves Check Valves

4 Gate Valves WKM Gate Valves ∙ Pow-R-Seal ∙ Saf-T-Seal
Grove Gate Valves (G4/G5/G9) M & J Gate Valves ∙M303 & Compact Expanding Gate Valves

5 Sup-R-Seal Gate Valve NEW! API-6D Certified In-Line Repair
MOV Adaptable Custom Packing Set Design DOUBLE Block & Bleed Capability Through Conduit Design; Piggable, Smooth Bore, Protected Seat Faces, Minimum Pressure Drop Dual-Sealing Replaceable Seats Safe Thermal Relief System

6 LV690 Control Valve Comparable with the Fisher V-Ball Series
Available: ∙ Single Seal Ring ∙ Dual Seal Ring (V250) Actuator Flexibility: ∙ Keyed Actuator Connection ∙ Clamped Spline

7 Linear Control Valves Fisher Control Valves E-Body
Norriseal Control Valves Masoneilan Linear Control Valves

8 Rotary Control Valves Fisher Control Valves ∙ V-Ball
∙ V100, V150, V200, & V250 Fisher Butterfly Valves ∙ A11 ∙ 85-Series ∙ 9500

9 Valve selection & sizing
What are you moving? Liquid/Gas What is your Operating Pressure? Inlet Pressure to Valve Downstream Pressure What are you controlling? Upstream/Downstream Pressure Flow

10 Pneumatic & Electronic Instrumentation
LVS 4010 Pressure Controller Fisher 4150/4160/C1P Fisher DVC Positioners Pneumatic & Electronic Instrumentation

11 Customer Property Program
Each piece of inventory is identified and tagged with a unique number Stored, according to Customer ID, in a Computer Database This data is available to the customer by logging on to our website or via each month

12 Repair by exchange Utilizes LVS Inventory to build duplicates of the Customer’s Equipment prior to turnarounds or outages After the replacement, LVS will pick up the Customer’s old Equipment for Credit

13 Service Department SERVICE ASSURANCE
Our service department utilizes experienced, trained, and certified technicians in both on and offshore repair. We also have master service agreements with most major and independent providers.

14 Service Department SERVICE ASSURANCE
Our Service Department works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quick response times so your service requirements, routine maintenance, pressure relief valve testing and/or emergency needs are always taken care of.

15 At Louisiana Valve Source
We manufacture valves, not just repair and recondition them. We can size Control Valves We have a large Inventory, including The Farm

Employees NEARLY 200 EMPLOYEES INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: Six Inside Sales Nine Outside Sales Four Purchasing Seven QA/ Safety Fifteen Service Thirteen Shipping & Receiving Over 120 Valve Techs & Machinists Fourteen Administrators

17 LVS Facilities Our Three Locations Have a Total of:
Main Office Youngsville, Louisiana Our Three Locations Have a Total of: LVS Houston, Texas 10,000 Square Feet of Offices 62,000+ Square Feet of Production Area Quick Response Repair Facility Port Allen, Louisiana 7 Acres of Lay Down Yard 25,000 Square Feet of Enclosed Valve Storage Access to The Farm’s 40+ Acres of Inventory

LVS Terms & Conditions LVS is an ISO 9001:2000, API Spec Q1, and VR Stamp # 715 certified repair center. LVS repairs or reconditions equipment originally manufactured by others, and is not a representative, distributor, or agent, affiliate, or factory authorized repair center for any original equipment manufacturer. Specifications, standards, and certification marks applied by the original manufacturer are not necessarily applicable to the LVS reconditioned or repaired equipment. To learn more about LVS products, warranty, and our Quality Management System please feel free to contact us to for more information. QUOTATIONS Quote prices are valid for 30 days. Material availability is subject to prior sales. SALES Sales can be confirmed both verbally and written with preference to a written purchase order. Returns may be subject to a restocking A. EQUIPMENT VENDOR warrants that the equipment shall be free from defects in material, workmanship and title, be of best quality and conform to the terms of the purchase order. Accessories supplied by VENDOR but manufactured by others carry whatever warranty the manufacturers of such accessories conveyed to VENDOR and which can be passed on to BUYER. VENDOR’s obligations under this warranty shall expire (24) months after shipment. B. CONDITIONS APPLYING TO WARRANTIES The warranty for equipment is conditioned upon the equipment's being received, unloaded, stored, handled, installed, tested, maintained and operated in a proper manner. Neither the warranty for equipment nor the warranty for services shall be applicable in the event that failure to meet such warranty is the result of acts or omissions of persons (other than VENDOR or VENDOR's Vendors in connection with the work performed by them hereunder), accidents or alteration, abuse or misuse of the equipment or services.

19 Louisiana Valve Source
Warranty: C. REMEDY If the equipment or any part thereof does not conform to the warranty for equipment, VENDOR shall thereupon promptly correct such non-conformity by repair or replacement. BUYER shall give VENDOR written notice of any defect, damage or nonconformity as soon as possible in order to permit VENDOR to make a timely investigation of the facts. In connection with the performance of any corrective work, all removal and reinstallation of the equipment shall be performed by BUYER. BUYER shall, at its expense, be responsible for removing, reinstalling, replacing or supplying any equipment, materials or structures, which are necessary to provide reasonable access to the equipment to be repaired or replaced. D. EXCLUSIVITY OF WARRANTIES THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES SET FORTH HEREIN ARE THE EXCLUSIVE WARRANTIES OF VENDOR, AND NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED IN FACT OR BY LAW, IS APPLICABLE, INCLUDING ANY WARRANY AS TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE. (The remedies set forth herein are exclusive, and the total liability of the VENDOR with respect to this Purchase Order, Contract, or any breach thereof, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, indemnity, strict liability or otherwise, shall not exceed the Contract Price of the specific equipment or service on which the liability is based. In no event, whether based upon contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and whether arising before or after completion of its obligations under this Agreement, shall VENDOR be liable to BUYER for losses or damages caused by reason of unavailability of the plant, plant shutdowns or service interruptions (including but not limited to loss of use, profits or revenue, inventory or use charges, cost of capital or claims of customers) or special, consequential or penal damages of any nature incurred by BUYER or any third party.)

20 Louisiana Valve Source
Quality people driving a quality process Your single source for all Process and production valve needs

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