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My Jerusalem.

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1 My Jerusalem

2 Our Capital City Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is over 3,000 years old. Built under his rule, King David declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. It is the religious center of the Jewish people. Jerusalem is also holy to Christians and Muslims. The old city of Jerusalem is surrounded by an impressive wall. You can walk into the city by one of the seven open gates. Each gate has a name, which comes from a specific meaning or place. Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel. It presents an exciting mixture of past and present.

3 The flag of Jerusalem The Flag of Jerusalem is based on the flag of Israel. The flag was adopted in 1949. It became the flag of a united Jerusalem following the Six Day War in 1967.

4 Gates of Jerusalem Jaffa Gate
So named because the road leading from it goes to the portal city of Jaffa. This gate is the only one on the western side of the Old City.

5 Damascus Gate Called the Shechem Gate by the Jews, the Arabs remember this gate as the "Gate of the Column" because of the tall pillar that stood in this gate's plaza during the Roman and Byzantine period.

6 St. Stephen's Gate Lion’s Gate/
This gate is so named because of the tradition that the first Christian martyr was stoned outside this gate.  Lions' Gate is another name for this eastern entrance into the Old City because of the four animals that decorate the gate's facade.

7 Golden Gate The Golden Gate can be found on the eastern wall of Jerusalem and below the Temple Mount. The Golden Gate is unusual in that it is sealed so that no one can pass through it today. Why is The Golden Gate sealed? Jewish tradition has it that the Messiah would enter Jerusalem via this gate when he comes.

8 Dung Gate Found in the south wall, this gate is closest in proximity to the Temple Mount. The Dung Gate is mentioned in the book of Nehemiah as a dispatch point for the city's refuse. It would appear that it was through this gate that the refuse was removed from the city.

9 Zion Gate This gate is also known as the Gate of the Prophet David because of the traditional location of David's tomb on Mt. Zion.  During the medieval period it was called the Gate of the Jewish Quarter.

10 The Tower of David The Tower of David, also known as the Citadel, is located next to Jaffa Gate, on the Western side of the old City. Inside the Tower of David is a museum, which tells the history of Jerusalem.

11 The Temple Mount The Temple Mount is located on the Southeastern corner of the Old City of Jerusalem. As the holiest site for Jews, all Jews face the Temple Mount when in prayer. It is the site of the First and Second Temples, giving the mount its name. Both Temples were destroyed.

12 The Western Wall The Western Wall is the last remaining wall of the second Jewish Temple, which stood in the same site as the first Temple. Three times a year, Jews from all over Israel came to the Temple on a pilgrimage. Today, Jews from all over the world continue to pray at the Western Wall. Many will place a small note in between the stones of the wall, as Jews believe that what is written on the note will go directly to G-d.

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