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Rancho Murieta Security Department 2005 Annual Report.

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1 Rancho Murieta Security Department 2005 Annual Report

2 Table of Contents 1. 1. Cover Page 2. 2. Table of Contents 3. 3. Mission Statement 4. 4. Overview 5. 5. Department Organization 6. 6. 2005 Review (3 pages) 7. 7. Total Patrol Time 8. 8. Calls for Service 9. 9. Penal Code 10. 10. Vehicle Code 11. 11. Animal Calls 12. 12. Patrol Time-RMA Areas 13. 13. RMA Calls for Service 14. 14. RMA Observe & Report Citations 15. 15. RMA Complaints/Advisals 16. 16. Murieta Village Calls for Service 17. 17. Commercial Calls for Service 18. 18. North Gate Vehicle Totals 19. 19. South Gate Vehicle Totals 20. 20. North & South Gate Vehicle Totals 21. 21. Photo: James L. Noller Safety Center/VIPs 22. 22. Photo: Patrol Officer Coyle & Sgt. Bieg 23. 23. Photo: Gate Officers at work.

3 Mission Statement The mission of the Rancho Murieta Security Department is to protect life and property, as well as to provide prompt, courteous and professional service to the public within the Rancho Murieta Community Services District.

4 The Security Department provides patrol services throughout the RM Community Services District. This area includes the North & South residential areas; the Country Club, the undeveloped back area, 5 lakes and the Cosumnes River; the Country Store, Murieta Plaza, Murieta Village, the Airport, our churches, and the Equine Center. Gate Officers staff two entrance gates into the Rancho Murieta Association residential area, and provide dispatch for the Patrol Officers.

5 Department Organization 2005 Greg Remson, Security Chief Jim Bieg, Patrol Sgt. Patrol Officer Amy Middleton Patrol Officer Tom Coyle Patrol Officer Matt Soda ** Patrol Officer David Hobart Gate Officer Rick Dias Gate Officer Patty Williams Gate Officer Melissa Bennett Gate Officer Eloise Kristoffersen ** Gate Officer Jeremy Hawk Gate Officer Lucinda Neal Gate Officer Eric DuTemple Gate Officer Karen Hessler Gate Officer Henry McDaniel P.T. Gate Officer Robert Robinson Temp.**

6 2005 Review The Security Strategic Plan was completed, and implementation begun. The Safety Center was completed. CSD Patrol Staff is using an office in the Safety Center. The VIPs began limited use. South Gate remodel plans were started. (Completed 1-06) Jim Bieg was promoted to Sergeant. Patrol Training: Officers completed the state required security officer training. Patrol & Gate Training: In-Service Training has been updated and increased.

7 Gate Operations: Issuing of gate passes resumed in October. ABDI use and training is continuing. Two South Gate cameras were replaced, both gates cameras were adjusted for better coverage. Barcode Readers-A North Gate reader was damaged beyond repair, along with two access panel boards that were damaged by a lightening strike, and minor software issues. The new colored barcodes initially did not read correctly. Patrol Operations: A new patrol officer was hired at the end of December. Off-Duty SSD deputies were used on the weekends during the summer months to keep swing shift staffing levels at two. ABDI use continues to improve due to upgrades and familiarization with the system. The use of part-time and temporary gate officers has helped reduce the time patrol officers spend in the gate.

8 Incidents of Note, 2005: Vandalism, thefts, speeding and dogs were some of the most frequent complaints. Park issues, including vandalism, rudeness, alcohol and drug use have recently increased.

9 Total Patrol Time Total patrol time remained about the same as 2004

10 Calls for Service RMA calls for service increased 9% in 2005, the Country Club is down 3%, Murieta Village down 2%, and the Commercial areas down 4%

11 Penal Code 2002 2003 2004 2005 Disturbance205 167 161 236 Trespass234 207 199 204 Vandalism157 91 104 167 Petty Theft 37 41 39 36 Burglary 26 20 30 21 Grand Theft 32 12 9 13 Other 93 77 90 99 Total784 615 632 776 +23% 2005 brought a decrease in Petty Theft & Burglary, but an increase in all other penal code categories. Note: A complaint of a violation does NOT necessarily mean a violation occurred. The complaint may have been unfounded, officers were unable to locate the complaint, or the complaint was not actually a Penal Code violation.

12 Vehicle Code There were 209 Vehicle Code complaints in 2005, up from 158 in 2004. These included parking violations. Some DUI complaints are generated from Hiway 16, and are forwarded to CHP.

13 Animal Calls The Department received 926 animal calls in 2005, up from 889 last year.

14 Patrol Time-RMA Areas Patrol time spent in RMA areas remained consistent with last year.

15 RMA Calls-for-Service Time spent on Citations & Advisals decreased 5%, with an 8% increase in Penal Code calls.

16 20042005 Speeding 227278 Driveway Parking *51184 Overnight Street Parking 293 91 Guest Parking *49 61 Stop Sign 42 51 Other 44 50 Total 706715+1% RMA Observe & Report Citations Citations were up slightly overall, with an increase in speeding & stop signs violations. * Parking sections were separated in 2005, which will give a clearer count next year.

17 RMA Rule Complaints/Advisals 20042005 Open Garage Door771 557 Speeding125 222 Parking 41 82 Stop Sign 30 70 Unlicensed Drivers 16 38 Gate Entrance 15 29 Other282 462 Total 1280 1460 +14% Note: A complaint of a violation does NOT necessarily mean a violation occurred. The complaint may have been unfounded, officers were unable to locate the complaint, or the complaint was not actually a rule violation.

18 Murieta Village Calls-for-Service 2005 calls remained consistent with 2004.

19 Commercial Calls-for-Service 2005 showed an increase in both Vehicle Code and Penal Code calls.

20 North Gate Vehicle Totals 2005 Totals 112,554 2004 Totals 136,514

21 South Gate Vehicle Totals 2005 Totals 49,248 2004 Totals 53,352

22 North & South Gate Totals 2005 Totals 161,325 2004 Totals 189,866

23 The Safety Center presently houses the CSD Patrol Staff and the VIPs. The VIPs opened for the first day on February 15, 2006. They will write certain types of crime reports and provide vacation checks and other volunteer duties. The James L. Noller Safety Center received its Certificate of Occupancy on June 27, 2005.

24 Patrol Officer Tom Coyle at the Safety Center Patrol Office Jim Biegs promotion to Patrol Sergeant

25 Gate Officer Patty Williams at the North Gate Gate Officer Lucinda Neal at the South Gate

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