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Virtual Library Tour Easley Library Featuring Des as your library tour guide.

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1 Virtual Library Tour Easley Library Featuring Des as your library tour guide

2 Welcome to Easley Library! Im Des, and Ill be your tour guide today. (Confession – Im not this corny in real life, but I play the part well, dont you think?) We are so happy to have you here, and I would love to take the chance to show you around a little.

3 This is the circulation desk, a very busy place and one of the best places to come for help. This is the desk where you check out and return books. This is also the place where youll find books reserved for a specific class and pay overdue fines. (Not that youll have any overdue fines, right!)

4 To the right of the circulation desk we have two full shelves of videos and DVDs. In addition to educational fare, youll find many different choices in the form of popular movies, movies you want to watch. Since you can check them out for three days, stop by on Fridays and stock up on free movies for the weekend!

5 Moving to our right, we find the CD cabinet, full of music for everyones tastes. I recommend the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, but Im a country boy. Here we also have a nice round table for study and discussions, tucked safely beneath the staircase for your convenience. Theres even extra chairs in case your quiet study session turns in to a debate!

6 I would say this is the best place to come for help in the library. This is the reference desk, where youll find one of two people: Lynne during the early shift, and Werner during the late shift. They are here to assist you with research, electronic resources, and interlibrary loan. There is rarely a question they cant answer, and theyre always willing to help you find what youre looking for. Gotta love a good reference librarian!

7 Now we move on the computers, which total fourteen in all. These are beside the circulation desk, and are available for all student use. This shelf that Im sitting on contains some of our oversized books, as well as our Great Books collection. See, you cant go wrong – great is in the title!

8 To the other side of the front door, we have four more computers, and shelves containing the rest of the oversized books. We change the displays on tops of these shelves periodically, showcasing books on a variety of topics. Take a look while youre here – you may find something you never knew you wanted to read! Note that these computers, and the previous four, print to the copier, which well see later on in the tour.

9 These six computers form a cozy little group, and provide plenty of desk space and privacy for you serious scholars. There is also a lovely window in case you need someplace to gaze while daydreaming. These computers print to the printer in foreground – shouldnt be too hard to find! Check out my blog while youre surfing the web. Leave a comment – I love getting mail!

10 This is our Christian Fiction section, set behind another good table to use for spreading out all that homework you really need to get done. The bookshelves are here to assist in case you need a good distraction – just pull a book off the shelf and start reading. You never know when you may find a treasure.

11 Gaze with me at the magnificence of the coziest corner of the library, where you will find newspapers, magazines, and more comfortable leather chairs than you could ever hope for. The artwork on the wall has been known to change periodically, and the Science Fiction section is located nearby for your browsing pleasure. Oh, and that door behind me? That would be the Media Lab. Lets take a look.

12 The Media Lab is full of all kinds of technology I cant quite wrap my wooly brain around! In addition to the scanner and color printer, which also prints photos, there is plenty of software available on the computer for your class projects, from Adobe to Windows Movie Maker. So many possibilities! Be sure to reserve time to check it out!

13 Around the corner, in the wing, we find the copiers secret hideaway. The shelf where Im sitting houses the juvenile books, and around the corner to the right are the childrens books. The shelves on the right hold our periodicals, arranged alphabetically by title.

14 These are also around the corner, next to the childrens books. We keep newspapers as far back as two weeks. After that, youll have to look online, but feel free to browse here. I dont know about you, but I usually read the funny papers first. Those Mutts kill me!

15 Once the periodicals reach the end of the alphabet, the shelves give way to the reference books. These are books that will be helpful to you in the research process, but cant be taken out of the library. Thats great, youre thinking, but where are the books I can check out? Im glad you asked. Follow me.

16 See the stairs? See our mural? See me waiting for you? Come on up!

17 Stop! Before you go any further, which way do you need to go? This little sign will be helpful in finding which shelves you need. Well go left first. A comes first, right?

18 The upper floor of the library is called the mezzanine, a good word to know in case your professor ever tells you that class will meet in the library mezzanine. This, the left side of the mezzanine, has several study tables, each strategically placed to help you study with the best view out the windows no matter what the season. This is an excellent place to study, or just relax.

19 Here we are on the right side of the mezzanine, which is like the left but with fewer tables. These shelves hold some of my favorite books – the history books. Ive been known to disappear into the shelves for days. When I turn up missing, look here first.

20 Through this door lie wonders and mystery, thrills and adventure for those who are most daring, most willing to … all right, enough drama. This is the mezzanine wing, which houses, you guessed it, more books. Here you will find books on culture, language, art, music, literature, novels, and other things yet to be explored. Come on in and read a spell!

21 To the right of the door to the wing is another nice little sitting area, smaller than the one downstairs but with a great view. This one is perched beneath a beautiful handmade quilt, and portraits of the Easley Brothers. No, they didnt sing together, but their library endeavor seems to have taken off.

22 Nice view, huh? I guess that covers just about everything up here, except…isnt that a doorway between those bookshelves back there? Wanna go see it?

23 This little study corner is the closest thing to a balcony we have. Its quiet, peaceful, and has a great view of the quad. This would be a great place to get some reading done when all the big brown chairs are full. Too bad we couldnt squeeze a few back here!

24 One last look before we leave – doesnt this seem like a great place to study?

25 Wondering why I didnt show you where the bathroom is? Well, here you go – down the stairs and through the door.

26 Great tour, everybody. So glad you stopped by! Hope to see you soon and often. Oh, and if we arent home when you drop by, drop your books here. I should be out of the way by then. Bye!

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