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Technical Support Update & OpenEdge Roadmap

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1 Technical Support Update & OpenEdge Roadmap
Jean Richert Sr. Manager – Technical Support

2 Agenda Technical Support Update
OpenEdge product roadmap Q and beyond…

3 Overall Customer Satisfaction
92% Past 12 months (surveys) 91% (2700) 94%  (526)

4 Changing Knowledge Base Vendors – Why?
Reasoning: Done primarily to enable better self-service. Prior Knowledge base was being end-of-lifed by the vendor Risks: New Knowledge Base infrastructure is less mature than previous Knowledge Base (Vendor has strong plans for continued improvements) Results: Vendor has already provided a significant improvement in search functionality based on our feedback. New Knowledge Base has been KCS Certified Conforms to best practices related to knowledge-centered support Significant number of changes on product roadmap in the upcoming year

5 Article Migration Criteria: Reasoning: Risk: Result:
Migrated any article which had been used by a support engineer within the previous year to solve a support case. Reasoning: Done in order to eliminate clean up Knowledge Base and eliminate out-of- date articles from result set Customer survey prior to the launch of the new system showed ability to find relevant content as second-largest complaint. Many complaints about older, non-relevant articles Risk: Lack of visibility into articles customers may be using, but which were never used by a support engineer to solve a case. Result: In the first few months following go-live we found a need to manually convert another couple of hundred articles. As we continue to come across examples where a support case is resolved with an article which had not been migrated those articles are pushed into the new Knowledge Base so they are available to customers.

6 Key Knowledge Base Functionality Concerns
Searching on old article numbers no longer works Searching on an old article number will return the article, generally as the first item in the list, but there is no indication of old article number in the list. We have looked at a way of displaying this information on the new articles but have been limited by current restrictions within the tool. Inability to display article numbers in the result set Article numbers can be viewed in the Knowledge Base in the portal by clicking on the Properties link for the article. This feature is not available in the public version of the Knowledge Base. No ability to provide comments on a Knowledge Base article Currently investigating an option that would restore this functionality. Size of the search box is too small Currently limited by tool restrictions. On vendor roadmap for late 2012 release

7 Knowledge Base latest news…
All articles, regardless of product, in public Knowledge Base. Over 80,000 KB searches are done by customers each month. All articles are now “Google-able”… Doing a search for: progress transaction scoping To improve the relevance of the results, perform the search as: progress transaction scoping This will return the results from the Progress KB at the very top of the result set. Downloadable KB is back and available… Ultimately if you want to be in the business you need to have a Community…

8 Agenda Technical Support Update
OpenEdge product roadmap Q and beyond…

9 OpenEdge Product Roadmap
Progress Confidential

10 Disclaimer The future features described in this presentation are under consideration by Progress Software and are not commitments for future products, technologies, or services. The roadmap is subject to change and Progress Software does not guarantee the features or release dates.

11 OpenEdge Roadmap – Version 11.2
2012 2013 2013 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OpenEdge 11.2 11.3 11.4 Mobility: Phone and Tablet Support Visual Designer and UI toolkit for phone and tablet applications REST support for OE app server Javascript Data binding support libraries One-click Mobile app generation for ProDataSet/Temp-Tables Write-once, run anywhere support (initially for iOS and Android) Productivity and Performance: Improving the Developer Experience Session-level Structured Error Handling Improved performance for AppServer invocations Support for SQL offset/fetch statements PDS Scratch Editor Sub-second PAUSE support for Processes from ABL Expand Platform Coverage Windows 8, SQL Server 2012 Certification Eclipse 3.7 Support

12 OpenEdge Roadmap – Version 11.3
2012 2013 2013 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OpenEdge 11.2 11.3 11.4 Productivity: OpenEdge Application Workflows and Business Rules OE-BPM directly integrated into install and management layers Unified Security Model for OE-BPM Native support for OE-BPM Monitoring Processes ProDataSet support for OE-BPM Extended presentation types for phones and tablets Simplified integration between Corticon and OpenEdge Productivity: Enhancing the Developer and Admin Experience ALM tools for unit testing, documentation, and pre-compilation Tenant data recovery and index rebuild for multi-tenant use-cases Mobility Support for off-line usage Datagrid Widget support Expand Platform Coverage Windows 64-bit and Java 7 support

13 OpenEdge Roadmap – Version 11.4
2012 2013 2013 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OpenEdge 11.2 11.3 11.4 Productivity and Performance: Improving the Developer and Admin Experience nABL: Complete object-oriented language (formerly OOABL) Vertical scalability improvements for the Application Server Integration of OE-BPM and Corticon for BPM Rules Using ABL as scripting language for OE-BPM (Java-free) Database Performance and Scalability Horizontal table partitioning Reduced downtime for database maintenance activities Unified management and administration tools Dataserver support for SQL Azure Expand Platform Coverage Eclipse 4.x support


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