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School Code and Rewards AND 6SD Code and Rewards. Individual Individual School reward charts Personal target card Groups Topic themed tables. Tally chart,

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2 School Code and Rewards AND 6SD Code and Rewards. Individual Individual School reward charts Personal target card Groups Topic themed tables. Tally chart, which is rewarded every Friday. Whole Class 6 Gold Stars equals golden time on the Friday.

3 . BLP INDEPENDENT LEARNERS Stuck Posters and Year 6 Postcard Learning muscle posters Individual resource: number square, number line, place value chart, times table card, white boards, Welsh placemat, etc 6SD golden stars line of success. Circle time Research area Thinking box Editing pens Displays, reference materials, class books, open access resources trays. Monitors

4 AfL (Assessment for Learning) At the end of every Literacy and Numeracy work, children evaluate their own work by either traffic lighting or using 2 stars and a wish, writing a comment relating to their task based on the WILF which is What we are looking for

5 School dinner School dinners are £1.90 daily and must be brought in a labelled purse. Fruit money can be paid 20p daily or £1 weekly. Start and end times School starts at 8.50a.m. and ends at 3.30p.m. Children are not permitted on site until 8.40a.m. as there will be no adult supervision until then, If a wet morning, children to enter school and wait in cloakroom. Uniform White polo t-shirt, royal blue High Cross cardigan or jumper, grey skirt or trousers and black shoes. Trainers should be brought as separate footwear for playing on the field during breaks. PE DAY Every Thursday the children need to bring in their kit. Autumn Term – Football and Dance They need to wear a blue or white t-shirt with Navy or black shorts/jogging bottoms and trainers.

6 PPA DAY Every Tuesday morning Mrs Williams takes the class for their Science and Forest School lessons. Currently taken by Mrs Coker who will teach Science and Welsh. ICT Open access to laptops at all times to use in the research area, along with, printer, scanner and cd/dvd drive, camera and flip video recorder. Every Tuesday afternoon we have the laptops for our dedicated ICT time, supported by Mr Watts. 3 – 3.30pm on a Tuesday is our dedicated Welsh interactive activity using the ipods/ ipads. Every Friday afternoon year 6 have access to laptops, ipods/ipads for research projects, topic work and revision sessions. Homework Continue with home learning logs as last year and as upper juniors the children will select both of the activities they do. Homework must be in every Wednesday and its every childs responsibility to tick the chart to show their homework is in. The children must also, make every effort to see myself to discuss any issues with the homework, before the due date. In addition this year I will be setting maths reinforcement homework linked to the focus on that particular week, for children to practise and drill their skills. Library All children have a library card, which allows them to borrow books from the library. They can also use the library for quiet reading or research. Mrs John will have focused reading groups with Year 6 every Tuesday afternoon.

7 Start to the Autumn Term IPC Topic – Learning to Learn Entry Point Teach a Friend a new skill. Children represent role of teacher and learner, practically sharing a skill with a peer. Evaluate learning experiences. Knowledge Harvest Children thought shower what they know about the brain. Learning, The Brain, Neurons, Learning styles, Multiple intelligence, emotions and learning, health and exercise and Memory. When and how do you learn best? Learning styles and identifying our personal learning preferences. Who is Howard Gardner?

8 Autumn IPC Topic - Development. English – Text: The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. Character role, diary writing, instructional writing, Creative writing based on a picture stimulus, personification, storyboards, justifications, Newspaper report, creative fictional story writing. Maths – Rounding, ordering and calculations using decimal numbers, factors, square and prime numbers, inverse operation to check, classification of shapes, standard units of length, averages, Handling data investigations, fractions, percentages. RAPID RECALL OF TIMES TABLE FACTS! Science - Healthy lifestyle Sid the Slob Welsh – Harri Morgan, first and third person descriptions, past tense writing and incidental language.

9 Re - Light and Dark, including prejudice, stereotypes, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, The Holocaust, Divali, Hanukah, Amnesty International and Christmas. PSE – SEAL theme: New Beginnings, weekly circle time, daily class reflections, reward systems in place. Music – Cyclic patterns, song lyrics, African music and instruments, composition in groups. Art – Representing artefacts, life drawings, designing and creating a new invention. Extended range of art medians to explore. History – How has Britain changed? The impact of the Industrial Revolution. Positive and negative impact on society. Trip: Blaenavon ICT – rotate and layer shapes and images in publisher. Recording information in a database. PE/Games – Football, ½ a term Gymnastics and ½ term dance. Independent projects – Project proposal to complete at home. Children choose a theme of interest to research. They will have a criteria to meet and have to present their work.

10 8.50 – 9.30 Session 1 9.30 – 10.30 10. 30 – 10. 50 10.50 – 11.10 Session 2 11.10 – 12.15 12.15 – 1.15 – 1.30 Session 3 1.30 – 2.15 2.15 – 2.30 Session 4 2.30 – 3.30 Monday My Assembly Regi stra tion Rea ding Gro ups. Earl y Mor ning Acti vitie s Maths SC Support JJ Support (9 laptops free) ASSEMBLYASSEMBLY BREAKMaths SC Support JJ Supports (9 laptops free) LU NC H Reg istr atio n/S ilen t Rea din g: Car ous el/ Dail y We lsh REBR EA K Topic TuesdayPPA: Science planned and led by NC PPA: Welsh planned and led by NC ICT JJ Readers (Y6 Laptops) ICT/ Ipads JJ Readers (Y6 Laptops) WednesdayLanguage SC Support Language SC Support Topic CM Support Topic CM Support ThursdayMaths CM Support Maths. CM Support PE Hall/Field CM Support SEAL CM Support Friday My Duty SEAL/ Reflection and Home school log Language/ Maths (Testing) WSA 11.30a.m. Topic (Y6 Laptops) Topic (Y6 Laptops)

11 MEET THE TEACHER September – Meet the teacher November – 1:1 Consultation and report card for Literacy, Maths, Personal Social and Targets for further development. Spring term – Focused open classroom visit, with appointments and opportunity to for parents to meet with teacher during the session. Summer term – Open classroom and formal end of year academic report.

12 We have an exciting year ahead of us and my aim is to create a happy, friendly and relaxed learning environment. One which caters for every childs individual learning needs and develops their confidence and self-esteem. Already the class have returned from the Summer break as very active listeners and keen to learn and take on new opportunities. I look forward to the year ahead! Any queries or concerns, I am always open for you to phone, send a letter or arrange a meeting with. Thank you for your time

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