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2012/13. FIRST LEGO League Ireland Organisers Director: Bernard Kirk.

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1 2012/13

2 FIRST LEGO League Ireland Organisers Director: Bernard Kirk

3 Many thanks to our corporate sponsor: SAP provides mentors who act as judges as well as financial support and prize money

4 FIRST® For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Founded by American inventor Dean Kamen in 1989

5 FIRST Competitions FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) (University level using any parts) FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) (16yrs+ using Mindstorms kits and/or other parts) FIRST LEGO League (FLL) (9-16yrs using Mindstorms kit) Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) (6 – 9yrs using Mechanism kit)

6 FIRST Mission To create a world where science and technology are celebrated, where young people dream of becoming a science and technology hero.

7 FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Formed in Aimed at 9-16 year old students Utilises LEGO NXT/Mindstorms sets to build robots Robots programmed to compete in 2.5 minute game Research project element themed with each year's game

8 FLL Core Values We are a team. We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors. We honour the spirit of friendly competition. What we discover is more important than what we win. We share our experiences with others. We display Gracious Professionalism in everything we do. We have fun.

9 FLL Educational Benefits

10 FIRST® LEGO® League 2012/13 Info 200,000+ competitors in 2011/ countries represented Teams consist of 5 to 10 members max Overall winner of Irish Final on 19 th Jan 2013 qualifies for 2013 Open European Champinship

11 2012/13 FLL Challenge



14 The FLL Challenge: Core Values Project Robot Design Robot Game

15 Champions Award Judging At an official event judges will look for balanced, strong performance across all 3 areas; Core Values, Robot Design and Project. These are weighted equally to determine the initial group of Champions Award candidates. All Champions Award candidates must also score in the top 40% of all teams participating in the Robot Game at the event. Final determination of the award winner(s) is based on a vote of the full judging panel.

16 Core Values Core Values judged on: Gracious Professionalism Teamwork Inspiration Consult Combined Judging Rubrics in the Resources section of the Robotics Ireland website:

17 Core Values Judging Rubric

18 Research Project You must explain in your presentation how you completed all THREE parts of the project: Identify a problem Create a solution Share the information with the community Total length of project presentation should be no more than five minutes including any setup time. Consult SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge in the Resources section of the Robotics Ireland website:

19 Students can use any format they wish e.g. posters, PowerPoint, DVD, role play/drama etc. 5 minutes MAXIMUM. Must demonstrate all 3 parts of the project. All team members should try to actively participate. After the presentation judges may question ANY member(s) of the presenting group. Consult Combined Judging Rubrics in the Resources section of the Robotics Ireland website:

20 Project Judging Rubric

21 Robot Design Designate a number of team members with the design, construction and programming of a suitable robot. Robot Design is judged on: Mechanical Design Programming Strategy & Innovation Consult SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge in the Resources section of the Robotics Ireland website:

22 Robot Design Judging Rubric

23 Initially, have team members complete all 39 tutorials in the Robot Educator section of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT software supplied in the kit. Successful robots have efficient attachments that are well built and easily changed during the game. Many of the tasks can only be consistently completed by robots that use sensors in order that the robot knows where it is on the table. NOTE: If a mission runs OK on a number of occasions and then malfunctions, it is not the program that is at fault, it is most likely a mechanical problem e.g. loose parts etc.

24 Robot Game Sort the LEGO model pieces partially before starting by colour. The pieces are not already sorted i.e. each pre-packed bag is not for a specific model. Assign 2 or 3 students to build the models. Model plans can easily be followed on screen without the necessity for colour printing. Place models on table using with reference to the instructions in SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge PDF located in the Resources section of the Robotics Ireland website:

25 Study the SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge PDF document carefully ! Be very familiar with the requirements and scoring of each mission. Robot Game is 2.5 minutes duration and designed so that it is not possible to get a maximum score! For updates of rules and mission queries consult the Robot Game Updates webpage at:

26 2 tables are placed side by side during competition.

27 Robot Games are operated as follows during the Irish Final: Teams compete in 3 preliminary rounds Top 8 go through to play-offs based on best score of 3 rounds Only LEGO components may be used 2 team members ONLY may be at the table during a game Referees will indicate how they have scored at end of game Team members should display gracious professionalism Referees decision is final Practice tables are available in timed slots

28 2012/13 Overall Winners Team Termin8tors, Moycullen, Galway 2012 Irish Winners

29 AND!!!!!!!

30 1 st Place in Open European Championship Core Value Award Mannheim, Germany, June 2012

31 Links FLL Global Website: FLL Global YouTube Channel: SENIOR SOLUTIONS Robot Game Missions Explained Video: FIRST Promo Video: =plpp_video FLL Open European Championship Mannheim Germany Video: &feature=plcp


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