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Masters in Success Dynamics Out of 500 + Million Sales presentations made Worldwide Every Day At least 90% are FORGETTABLE.

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2 Masters in Success Dynamics


4 Out of 500 + Million Sales presentations made Worldwide Every Day At least 90% are FORGETTABLE

5 Never had the correct initial training Blame them or train them- it is a choice not chance!

6 Making bad Presentations slides, scripts and presentation pages is very easy …

7 Creating A Sales presentation can take from 36 to 90 Hours And then there is the testing, the training, results, analyst stats and performance reviews

8 Teleprompter Data Dump Handouts Or there is the soft shoe Shuffle- guess work!

9 Overly long Light on content Full of unappealing slides BORING... and do not deliver effective one on one client needs analyst and solutions

10 If you have sales employees, contractors, distributors, franchisees, network marketers, consultants – in fact anybody dealing with the public one on one – you can blame them or train them to get high performance results

11 Keep things simple Get to the point, be brief Use readable size fonts Eliminate the non-essential Be question orientated The presentation must do the work of illuminating Concerns When delivering a personal presentation… It must be delivered with sales science applications

12 Selling and telling Product info overkill Hard closing,forceful techniques No client benefits Too detailed Too long And try to avoid…




16 Timelines Tables 3D Objects Org. Charts Icons Calendars and more… Business Charts Presentations do not just need Diagrams & Charts

17 Or great graphic Templates Business Technology Pharma & Medicine Finance & Accounting Industry & Production Transportation & Logistics and more… Internet

18 People move products Products do not move people Increase your company sales Increase your company sales Have a quality professional sales team Have a quality professional sales team Create a bigger customer database Create a bigger customer database

19 Pros & Cons with MMI Application Technology Sales Science 11 22 33 44 55 66 Higher consistent sales ratios Less cancelations and non-completions Higher consistent referral numbers Complex Client-product - solution Issues 70-90% sales activity waste High salesperson /contractor turnover

20 MM Sales Science Mastery Training can be initiated over 2 full work days, weekends, 5 nights over 2 weeks, 4 half work days over 2 weeks Follow up and ongoing field and in-house support is initiated to fit salespersons calendar MMI and its divisions will guarantee to increase sales performance and your business turnover Risk Assessment, Training, tools, systems and follow up


22 Testimonials 1.The MMPM1 and MMI principles and disciplines took my personal life and my business to a level I could never have achieved on my own, anytime anybody can get just one TIP from this team they wont regret it-it will change your life. Robin Miles, Real Estate Investments, Gold Coast, QLD From broke to millionaire in 3 yrs, thanks to MMPM1 systems, encouragement and support. I am now the no 1 Real Estate trainer in Australia and I am passing on what I have learnt to others. TIPS, TIPS and more TIPS. Glenn Twiddle, CEO Glenn Twiddle INC. Brisbane QLD The best sales course : Stuart Baljem, Qld I enjoyed the course very much and found particular moments to be quite moving: David Carter, Qld Was a wonderful 3 day training, would love to have the chance to get other training available in the future: Akshay Woomcaurn, Qld Marty Morris is the most charismatic individual I have ever met, he has the ability to bring out the best in everyone he meets, his story is one for the books as it is full of action adventure and intrigue. I look forward to continuing a long relationship with Marty, we have our own personal development and business guide right here on our own door step, thanks Marty To your success Mark Daniela aka Markamillion, Qld Australia The most professional speaker that I have heard and the best sales course ever attended- S Beljem Martin totally knew what he was talking about, makes it believable, not just sales training but real life skills -S Gans I appreciate having the opportunity to be present at this course, it was absolutely fabulous thank you - K Bates Martin's enthusiasm and belief in others,real life scenarios creating credibility, practical exercises, empowered me to do more and change the way I think to become a better sales person and human being - S Robinson Hi Marty Its been about 10 years since you sat down with Dorothy and I to help us through, what were our darkest days of financial stress. You taught us about financial and wealth creating principles that we were unaware of, yet have been used by successful and wealthy people for centuries, they were strange to us at first but we took your advice and applied them, we saw the difference in our financial situation very quickly. Ten years on and we are in a much more healthy financial condition and free from stress. We just love the bucket system you challenged us with. It has taught us to live comfortably on less of our total income and to distribute the rest into different accounts or buckets eg: an Investment account, this has helped us to build our portfolio inc. property. A Growth account, this is our rainy day security and not to forget out favorite, the Fun account, this we use to enjoy the little pleasures in life without feeling guilty about spending money on ourselves. Thanks again Marty, we would not be where we are today (healthy, wealthy and wiser)were it not for your great advice. Keep up the good work. Have a great day, Colin & Dorothy Toombs. Business owners, property investors Toowoomba Qld Very informative literature, very informative tutoring. Creating a team environment, tutoring with a smile. Most of all I appreciated the personal development aspect. This course is the best I have been involved with. My personal development has always been a pet project of mine and I got huge amounts of help from this course Thank you very much - Mitchell Turei, Brisbane Qld The last day was extremely empowering, I would pay numerous times the $395 for the course just for some of Marty's knowledge

23 Testimonials The trainers and contributors did a fantastic overall job Thank you to all at MMPM1,I have learnt a great deal. Konrad Sawezynshi. Qld Very inspirational, thought provoking, practical and realistic -- Joe Surace: Melbourne, Australia.Very inspirational, simple to understand and implement, great concepts. Marty was exceptional and awe inspiring-- John Egerton Qld This course was absolutely amazing in so many ways.the motivational factor for work and life Thank you for the experience -- Lara Hansen, Qld Very informative and well set out, skills taught are relevant across all aspects of life.Used examples people can relate to Bev Farrow, Sydney "They took us from conception to 100 million sales turnover in a little under eighteen months. Now that's what I call performance!" -G. Twiddle Property Group International.."We knew that if we were to be completely effective in our corporate goals, we had to have an edge. We got one with your company." Mr Quan Tran CEO Amrites Limited Martin is one of the most amazing speakers I have ever met. His ability to lead, teach and motivate is truly exceptional, in over 30 years I have never met anyone as articulate at speaking as Martin." - B Raffaut. QLD "We knew that if we were to grow in all areas of our life and relationships, we had to have a system and ongoing strategies to implement them. We have one with the MM membership plan. Thanks MMI - Mark and Sandra Daniela This is the start of the rest of my life Thank You MM Rae Laudet, QLD.Millionaire Marty, because he has helped many people become one, he teaches you how to think like one, create habits and implement systems to develop you into one, AHA = Attitude, Habits, Action -MM for PM that's what we reckon, thanks Marty - The Eagles Club!."Investing even a day in one of Martin's Training's or Seminars can literally change your Life,his capacity to be able to inspire people in a down to earth manner to become their best is amazing" P.Gargett - Past MD Conrad Gargett."Martin's energy and enthusiasm comes from his enormous vision and entrepreneur capacity. He seems to be able to see what many others do not". Winston Broad -Public Speaker and Businessman.' Martin's professional equity combines a thorough understanding of how to accept a challenge and achieve an effective result with limited resources within a given time ". - David B Irvine -PHI CFO Martin is the Australian answer to a Anthony Robbins, His training is power packed and his speaking sessions are an entertaining performance to match the best in the world" -David Moffitt -Director WB Financial Planning MMI CEO and Managing Partner of MMPM1 Martin J Morris is a recognized authority on peak performance, master salesperson coach/trainer, renowned public speaker and business developer.

24 Valid now through December28 th, 2011 Thank you for watching this MMI Sales Mastery overview Actions you can take to increase your sales EMAIL: Phone: 0416483680 Phone: 0416483680 Get more info: Actions you can take to increase your sales EMAIL: Phone: 0416483680 Phone: 0416483680 Get more info:

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