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East Central University Workbench: Website management Training.

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1 East Central University Workbench: Website management Training

2 How do I login to ECU website? Visit:


4 Dont Forget to Click Log in…

5 Now youre logged into the ECU website.

6 This is Administration Menu.

7 Click here to go to your Workbench.

8 This is your workbench dashboard.

9 Your recently edited contents are shown here.

10 All your recent contents are shown here.

11 Click here to begin creating your first content.

12 Your section name will be displayed here. ECU Rotaract Club content type is used throughout this training presentation. But youll be seeing the section name depending on which department/organization/program page is assigned to you as your section.

13 Click on your section name to create your content.


15 Select your section name here. The contents of this page after submission will be reviewed by the editor of the section you select.

16 Enter the title of your page

17 What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML Editor

18 Toolbar Buttons Makes selected text and numbers bold Makes selected text and numbers italic Underlines selected text and numbers Strike a line through selected text Aligns to the left with a ragged right margin Centers the selected text Aligns to the right with a ragged left margin Aligns the selected text to both the left and right margins Add, or remove, bullets in a selected paragraph Makes a numbered list or reverts back to normal Decreases the indent to the previous tab stop Indents the selected paragraph to the next tab stop

19 Toolbar Buttons Undo - Reverses the last command, use pull-down menu to undo several steps Redo - Reverses the action of the Undo button, use the pull-down menu to redo several steps Add Hyperlink to selected text Remove Hyperlink from selected linked text Add a anchor tag in your page that can be linked Insert image where the cursor is positioned Formats the selected text with the color you click Marks text so that it is highlighted and stands out Makes selected text superscript Makes selected text subscript Creates Block Quote

20 Toolbar Buttons View or edit source code of the page Insert Horizontal line where the indicator is placed Cut the selected text fragment to the clipboard Copy the selected text fragment to the clipboard Paste content copied to the clipboard along with formatting Paste content copied to the clipboard without formatting. Paste content copied from the Microsoft Word or similar applications along with formatting. Removes formatting from the selected text fragment Insert Special symbols Change Font Type Change Font Size

21 Toolbar Buttons Select Text Formatting Style Insert Table Select All content inside text box Find tool Replace tool Create div container Create Iframe Check spelling and make corrections Spell check as you type Insert break to separate teaser and body of your content

22 Select the format of how you want the HTML tags to be transformed.

23 Add a revision log for editor and future references.

24 New Website Guidelines No tables for formatting content on a page. You must build your content to allow the responsive design of the site to work correctly. Tables can only be used for data. Templates have been prepared to help users with the page design. The templates are located at and-marketing/website-training-templates. and-marketing/website-training-templates Official website font type is Arial. No pdf links in the menus. No font size smaller than 12pt. No fonts larger than 22pt. The basic font size is 14pt.

25 New Website Guidelines (cont.) Official website guidelines call for left-justified content. Links must remain at the default setting to meet accessibility requirements. No other content is to be underlined, only links.

26 New Website Guidelines (cont.) Internal Links If linking to a page that is part of the ECU website, the target should always be Same Window. Internal links URL should never begin with Using the domain name makes the address an absolute path. Using the relative path will allow the links to work even if we decide to change the domain name to The path is relative to this site no matter the name. For example: should be /administration/academic-affairs/… The dropdown box that usually says https:// will switch to other.

27 New Website Guidelines (cont.) External Links If you are linking to an external site, the target should always be New Window. The content areas of the pages are 840 pixels wide. No image mapping. No form fields in content areas of nodes (pages) that are not forms. Example: a dropdown menu to select from a list, but no submit button presented. These lists should be listed out on the page.

28 New Website Guidelines (cont.) No page-overflow scrolls. Example: setting the page to be a set length, and having the overflow bring up a scroll bar inside the content area. Images must be edited to size, meaning they must be the size you want to use in the page before you place them on the website. (Leave the width and height fields blank when you upload the image.) To place an image on the page, click the image icon, click Browse Server and choose the (pre-sized and uploaded) image from your files. Images/photos MUST have alt-tags and title. Alt-tags are alternative text describing the image/photo on the screen. Screen reading software allows the visually impaired to know an image exists on the screen and reads the description in the alt-tag. The title is the little box that pops up when you hover over an image or text.

29 New Website Guidelines (cont.) Videos have to be uploaded to YouTube and embedded into the site via IFrame. (You must set the Text Format of the webpage content area to be Full HTML for the videos to work.) If you use orange, it has to be #f04c23.



32 After saving the page, the author can see the state of the page and also gets options to edit and moderate the draft.

33 Editor receives an email

34 Editor logs in to the ECU website and visits My Workbench.

35 In My Workbench, Click on Needs Review tab to find all the contents that have been submitted by contributors.

36 Moderation history contains the workflow and history of changes to the particular content. You can make changes to moderation state from here.

37 You can make changes to moderation state from here too! Lets view the draft before making any changes to the moderation state.

38 The editor can make changes to the draft using edit draft tab.

39 The editor can change the URL path to match the ECUs website guidelines by unchecking the Generate automatic URL alias and entering new URL path.

40 For example, ECU Rotaract Club pages are located under, so the path to this new page would start from ECURotaract/YourPageTitle No whitespaces are allowed in the URL path

41 You can add an editors note which will be displayed in the moderation page history. Select Needs Changes as moderation state to send your content back to the contributor.

42 How to Upload a Document or Image Go to: Click on the File browser tab Click on yoursection Click on images or documents according to which you are uploading Click Upload which appears in the toolbar under View Click Browse Choose a file from the Windows explorer browser Double click the chosen file Click the Upload button that appears in the little box where you are uploading the file

43 Questions???

44 Thank-you!!!

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