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EPARs Electronic Personnel Action Request System A Web-Based Workflow-Enabled User-Friendly Front End to PeopleSofts HR System Making Personnel Actions.

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1 ePARs Electronic Personnel Action Request System A Web-Based Workflow-Enabled User-Friendly Front End to PeopleSofts HR System Making Personnel Actions Faster, Friendlier, and More Accurate Presentation to Peralta CCD January 14, 2011 By EB5C, LLC. Bill Vorhies, President © 2011

2 EB5C, LLC. Deep functional and technical knowledge formed through 10 years of experience helping California Community Colleges Los Angeles CCD eRPA (electronic request for personnel action – legacy COBOL system) ePCR/PCS (personnel change request / position control system – SAP) Extensive additional projects in HR - district-wide organization (decentralization), policy, process efficiency and design, staffing Budget and forecasting - systems, monitoring, independent forecasts Finance - policy and process Payroll - policy, pay plan design, late and error pay reduction, procedures, process Board - planning and support Technology – SAP implementation team, application selection (schedule of classes), position control custom development Compton CCD Structure the finance and administration functions FCMAT district-wide recovery and accreditation State Chancellors Office – Finance and organization Los Angeles USD – Recovery solutions for SAP HR/Payroll implementation Peralta CCD – Prorata payroll process EB5C, LLC. © 2011 2

3 EB5Cs ePARs Solution Semi-packaged solution uniquely suited to California Community Colleges consists of three modules: electronic personnel actions, position control actions, and extensive read-only HR look-up and statistical reports Standard elements for personnel actions New hire, rehire, additional assignment, org reassignment, temp/provisional assignment (leave-to-higher), change assignment detail (including assignment termination), employee separation and retirement, paid and unpaid leaves. Highly sophisticated workflow Extensively tested screen design and data capture flow One Touch Commit to any system (PeopleSoft, SAP, legacy, other) An external application not requiring ERP customization but fully integrated utilizing your ERPs tables and data. Holds in-process actions not yet fully approved and therefore not yet eligible to be paid. Extensive logical testing supports only personnel actions that comply with local rules (e.g. max FTE, rehire rules) Custom elements Add or revise rules or screen elements to fit your exact business environment. EB5C, LLC. © 2011 3

4 Benefits Best balance of centralized expertise and decentralized accurate and timely personnel requests. Reduce low value work for HR specialists by eliminating repetitive error correction and data entry. Reduce time, cost, and frustration for campus users who are only occasional users of personnel services and cannot be expected to know or observe all HR assignment rules. Eliminate paper (a green savings) and the risk of lost, delayed, or misdirected paper forms. Create a permanent and retrievable holding area and historical record for all requests that are in process but not yet approved. Dramatically reduce processing time which reduces late and error pay. System is so intuitive that users require little or no training. Training reduced to an hour or less per user. Peralta knows well the benefits of such a system as you had such an electronic system with somewhat similar features prior to the implementation of PeopleSoft in 2005. EB5C, LLC. © 2011 4

5 Evaluating Key Features and Capabilities Workflow Flexibility - Can different PAs take different routes Authority – Do users roles determine what they can and cannot do and see Urgency – How does the system deal with stuck transactions Changes – Can each approver make changes without having to start the process over Information Capture & Processing Casual Users If I only use the system a few times a year, can I get the answer right Logical screens and flow, no codes, no special knowledge, can complete the action in just a few minutes at a single sitting, no rework for changes, dont need to know PeopleSoft, readily available help and prompts, all the information I need in one place on one system Professional Users Reduces my workload and increases accuracy while enforcing rules and policy Full review and change authority, one touch commit, easy lookup, full history, supports escalation of special cases, provides key reports and statistics, eliminates low-value work and allows me to best utilize my expertise EB5C, LLC. © 2011 5

6 Workflow Role Based: Using the PeopleSoft Organizational Hierarchy or Custom – who and how many approvers. Smart Routing: Enables some types of PAs to take different paths (for example, new regular hires are seen by the college president but others are not – customizable to local rules). Urgent Workflow: Utilizes rules of automatic escalation to automatically move a PA that has been sitting too long with one approver on to the next approver, while documenting the action in history files and in emails to those involved. Smart Change: Allows any approver in the designated chain to make any changes to the PA they deem necessary, creates a history file of the from and to changes, and notifying all other members of the approval chain of the change. EB5C, LLC. © 2011 6 At Los Angeles CCD 2 colleges elected for 2 approvers 8 colleges elected 3 approvers All selected automatic escalation for either 3 or 5 calendar days. Median time to process – 7 days. At Peralta The typical paper PA makes 6 stops on campus and another 10 stops at the district office. Median time to process – 37 days.

7 Sample Screen Flow and Data Capture What the Initiator Sees Based on the Assignment Action EB5C, LLC. © 2011 7

8 Select Effective Date and Position EB5C, LLC. © 2011 8 Role-Based. Shows only those positions under the budgetary control of the initiator (area manager) Higher level approvers may also initiate and first select the campus and/or department

9 Select Action EB5C, LLC. © 2011 9 Allows only logical and appropriate actions. For example, since this position is vacant it cant logically be changed, placed on leave, or the employee separated. Note that the initiator will not be asked or required to know the difference between new hire, rehire, additional assignment, or temp/provisional assignment actions – ePARs will determine this automatically.

10 Identify Employee EB5C, LLC. © 2011 10 ePARs facilitates the search of the HR database to determine if the employee should be a rehire or new hire.

11 Select Employee EB5C, LLC. © 2011 11 Selection from the list eliminates errors resulting from similar names.

12 Enter Assignment Detail EB5C, LLC. © 2011 12 The fields on this screen will be customized to match Peraltas data structure. Fields can be made further context sensitive. For example, classified positions may be expressed in FTE or hours per week, but instructional positions could be designed to call for equivalent hours.

13 No Special Knowledge Required – Each Decision Limits Future Choices to Legitimate Selections EB5C, LLC. © 2011 13 Selections are by pull-down menu and limited to valid and logical choices based on the position and employee. All selections are supported by clear text, no codes. If an invalid selection is made, error messages guide the initiator in selecting valid values (see FTE field and pop-up display of the combination code). Note the customization for broken assignments on this page.

14 Impact on this Employees Other Assignments EB5C, LLC. © 2011 14 This feature is very important in controlling max FTE and inappropriate or overlapping assignments, especially inter-campus assignments.

15 Action Summary and Confirmation EB5C, LLC. © 2011 15 The initiators summary and approvers review screen are similar except for the allowed actions. Note the automatically generated history. Initiators actions are: Hold, Approve, Change (edit). In addition, Approvers actions include Reject. When the completed action reaches the Final Reviewer (the HR Generalist) the one touch commit Submit button is available.

16 New Hire, Rehire Print Confirmation and Link to New Hire Packet EB5C, LLC. © 2011 16 Supports non-electronic policies such as ensuring that initiators dont over promise to new hire applicants and can be customized to link to and even store a variety of documents such as the new hire packet.

17 Email Notice for Approvers EB5C, LLC. © 2011 17 Email notices are generated for the next approver and links directly to their PeopleSoft work area where the awaiting actions are located. When an approver rejects or changes an action, emails are sent to all prior approvers and the initiator including details of the old and new changed values. If an action is automatically escalated, emails are sent to the new approver and the skipped approver.

18 Standard and Custom Rules ePARs enforces the following standard rules: Valid combinations of job codes, bargaining units (employee sub groups), bargained groupings such as benefits groupings (personnel sub areas), max FTE, work calendar, and work schedule (if utilized). Position control logic – FTE for single and pooled positions. Maximum FTE by total and regular assmts, line of service, and special adjunct testing. Rehire rules regarding length of separation. ePARs can be further customized for an unlimited number of additional rules. Los Angeles CCD has added dozens of specialized or refined rules to the standard set. (e.g. rules refinement by job code, start and end dates for instructional and non-instructional assignments, max leave length by bargaining unit, mixed leave/sick types during absence, direct pay rate entry for limited unclassified jobs, prohibit retroactive use of new leave quota, and many more). The result is that rules are enforced district-wide and are no longer subject to local interpretation. EB5C, LLC. © 2011 18

19 Reports, Statistics, Lookup ePARs Standard Edition ePARs standard includes a variety of administrative maintenance tools so that the system can readily be maintained and updated by functional specialists. ePARs standard also includes a variety of look-up and reference features available to authorized users. ePARs Lookup Is a separate read-only module which can be made available to ePARs users and non- users. Find and display any/all PARs on which the user has ever taken action (My ePARs). Find and display the details, history and status of a ePARs. Find all of the historical, currently active or in-process assignments for an employee entered via ePARs or system-direct. Show various statistical reports regarding PARs such as number entered, average length of time by department, PARs submitted after work has begun, etc. Show PARs initiated on a specific calendar date. Show PARs that failed commit to the HR System and required manual revision. EB5C, LLC. © 2011 19

20 EB5C, LLC. © 2011 20 Contact Information Bill Vorhies, President EB5C, LLC. 818.257.2035

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