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EZee BurrP! - A fully integrated and Intuitive Restaurant / Bar POS Software. eZee BurrP! is suitable to manage restaurants, bars, night clubs, casinos,

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1 eZee BurrP! - A fully integrated and Intuitive Restaurant / Bar POS Software. eZee BurrP! is suitable to manage restaurants, bars, night clubs, casinos, quick service restaurants, delivery and take away outlets. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid security makes eZee BurrP! a great system for your POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single outlet or a part of nationwide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management. eZee BurrP! works on touch screen as well as on normal desktops. eZee BurrP! offers table reservation, material management, web based reporting, kitchen display system, loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll and lot more. So, lets take a glance with feel and comprehend the outline of - eZee POS BurrP!.

2 eZee FrontDesk Hotel Reservation Software is Installed in more then 61 countries with support centers in 19 countries as on March 2009. The popular eZee BurrP! Restaurant Management Software is available in different countries by different name. eZee FrontDesk Worldwide - Installation - Support Centers - Headquarter

3 eZee BurrP! offers a wide range of integrations to third party software and hardware. It integrates with, Integration Cash Drawer Receipt Printer Customer Display Touch Screen, PDA

4 User Configuration eZee BurrP! allows you to configure your users privileges. You can allow/restrict your user accessing certain functions and reports. This add up high security to your data and leaves no room for any mal practices. You can define User Roles. These user roles are very helpful to define similar level of users.

5 Store Item You can keep track of all your store (Purchase) items. One can raise purchase order, Indent (Requisition), Goods Receipt Note, Issue Voucher etc. eZee BurrP! offers single/multiple stores. You can maintain your inventory across store. You can define reorder levels for critical items.

6 eZee BurrP! eZee BurrP! comes with very easy to use interface. It can work with Touch Screen hardware or regular desktop computers. Depending on software configuration and user rights applicable features and functions will be activated.

7 Quick Service Restaurant eZee Burrp appreciably allows you to make / assign KOTs, moreover you can have various other utility like to select optional modifier to enter preparation of remark, displays name of the outlets and many more.

8 Fine Dine In eZee Burrp! Supports user defined table lay outs. You can observe the table which are reserved, occupied or vacant and also the receipt which are impending on any particular tables.

9 Split Receipt You can distribute the receipt by splitting receipt. It is very easy to split your guests receipts. It offers both options – 1. Split By Amount 2. Split by Quantity.

10 Settlement You can settle, unsettle and resettle guest receipts. Guest receipts can be settled by cash, it can be settled by a credit account or if you are using it with eZee FrontDesk it can be posted to guests hotel bill. You can even specify gratuity with credit card settlements.

11 Room Posting As explained earlier, a guest receipt can be posted to guests hotel bill when used with eZee FrontDesk NextGen.

12 Modifier in Burrp Many a time your guest instructs special changes to your standard recipe. eZee Burrp! Facilitates your user to enter modifier to standard recipe. Such modifiers will print on KOT. You can define normal, forced, chargeable and inventory updating modifiers.

13 Vendor Management Define and manage your vendors, their invoices and their dues. You can define 3 preferred vendors for each of your store item.

14 Integration with Quick Book / Tally eZee Burrp! is integrated with financial accounting systems like Quick book /Tally. All financial transactions can be automatically transferred in to Quick Book /Tally. This not only eliminates your account department to enter all such transaction in Quick Book/Tally but also they dont have to audit such data entry.

15 Payroll eZee Payroll is developed to keep the up-to- date Information of every employee of the firm. Payroll helps the user to maintain each & every official & personal details of the employee with splendid way. Payroll includes In/Out time details, Salary details, Public & personal leaves details, and many more interesting Features which will give you the complete Firm Satisfaction Solution.

16 Mobile BurrP! Mobile BurrP! puts in functionality on a handheld to your Mobile POS systems such as order taking, preparing receipts, settling receipts away from the POS station.

17 Material Management As there are different Stores & outlets in the Property, The user needs to maintain all the items transaction like Goods Issue, Goods Purchase, Goods Receive & also Goods Return gradually from the integrated stores & outlets too. So the Material management helps to maintain the Inventory Transactions. Item Issue Purchase Order Received Items

18 Delivery Module

19 Customized Receipt Printing You dont have to communicate back and forth with your software provider to customized receipt format as per your requirement. eZee Burrp! Offers very easy to use interface to customized on only structure but also content of the receipt.

20 Report Anywhere Report Anywhere enables management to access all critical reports over internet. Manage your outlet remotely without investing on huge server and internet cost. This solution works even on dial up. The reports can be as latest as real time.

21 Kitchen Display System

22 Loyalty Program

23 Experience We offer 30 days full functional evaluation copy of our eZee BurrP!. Please visit this link for Demo version – eZee POS BurrP!eZee POS BurrP! We do also offer none committal online user training during evaluation period.

24 D-113, ITC, Majuragate, Surat, India. Sales Phone: +91-98251-26513 Support Phone: +91-261-3219397 Email: info @ Web: Sales & Support Centers -------------------- (450) 172-399 (502) 220-058 (495) 511-455 (271) 11-51 (277) 341-020 (816) 192-1768 (202) 040-575 (882) 54-466 (783) 18-29 (941) 98-530 Corporate Headquarter eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd. Australia Azerbaijan Belgium Costa Rica Ghana Indonesia Kenya Malaysia Mauritius New Zealand +6 +994 +32 +506 +233 +62 +254 +60 +230 +64 Nigeria Oman Panama Saudi Arabia Singapore Tanzania Thailand USA Vietnam +234 +968 +507 +966 +65 +255 +66 +1 +84 ------------------ (802) 305-0913 (998) 87-581 (996) 46-20 (145) 57-717 (640) 44-810 (755) 979-821 (294) 86-110 (510) 764-1791 (904) 54-6218

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