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Tutor: Natzyelly González. Mobile: 1383941 Class time: Monday and Wednesday,7:00am Term: January- May 2011.

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1 Tutor: Natzyelly González

2 Email: Mobile: 1383941 Class time: Monday and Wednesday,7:00am Term: January- May 2011

3 Aim This course aims to introduce students to the field of applied linguistics and its leading topics.

4 General description This course presents the student a global vision of Applied Linguistic. It studies the emergence and development of this discipline which goal is to solve problems related to language areas, such as second language teaching, SLA, planning and language polities and discourse analysis.

5 Objectives By the end of the course students will be able to: To introduce students to the field of Applied Linguistics. To understand the different areas of Applied Linguistics. To know the development of the study of AL over the time. To help students to become familiar with the issues of Applied Linguistics.

6 Learning strategies Writing summaries Outlining Underlining Note taking to understand readings, groups, tables, maps, and signs Memory techniques such as mnemonics, index cards, etc. Synthesizing Reading discussion

7 Course policies Attendance to class is mandatory. Attendance to class is mandatory. Student must attend 92% of the classes and are requested to notify if they will be absent. Passing grade for this module is 6. Due dates for submission of assignments must be respected. Papers not handed in on time will be penalized. all reading be done prior contribute It is important that all reading be done prior to class so that students may contribute positively to discussions. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Papers that show evidence of using someone elses ideas or words without properly referencing them will be given zero value.

8 Aspects to evaluateWeightDue date Homework10% Contribution to class discussion showing evidence of having read and understood reading 10%Every class Two individual and/or group presentation during the term 10% Date to be established Written assignments 1)Midterm assignment: 1000-1500 word written 2)Final assignment 1000-1500 word written assignment 30% Due: February Due: May 100% Evaluation of the course

9 Tutor support: I will be available at office hours for a tutorial session that you have to book in advance. In addition, students are supported with a revision of one draft of their tasks. They do not necessarily have to be finished, an outline is enough.

10 An overview to Applied Linguistics What is Applied Linguistics?.- purposeUsing what we know about language, how it is learned and how it is used, in order to achieve some purpose or solve some problem in the real world. Wilkins (1997)c Range of pupose: American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) 2002 conference 18 topic areas. It was needed to refer to the new academic discipline of the study of the teaching and learning of second or foreign language Journal: Language learning in 1948

11 Language and its acquisition Language and assessment Language and the brain Language and cognition Language and culture Language and ideology Language and instruction Language and listening Language and media Language and policy Language and reading Language and research methodology Language and society Language and technolology Language and translation/interpretation Language and writing The dominant application has always been the teaching or learning of second or foreign language

12 Traditionally, the primary concern of applied linguistics has been second language acquisition theory, second language pedagogy and the interface between the two. Carter and Nunan (2001)

13 The need for applied linguistics


15 Gossip Chat Flirt and seduce Play games Sing songs Tell stories Teach children Worship gods Insult enemies Pass on information Make deals Language use, is in many ways a natural phenomenom beyond conscious control.

16 Language in Education: What language skills should children attain beyond basic literacy? Should children speaking a dialect be encouraged to maintain it or steered towards the starndard form of a language? In communities with more than one language which ones should be used in schools? Should deaf children learn a sign language, or a combination of lip reading and speaking? Should everyone learn foreign languages, if so, which one or ones?

17 More questions… Languages change. Should this just be accepted as an inevitable fact or should change be controlled in some way? Some languages are dying out. Should that be prevented and, if so,how? Should the growth of English as the international lingua franca be welcomed or deplored? Is it better for people to learn each others language or use tranlations? Which languages should be used in law courts and official documents?

18 Investigate Organize Critical analysis. Aim: Aim: it is concerned with the relation of knowledge about language to decision making in the real world.

19 Examples: Applied Linguistics sets out to investigate problems in the world in which language is implicated. IN WHAT KIND OF PROBLEMS IS LANGUAGE IMPLICATED? Process of: Study, reflection, investigation and action Applied Linguistics as an academic discipline.

20 Homework 1 Read: Cook, G. (2003). Applied Linguistics. Oxford Chapter 2 and Schmitt Chapter 1, An overview of Applied Linguistics. Be ready prepare a 20-30 mins presentation. Thank you!

21 The scope of applied linguistics Activities to which applied linguistics is relevant. Areas of study: Language and Education These areas include; language and education: first language education, additional language education, education, clinical linguistics, language testing. Language, work and law; workplace communication, language planning, forensic linguistics.

22 Language, information and effect; literary stylistics, critical discourse analysis, translation and interpretation, information design, lexicography. All of these areas fall within the definition of Applied Linguistics and are areas of enquiry by organizations and journals concerned with the discipline.

23 1.4 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Linguistics? The academic discipline concerned with the study of language in general. Generative linguistics (Chomsky) Sociolinguistics Functional linguistics Corpus linguistics The scientific study of human language.

24 A linguist? Is a person who speaks many languages?

25 Is not someone who speaks many languages.



28 Generative linguistics Noam Chomsky 1950, Language in mind rather the way in which people use language everyday life. Competence and performance. Language is biological rather than social and is separet from and uninfluenced by, outside experience.

29 Sociolinguistics Functional linguistics Linguistic theory and description can not solve problems which applied linguistics is concerned. Applied linguistics is not simply a matter of matching up findings about language with preexisting problems, but of using finding to explore how to solve the problem it self.

30 2. The development of Applied Linguistics Early history: Greeks Plato and Aristotle. English: second half of XVIII century, Samuel Johnson published Dictionary of the English Language.

31 Spelling was standarized. Complains by Caxton. Robert Lowth published influential grammar, Short introduction to English Grammar (1762). He prescribed what «correct» grammar should be.

32 He based his English grammar on a classical Latin model, even though the two languages are organized in different ways.

33 2.2 Applied linguistics during the XX century. Grammar translation method. Direct method Reading method, three until the World War II Audiolinguism Communicative competence. Hymes (1972) Krashen (1982) monitor theory CLT Communicative Language Teaching Immersion programs

34 Language assessment Criteria until 1980: validity, reliability and practicality (focus on the test not the stakeholders). CALL Corpus linguistics

35 Interrelationship of the areas of Applied Linguistics


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