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MN 2050 Infrastructure Neglect in Minnesota Craddock Consulting

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1 MN 2050 Infrastructure Neglect in Minnesota Craddock Consulting
November 19, 2010 Dan Gage, MacQueen Equipment - APWA Tom Eggum, TKDA - ASCE Patti Craddock, Craddock Consulting Engineers - CSWEA Craddock Consulting Engineers


3 Why a MN2050? Improve graphic; add photos – bridge collapse, watermain breaks

4 Why a MN2050?

5 3 Questions Do we have a story to tell and is it worth telling?
Would it mean more if we approached the topic collectively? Could we produce something that we can use (paper, video, etc.) to tell our story, educate the public of the infrastructure needs, our councils, and congressmen to stop cutting the public works and the infrastructure budgets? Would we use it?

6 MN2050 Partners American Council of Engineering Companies, Minnesota Section American Public Works Association, Minnesota Chapter American Society of Civil Engineers, Minnesota Section Minnesota American Water Works Association Central States Water Environment Association City Engineers Association of Minnesota Minnesota Council of Airports Minnesota County Engineers Association Minnesota Transportation Alliance Minnesota Department of Transportation Metropolitan Council Minnesota Ports Association Minnesota Rural Water Association

7 Mission Statement To articulate a convincing case for increased investment in Minnesota infrastructure through a coordinated voice and unified, comprehensive needs information.

8 MN2050 Approach After this slide introduce Tom

9 Infrastructure Focus Roads and Bridges
Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Airports Ports and Waterways Rail

10 Infrastructure Future
Solid Waste Public buildings and grounds Energy Parks and forestry Etc.

11 Economics and Infrastructure
Insert photo

12 MN2050 Approach – Where Are We?

13 MN2050 Approach – Documentation of Needs
Collect Organize Analyze Initial work: 4 questions Web-site based Essential for credibility Put in same format

14 Key Questions Describe current infrastructure type? How does infrastructure benefit the daily lives of Minnesotans and the economic development of the State? What are the five major initiatives (and by example, five projects that support those initiatives) or infrastructure investments that need to be addressed statewide for each organization? What is the trend line? Are things getting better or worse? What can people expect if an adequate level of funding is not maintained?

15 Aviation Example 136 airports in state 8 commercial
Multi-modal transportation $12.1 billion economic contribution See alternate slide at end

16 Aviation Example (continued)
Buildings, runways, planes, fueling facilities, roads, utilities Transport people and cargo Business, medical, tourism Public and private ownership Alternate slide 15

17 MN2050 Approach – Documentation


19 MN2050 Approach – Create the Message
Compelling story Useful tools Powerpoint Graphs, Maps, Photos, Tables Video, Documentaries Ideas and Sound Bites Website Library Change arrows to dashes

20 MN2050 Approach – The Message

21 MN2050 Approach – Get the Message Out
Profession-wide effort Engineers, managers, superintendents Young professionals will inherit Other infrastructure groups You are the means One example: water

22 MN2050 Approach – Get the Message Out

23 Liquid Assets Minnesota
Example of getting the message out One tool for public awareness View video clip – national production by Penn State Public Broadcasting



26 Liquid Assets MN – Documentary Features
Theme – “Sustainability of our water infrastructure assets” 30 minutes Combination of animation, interviews, video, and still photos Produced for DVD distribution Aired on TPT (alone and with 1.5 hour doc)

27 Risks & Responsibilities
Documentary Outline Education Issues Replace with new slide Risks & Responsibilities

28 Educate and Present Issues
Drinking Water Wastewater Stormwater Replace with new slide

29 Infrastructure Sustainability Issues
Age Growth Regulations Replace with new slide

30 MN2050 Approach – Informed Public
Patti’s slide

31 Process to Achieve Vision
Sustainable Infrastructure MN2050 & Supporting Group Efforts Informed Public Policy & Funding Action Program & Project Implement-ation

32 MN2050 Approach – Timeline Add color to boxes and bars; so box and bar same color; use gradation?? This is Dan’s slide to start, then Tom close

33 Why a MN2050? Improve graphic; add photos – bridge collapse, watermain breaks

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