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CJ-UCM Update.

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1 CJ-UCM Update


3 Steering Committee Welcome Introductions Steering Committee Members
Pilot County Members

4 1884 total county users from 43 counties.
The Problem 1884 total county users from 43 counties.


6 Pilot Counties Northampton (AP, Jail, & DA)
IT resources assisting with prototype development Westmoreland (AP & Jail & DA) Funding providing additional project resources/manpower Lebanon (AP & Jail & DA) Wayne (AP & Jail & DA) Beaver (AP & Jail) Additional County – In Negotiations

7 Proposed & Funded Prototype using the Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011 application hosted in the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania environment Utilizing NIEM best practices

8 Benefits Improved accuracy & accessibility
Reduction in duplicate efforts for data entry Reduction in county costs Proactive management decisions Elimination of manual data transfer for offenders that are moved to another county or the state system

9 Technology Platform Microsoft Dynamics xRM (CRM)
Out of the box functionality States with modules currently available for inclusion (ex: Indiana’s SAVIN) Microsoft’s support for engineering Aggregated buying power for state supported software platform

10 Funding CCAP awarded federal funding from the Office of Justice Programs at the Department of Justice Currently identifying additional sources of funding to be used for modules and functionality identified and prioritized by pilot counties and steering committee (ex: APPA) Counties with unique needs & project funds

11 Automated Exchanges Identified by Counties
CPCMS (AOPC) DJS (AOPC) Warrant search (JNET) DNA (JNET) Between participating counties

12 Updates & Additions in Counties
Data Consumption AOPC Info JNET CJ-UCM Updates & Additions in Counties

13 Modules Adult Probation District Attorney Jail

14 2012 Timeline Oct 2011–Jan 2012 – Requirements gathering and project mgmt. planning January through March – Architecture and Prototype build April through June – Data conversion, pilot development and testing. July-September – Determination of further prototype development and next steps.

15 Project Management Charter - Completed
Risk Management – identification, mitigation, alternative planning - Completed Scrum Backlog - Completed Sprint #1 and #2 – Completed Sprint #3 - In Progress

16 Project Updates Hosting Development Migration Strategy Data Inputs

17 New Business Incoming Data from CCE Message – Process
Global/Local Code Tables Disposition Code – Discussion Specialty Courts – MH, Drug, Veterans

18 Upcoming Project Dates
PA DA Association Meeting – 4/27/2012 JNET Quarterly – 5/22/2012 County AP Chief’s Association Meeting – 6/8/2012 CRM Training – 6/28-6/29/2012 UCM Steering Committee – 7/19/2012

19 Questions? Rita Reynolds
Director of Technology Services and Telecommunications Mark Proper Deputy Director of Technology Development Deena Malley Contracted Project Manager Robert McCullough Adult Probation and Parole Officers Assoc of PA Rich Long PA District Attorney’s Association Heather Brown Contracted Project Manager Assistant

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