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Dr. Morris Liaw Venkata Vijay Durbhakula Mahesh Molakalapalli.

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1 Dr. Morris Liaw Venkata Vijay Durbhakula Mahesh Molakalapalli

2 It supports the classes of objects and inheritance of class properties. It supports complex data structures including Video, Audio, Graphs and Photos. There is no need to convert classes of objects into relational database tables. No normalization is needed in the database design. No relational operators such as Cartesian product, Join, Selection and Projection are needed.

3 ObjectStore from eXcelon Corp. Gemstone from Gemstone Systems Inc. Ontos from Ontos Inc. Versant from Versant Object Technology LINQ from Microsoft We use an open source Object Oriented DBMS DB4Objects instead

4 An open source Object Oriented DBMS For Java and.NET developers. Acquired by Versant Corporation in Dec, 2008. Supports one-line-of-code to store an entire object into database. Supports other features, such as dynamic scheme evolution and native queries.

5 Three tier web database application can be easily developed using DB4O instead of other OODBs or ADO.NET and traditional relational databases. We use Visual Studio 2008 IDE to run the DB4Objects plug-in and DB4O objects as the back-end database.

6 Essential tools to develop Web Application: Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Application Programming Interface (API). API tools to abstract the common programming tasks Database connections. Our application uses DB4O as the back-end database and C#.NET to communicate with it.

7 DB4O on the server can be connected to from the client. DB4O objects can be inserted, updated and retrieved from the client browser. Microsoft Visual Studio can be configured to run a DB4O toolkit.

8 Microsoft Visual Studio is used as an integrated development environment (IDE) for.NET It has the capability of installing different kinds of plug-ins into its environment. There is a DB4O toolkit called Object Manager Enterprise (OME) that can be installed into Visual Studio for browsing back-end database objects.

9 Designed for institutions and schools to manage funds. This tool handles Key fee management functions Student information Funds by students Administration Student relational management





14 Thank you

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