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Web Designing Using Microsoft FrontPages Kashif Haqqi, M.D.

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1 Web Designing Using Microsoft FrontPages Kashif Haqqi, M.D.

2 Web Designing Until recently, only the technically gifted and artistically inclined attempted to publish sites on the Web. Not anymore.. Without any knowledge of HTML (the language used to create Web pages), one can use FrontPage to build and manage a beautiful and sophisticated Web site.

3 Index 1.My own web siteMy own web site 2.Open Microsoft Front PageOpen Microsoft Front Page 3.Creating a New PageCreating a New Page 4.Selecting TemplateSelecting Template 5.Selecting FramesSelecting Frames 6.Setting the New PageSetting the New Page 7.Insert a tableInsert a table 8.Inset a componentInset a component 9.Insert a buttonInsert a button 10.Insert a formInsert a form 11.HyperlinkHyperlink 12.Power Point PresentationPower Point Presentation 13.FormatFormat 14.SaveSave 15.PublishPublish 16.GWU Web AccountGWU Web Account

4 My own Web site Lets take an example and try to create our first own web page using Microsoft FrontPage.

5 Open Microsoft FrontPage Click Start and choose MFP.

6 Microsoft FrontPage On FP, you will see three pages. One is Normal, second is HTML (which is automatically created by the FP) and the third is the Preview Page. You design using the Normal Page, and then you can review Your work using Preview or HTML (for HTML users)

7 Creating a New Page On the FP. Click on File Click on New Then select Page

8 Selecting the Template Templates are pre-designed Pages There are three general options General, Frames, Style Sheet. Lets click on Frame Pages.

9 Selecting Frames For every template, there is a description window at the right. For example, lets use content. See the preview of content on the right. This page will have two frames.

10 Setting up the Frames Click ok. Then click on New Page on both the frames. If you already have a page set which you will like to use in a particular window you can click on set initial page and link it this new page.

11 Setting the New Page in the First Frame In our example lets click on New page on the first frame.

12 Insert a Table in the First Frame 1.Click on Table 2.Insert table 3.Select 2 Rows, 1 Column 4.Click ok 5.Highlight the table and Center it.

13 Inserting a component Insert a hover button using the component. The reason we have a table for the hover button is to keep the buttons align in one line. And we center the tables to keep all of the buttons centered and aligned. Click on each cell and insert the button.

14 Inserting Buttons Give the button a name. You can also give it a color. Or customize it. Buttons help you navigate the web site if you have more than one page.

15 Buttons On this page you can have as many buttons as you want, depending upon your need. You can also insert a Hit counter which is also a part of the component. Hit counter keeps count of all the incoming traffic to your web site. Lets make the next frame by clicking on the new page of that frame.

16 Second Frame In this frame you can type a text, for example a description of your web site or a little introduction about yourself. You can again use the tables or individual cells or work without them.

17 Inserting a Form You can also insert a form, a picture or a label on this page.

18 Inserting a Hyperlink You can also create a hyperlink in your text which will connect you to your specified settings. A hyperlink can be anything including another website, an email address, or another page on the site.

19 Inserting a Hyperlink You can type the address of the website, an email address or reference it to an other page. A hyperlink takes you either to an other page on the site, or any other place you want the viewers to go. For example, email address or another web site.

20 Inserting Power Point Presentations on Your Site You can import a power point presentation to your web pages as a file. Then you need to hyperlink somewhere in the text of your work and link it to that particular file on the site. By clicking on hyperlink viewers should be able to see the presentation. Go to Files and click Import

21 Inserting the PPT Add the file in one of the folders on to your web site. Click Ok.

22 Inserting PPT Select the PPT file from one of your folders on the hard drive, and click Open

23 Hyperlink the PPT Highlight the text through which you want your user to access the PPT. Click on Insert and then Hyperlink

24 Hyperlink the PPT Click on the file where your PPT is located. Click ok. You will see a different color of your hyperlink text.

25 Format You can format your pages by clicking on the format button. You can also change the background color. You can change the style of your text. And can fix borders and shading of cells or tables.

26 Save as… Finally you can save your work by clicking on File and saving the work as a web page.

27 Publishing your Web Pages You can publish the web page by clicking on File and then Publish

28 Publishing the Web Page After clicking on the Publish button, specify the web address and its location and then click Publish. The FP will ask you for a logon name, and Password at this point, to confirm your access to that particular web site.

29 Publishing Through FTP You can also publish your web pages using FTP. If a Unix or NT based Server doesnt have the extensions for FP, you might have to upload your web pages using FTP. Lets do an example of your page on GWU.

30 GWU Web Account You must sent permissions on your GWIS2 account and create a public_html directory. Go to Telnet. Click here to get the instructions for your home/office PC.Click here After downloading Telnet, logon on to your account. From the main GWIS menu, select option 9 - Exit to UNIX Shell.

31 GWU Telnet Type in Click on Telnet Click Ok

32 GWU Telnet Type in your logon name. Then on prompt, type your Password.

33 GWU Telnet Select option 9

34 GWU Web Account Commands At the UNIX prompt, type the following four commands, following each command by a stroke of the enter/return key: –cd –mkdir public_html –chmod 711./ –chmod 755 -R public_html After this, your account will be all set to go for web page publishing. Or click here for detailed here

35 GWU Web Account Publish Once you set up the account with GWU, you can upload your files from the hard drive of your computer to your web address, that should be name, using FTP or Netscape composer. Please note, GWU has a UNIX base server, you need special permission to have FrontPage extension on your web account.

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