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2 CHE and Coimbra Group 1 Ranking, Rating, Benchmarking... what is serving which purpose?

3 CHE and Coimbra Group 2 Rating often external benchmarks groupings Goal: trust building (investment) famous in business world and banking ( e.g. Standard and Poors) Comparison against standards Ranking indicators with general relevance League tables (exception CHE ranking) Goal: transparency competition Benchmarking Internal and/or external benchmarks (depending on availability) No ranks, best practices, possibly groupings Goal: enhancement (process or status) Cooperation, comparison Some characteristics of rating, ranking, benchmarking

4 CHE and Coimbra Group 3 CHE BenchmarkingRanking / Rating Transparency Enhancement

5 CHE and Coimbra Group 4 Rating - The CHE model

6 CHE and Coimbra Group 5 CHE-rating of BA-programs Employability: complementary to CHE-ranking: information on labour market, employability pilot project: rating of BA-programs in Business Studies co-operation with organisation of graduate recruiters (DAPM)

7 CHE and Coimbra Group 6 CHE-rating of BA-programs Employability: four dimensions: methodological skills social skills work experience internationality / cross-cultural learning possible indicators for MBA-ranking plus: important: perspective for graduates assessment of programs & competencies gained information on careers

8 CHE and Coimbra Group 7 Ranking - The CHE model

9 CHE and Coimbra Group 8 No individual ranks in league tables Rank groups top intermediate bottom No overall score from weighted indicators No ranking of whole universities Multidimensional ranking Ranking of single subjects / subject areas

10 CHE and Coimbra Group 9 Other CHE approaches to transparency…

11 CHE and Coimbra Group Becoming European… Approach 1: D A CH University A University B University C Medicine Country B Teacher Education Country A Decision-driving factors: Undergraduate Education Prime targets for students from core group countries Compatibility of subject areas NL FL

12 CHE and Coimbra Group Becoming European… Approach 2: Segmenting the Market: subject type: e.g. business departments level of education: postgraduate programmes level of: benchmarking study guide

13 CHE and Coimbra Group 12 Becoming European… the Pilot Project: European Study Guide for High Potential Students in Sciences Method selection of top-level universities in sciences multi-dimensional approach based on the ranking experience of CHE Aims contribute to European Higher Education Area Provide substantial information for Postgraduate Students show the internationally competitive strength of European science departments!

14 CHE and Coimbra Group 13 Benchmarking - The CHE model

15 CHE and Coimbra Group 14 BC of Universities of Technology BC of Universities of Applied Sciences European Benchmarking Initiative European Benchmarking Club International Benchmarking Club of Summer Universities

16 CHE and Coimbra Group 15 Coimbra Group Benchmarking Club: Not externally driven Self-defined enhancement tools Facilitated process = no self-reference Support instrument to achieve improved results in rankings

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