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IcePro Source Code Management Source code analysis Runtime analysis Application deployment Source code generation Multi sites Click ! IcePro.

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1 IcePro Source Code Management Source code analysis Runtime analysis Application deployment Source code generation Multi sites Click ! IcePro RAD FrameWork

2 IcePro A unique shortcut lets you access to all your applications, versions, environments… You keep your usual environment… …enhanced by IcePro Click ! Fully integrated with Progress ADE

3 IcePro Fully integrated with Progress ADE You take advantage of IcePro features immediatly. You take control of IcePro naturally and gradually, with no effort. Your developement environment is greatly improved, not greatly distressed. With IcePro, you get the efficiency ! Click !

4 IcePro Tracking source modifications This window appears each time you close a source after having modified it. Then, you can retrieve any history at any time You can search modifications using advanced filters such as « contains »… You can use these data to build your release notes: What is new ? What is fixed ?... All actions are tracked, not only source modifications, but also consultations, analysis, source exchanges… Click !

5 IcePro IcePro records all source events. You know exactly who, when, why, what. Developers document their modifications in an easy way. All informations are centralized and accessible. With IcePro, you get the control ! Click ! Tracking source modifications

6 IcePro You manage easily your application versions You keep all versions of each file, even for non Progress files. You create new version of your files with one click. You open the source version you need. IcePro opens Progress files with Appbuilder or Procedure Window, and non Progress files with their default application. With ADE tools, when you open a file for which several versions exist… …IcePro lets you choose among all existing versions, whichever the physical file you have chosen, and the right one is opened. You can also configure IcePro behavior when opening a version Vn source under a version Vm environment: warning, disallow… Versionning Click !

7 IcePro IcePro « compile on save » feature (even with Progress Editor and Procedure Windows) and IcePro compiler take care of the version you are working on. R-code are put in right place allowing you to run any version at any time... You manage your customers installations. Click ! Versionning

8 IcePro Maintain all your application versions… …but forget the complexity. Run, test, modify, deploy any version at any time. With IcePro, you get the easyness ! Click ! Versionning

9 IcePro Compile time Analysis Know all about your applications ! Which tables or temp-tables are used ? Where ? For reference ? For access ? For delete ? For create ? For update ? The source is opened with the cursor placed on the right line ! Which fields ? Which index ? Are they used in an efficient way ? Which includes ? Which calls are done ? Click !

10 IcePro Table and field uses give you precious informations about your applications. Index uses give you the ability to improve the performances. Includes and calls uses give you all the dependencies. With IcePro, you get the knowledge ! Click ! Compile time Analysis

11 IcePro Runtime analysis Runtime analysis has never been so simple ! Just create a « session » record, then, IcePro automatically runs a new Progress session where it launchs your application under monitoring. You just have to run the programs you want to be analyzed… Run the programs you want… Do what you want to analyze…then quit your application. You get the complete list of all blocks and programs which ran during the session, with precious informations about time spent, number of calls, and so on… Call tree with listing files... …and even a graphical call tree. Click ! Runtime analysis

12 IcePro Runtime analysis You know exactly which programs, blocks, statements are executed. You know the time spent for each 4GL statement with a microsecond precision. You can identify all bottlenecks of your applications. With IcePro, you get the performance ! Click !

13 IcePro Multi sites IcePro allows you to export all modified files to another site. A remote site can receive your updates with one click… Source histories are also transmitted. Creating a new application version on one site creates it on any other site during sources exchange. Click !

14 IcePro IcePro knows which files have to be sent. You send and receive sources with one click. The sources are exchanged with their histories. New versions are created « on the fly ». With IcePro, you get the freedom ! Click ! Multi sites

15 IcePro Deploying applications IcePro knows which sources you have to deploy according to the modifications you have done and the version your customers use. You can choose among several kinds of deployment packages: Sources, encrypted, compiled, preprocessed, webclient server/client side… and some « debug » packages like XRef, Debug or Listing. Click !

16 IcePro You know exactly which files have to be deployed for each customer. All kinds of package are supported: Sources, r-code, encrypted, preprocessed, listing, debug, Xref. You get a support for webclient client/server side deployment. With IcePro, you get the power ! Click ! Deploying applications

17 IcePro And much more… Source code generation with integrated language. « Field Search And Replace », allowing you to search and replace a value in a field, for all tables with one click… Make incremental compilations based on schema change or include modifications. And much more ! Click ! A great user interface with filters, sorting, user shortcuts, export to excel, word interface, and so on… Automatic backup of modified files. « Open file » dialog box repositioned in the application root directory. IcePro comes with a complete RAD FrameWork. To know more about that, contact us.

18 IcePro SINFONI IT 85b Rue Nelson Mandela 59120 LOOS France +33 (0) 320 535 535 IcePro

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