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Numeracy Passports Mrs Sarah Barnes Maths and Year 6 Phase Leader 10.02.14.

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1 Numeracy Passports Mrs Sarah Barnes Maths and Year 6 Phase Leader 10.02.14

2 What are Numeracy Passports? St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

3 Why have Numeracy Passports? 1.Basic mathematics skills. 2.Problem solving 3. Mental Maths Do we really want our children to have to get a calculator or use pencil and paper for simple calculations?

4 How would you solve this question without a pencil and paper or calculator? What is the cost of 4 plane tickets at £160 each?

5 Method 1 Use times tables 4 x 100 = 400 4 x 6 = 24 so 4 x 60 is 240 400 + 240 = £640. Method 2 Use doubling Double 16 is 32, double 32 is 64. So double 160 is 320, double 320 is £640. It doesnt matter which way you work it out, as long as you know what to do and can work it out quickly.

6 Lets have a go! Copy down the numbers on the screen onto your grid. We are going to do the 5 times table. You have 30 seconds. Where it says eg 3, you write the answer to 3 x 5. Dont write the calculation. If you finish all 10 within 30 seconds, write down how many seconds you have left on the clock at the bottom of the page.

7 Passports are based on the continents of the world. There are currently 7 – we may add another for those that finish all 7. 1.Europe 2.Asia 3.Africa 4.Australasia 5.North America 6.South America 7.Globetrotter 8. Lunar

8 AsiaDate achieved Count in 2s up to 20. Count in 5s up to 50. Count in 10s up to 100. Know by heart all number bonds for 10. Know by heart all addition and subtraction facts for each number up to 5. Recall the doubles of all numbers to at least ten. Recognise odd and even numbers up to 30. 2. Asia

9 8. Lunar Date Achieved Simplify fractions Know how to calculate fractions of quantities Find simple percentages(50, 25, 10 or 20%) of quantities or measurements. Find fractional parts of quantities or measurements.

10 Where will my child begin? How quickly can my child progress through each continent?

11 Tips 1) Learn what each skill needs - Times tables can be learned by rote or sung to start with. 2) Build up speed. The aim is to get faster. 3) When you think your child is ready to be tested on a part of the passport then initial that section and send the passport into school for the class teacher to see and test.

12 When tested in school: Answers need to be instant. They all need to be correct. Practise little and often. Use websites to help. Mathletics

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