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Researching Your Service Area John Graham, Department Manager Public Documents & Patents Dept.

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1 Researching Your Service Area John Graham, Department Manager Public Documents & Patents Dept.

2 Uses of Census Data + Find demographics of community + Get a profile of non-users – who are we not seeing in the agency +Program planning & collection development + Anticipate & meet changing needs

3 Geographic Areas Data available for towns, cities, townships, counties, and Census Designated Places, such as Turpin Hills or Kenwood Neighborhoods, not used in Census publications. Need to find tract boundaries

4 Census Geography II Census Tracts first used for Cincy in 1930. Designed to be homogenous population groups, which today average 4,000 people. Neighborhood borders usually match tract borders. Tract boundaries have changed over time. Blocks are smallest Census geography; data available 1980-2000.

5 Cincinnati Census Tract Boundaries Neighborhoods composed of 1 or more tracts Tracts may cross municipal boundaries Use Government Resources-Census to find chart of tract boundaries Or use Enter a Street Address feature

6 Census 2000 -- American Phased release of data in Summary Files Summary File 4 recently released. Has ancestry, disability, language data Website has 1990 & 2000 data only Tract/block boundaries only – no neighborhoods listed

7 Summary File 1 (SF 1) Basic population & housing counts Covers 63 racial groups Actual counts, no sampling or adjustments From the national level down to the block level Used for House apportionment

8 Summary File 2 (SF 2) Detailed population & housing data Reported in up to 63 racial/ethnic groups Also complete count, no sampling From tract level up to national level

9 Summary File 3 (SF 3) Sample data of 1 in 6 households 813 detailed housing, social, and economic tables, including income, education, and language From block group up to national level Lots of breakdowns by race/ethnicity: 51 tables across 9 separate groups

10 Summary File 4 (SF 4) 335 population tables across racial/ethnic groups From tract level to national level Detailed characteristics: grandparents as caregivers, ancestry groups Released for Ohio July 27, 2003

11 Whats Not Available Religion Appalachian origin Names of individuals or businesses Anything more recent than the last Census in most cases Homeless population – labeled as Homeless population

12 4-part search strategy Define your geographic area: be flexible regarding specific area Time period. Remember detailed data available only decennially, every 10 years Characteristics. Be sure youre in the right Summary File to find what you need Output. Excel, PDF, just a quick figure

13 Search Strategy 2 Visit the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission Website Visit the Census Bureau Website as needed or for more details, using the Summary Files of interest Visit the Census category in the Government Resources Website

14 Search Strategy 3 Go to American Factfinder Choose your file, Summary File 1, 2 etc. Go to Quick Tables Choose your Geographic level, place, tract, block, etc. Pick the data you want You can always click Change Selections to make a change

15 Census Documents Hard copy documents 1790-2000 Arranged by Document Call number Multiple volumes per year Use Census Catalog for index Just ask for assistance! PLCH has a complete collection

16 Government Resources Page Government Resources - Census

17 Useful Websites PLCH: Census Bureau: UVA Historical Census Browser Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission http://www.hamilton- OKI Click on Maps &

18 County Planning Commission

19 Roselawn 1-Page Profile

20 GIS Service Available (Geographic Information System) GIS Makes custom maps using Census or other data Staffed at Main by G&B, PD, and History 10-day turnaround time Free of charge

21 Roselawn GIS Map

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