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O CEAN D ATA S YSTEMS Presents Wonderware HMI Reports User Friendly Reporting Software for Continuous & Batch Processes.

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1 O CEAN D ATA S YSTEMS Presents Wonderware HMI Reports User Friendly Reporting Software for Continuous & Batch Processes

2 Wonderware HMI Reports is the first Reporting solution for Industrial Automation Its the simplest solution available in the market It Generates and Distributes automatically PDF and XLS Reports Its design for Both Continuous & Batch processes Automotive- Building automation Chemical Industry- Device Management Facilities - Food & Beverage Manufacturing- Oil & gas Pharmaceutical- Power energy Water- Waste water … It can be connected to Real Time data sources and can leverage existing history It empowers SCADA, Manufacturing and Enterprise application Intouch – InSQL – Citect – DeltaV – FactoryLink - Indusoft – Genesis - iFix – Cimplicity Movicon – Panorama - PCIM - PI – Proficy – PcVue – RS View – WinCC – Wizcon … Already adopted by market leaders and numerous customers

3 Wonderware HMI Reports Product Architecture Equipments – Machines – Fabs - Buildings Web PortalFile Server Printers 3 – Data Extraction & Analysis 4 – Report Design 5 – Report Generation & Distribution REAL TIME data collection - OPC DA-AE - Specific Drivers (scada, Plc…) HISTORIAN connection - OPC HDA - ODBC & OLE - CSV files List of statistics : Min, Max, Average, Current, Integral, Duration, Counter, SQL commands, free Mathematical Calculation… To be displayed in multiple Views: Tables, Bars, Charts, Pies… - To create state of the art reports - To Define Reports Templates Automatic Mode - On Schedule - On Event Manual Mode 1.Select Report 2.Change period or select batch 3.Generate new report 2- Data Logging WW HMI Reports logger can archive Statistics but also real time data in any standard database - SQL Server - MySQL - Oracle - Access - … WW HMI Reports licensing is scalable and based on number of active report templates 1 – Data Collection

4 Product Concept Step 1 Configure project with Designer Studio Step 2 Execute project with RUN TIME

5 True Multi-lingual User Interface User Interface is available in 10 languages: English French German Italian Portuguese Chinese Korean Polish Russian Hebrew Language select online (installation independent) User – assigned language (automatic language loading per user login)

6 List of Objects WW HMI Reports Object enables to display process metrics & analysis Statistical Object : To extract Current value, Last, Min, Max, Average, Sum, Duration, Up, Down, Availability, Deviation, … Compound Object: enables to select predefine statistics and extract easily Min, Max, Sum and the Average Expression Object: to do calculation based on Trigonometric, Mathematical and Boolean operations Table of Data: enable to extract and display any data on a table Table of Alarms: enables to define alarm filters groups and display it in a pre-formatted table SQL Table: users define their SQL Query and this object builds the table automatically Statistical Table: User can select any period, define a step and select the statistics to be calculated and displayed Free Table: enables to build customized tables mixing text, dates and statistics Pie Graph: enables to compare and display in a nice pie alarms or statistics (current, last, Min, Max, Average,…) Bar Graph: enables to display by period alarms or statistics in a nice Bar graph Charts: enables to display multiple statistics in professional Charts Insert Date Insert Page Insert Report Name Insert Project Name Data Table Alarm Table SQL TABLE STEP Table Pie Graph Bar Graph Chart

7 Automatic Report Generation and Distribution Each report has its own settings for generation and distribution. Generation: Reports can be generated automatically – On Schedule (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily,..) – On Condition (event based) Reports can be generated manually - Report on Demand Distribution: PDF and XLS Reports can be automatically distributed – Sent Via to their recipient list – Printed over the network – Saved on any file server – Published in Dream report Web Portal

8 Wonderware HMI Reports Web Portal Wonderware HMI Reports Web Portal is ideal for distributing and sharing reports over the intranet/internet. Being Password Protected, it displays only authorized reports Provides access to any archived reports Users can generate reports online Users can change period settings and generate online report on demand.

9 Report Examples

10 Thank you ! Thank you ! O CEAN D ATA S YSTEMS The art of industrial intelligence

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