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Texas Federal Surplus Property Program Texas Facilities Commission.

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1 Texas Federal Surplus Property Program Texas Facilities Commission

2 Origins of the Federal Surplus Property Program Federal Property & Administrative Services Act of 1949 Title 40 of the U.S. Code, Section 549

3 Federal Surplus Property Program Administered by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in partnership with state agencies GSAs website: GSA allocates property to states on a first-come, first-served basis General public cannot search the GSAs surplus inventory. Search TFCs inventory on our website:

4 What type of property is available? Examples of items typically in stock include…… Examples of specialty or uncommon items include… Hand & machine tools Office machines & supplies Computer equipment Furniture Appliances Hardware Heavy Equipment Vehicles Trucks Generators Storage & fuel tanks Exercise equipment Air hockey & ping-pong tables Commercial kitchen equipment Boats & rafts Shelters Airplanes & helicopters Medical Supplies See TFCs website for a complete list of available property

5 Who is Eligible? State & Public Agencies State Agencies Cities & Municipalities Counties School Districts Fire Departments & Emergency Service Districts Public Airports Nonprofit & Public Programs for the Elderly Adult day care Nutrition, transportation, legal or social services

6 Who is Eligible? Nonprofit Educational & Public Health Activities, including Programs for the Homeless & Impoverished Medical institutions, hospitals & clinics Drug abuse treatment centers Historic light stations Schools, colleges, and universities Schools for persons with mental or physical disabilities Child care centers Museums & free libraries Food banks, soup kitchens & shelters serving homeless and/or impoverished individuals

7 Who is Eligible? Active SBA 8(a) Certified Companies Service Educational Activities of Special Interest to the Armed Services (SEAs) Eligible to receive DOD property only Examples: Red Cross, YMCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Boy & Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, Inc., Little League Baseball, Inc., Marine Cadets of America, National Civilian Community Corps, United Service Organizations, Inc., U.S. Olympic Committee Complete list of eligible organizations, available at Questions? Contact Megan Sorley at or (512) It is the Law: In accordance with Federal Law and this state agencys regulations and polices, TFC and its donees are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, and disability.

8 TXFSP Donees by Account Type

9 How do I apply? Download an Application for Eligibility from our website: From the left side of the page, click on Federal Surplus Property, then Forms. There you will find our Application for Eligibility.

10 Dont Forget Your Authorized Representatives! Only persons listed on your Authorized Representatives form may pick-up property.

11 Overview of the Donation Process Federal agencies contact GSA to dispose of surplus property. Some of this property is offered to State Agencies for Surplus Property (SASP) including TFC. TFC screener requests property from GSA. GSA allocates (donates) property to state of their choice. Property may be shipped to a TFC Warehouse, or it may remain at its original location. Direct pick-ups save on shipping costs Donees search for available property online using TFCs website OR by visiting one of our warehouses. Donee contacts TFC staff to request property. Donee account status verified by TFC. Donee receives property & submits payment to TFC. Federal AgencyGSA State Agency for Surplus Property Donee

12 After the Donation: Compliance Periods Donee has one year to put property into use. Must continue to use the property for Compliance Period before ownership transferred to donee. Compliance period begins when property is put into use. Original acquisition cost of > $5,000 and passenger vehicles = 18 month compliance period Original acquisition cost <$5,000 = 12 month compliance period. Any aircraft = 5-year compliance period Some items (i.e. non-operational combat aircraft, firearms) = perpetual

13 After the Donation: Compliance Visits & Audits All donees subject to compliance checks, including on-site visits Single Audit Donees that have received $500, or more in all forms of federal financial assistance during the last fiscal year are liable for a single audit by an independent firm. Fair Market Value (FMV) = original acquisition cost of property X 23.3 %.

14 SBA 8(a) Companies Unique, but limited, opportunity to participate in FSP Only privately owned, for-profit organizations eligible for FSP Graduation Date Only eligible to receive property for the nine years that you are an active SBA 8(a) Special Considerations for SBA 8(a)s SBA Representative Approval Additional approval => longer lead time for property Compliance Periods extend 1 year past your SBA 8(a) graduation date Payment (by company check) must be received before acquiring property

15 Property Donated to SBA 8(a) Companies From January to July 2011, a total of $2,138, worth of property was donated to sixteeen SBA 8(a) firms. Advantage Electrical Contracting Alamo Analytical Laboratories Alamo City Constructors All American Brothers Co. All Pro General Construction Central Texas Express Metalwork LLC Creer Advertising & Marketing LLC Emerald Standard Services Inc. EW Wells Group LLC Farr Builders LLC Greycon Inc. Henock Construction LLC H.R. Brun & Company Inc. Hinojosa Equipment/Contracting Tinos Welding & Fabrication White Construction Company As of 8/3/2011, there were 81 active SBA 8(a) donee accounts. However, there are over 500 active SBA 8(a)s in Texas that have not applied to join FSP.

16 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated City of Marion Church pews previously used at Randolph AFB donated to the City in January 2012

17 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Cooke County Built & furnished a new facility with a shop area using donated property Received a 4-wheel electric cart used to perform tasks on the 10 acres of land where the new facility is located Built a service truck that allows the staff to quickly changes tires and service their equipment. County staff put an air compressor in the bed of a ¾ ton GMC Pickup Truck, and then fully stocked the truck with hand tools, wrenches & sockets. Replaced an old, rusty tanker truck with a newer, rust-resistant model used to haul water for the Countys road projects and back-up to the local rural fire department.

18 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Jonah Special Utility District 1995 Ford F-series tank truck Received in March 2010 Before After In Process

19 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Jonah Special Utility District 1995 Chevy Van Received in August 2011 BeforeAfterIn Process

20 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated City of Clarendon Fire Department 1984 AM General M ton diesel cargo truck

21 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Reagan Wells Volunteer Fire Department, Uvalde County 1982 Tanker Truck Received in April 2011 from the USDA. Provides water to brush trucks when fighting fires Used to transport water to residents during a drought FSP has assisted fire departments and emergency personnel by providing equipment needed to fight the recent wildfires in Texas BeforeAfter

22 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated City of Taylor Playground equipment donated through FSP in December 2010 Direct pick-up -> donee paid <2% of the original cost

23 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated City of Chireno Septic truck received in March 2011 BeforeAfter

24 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Central Austin Youth League, Austin, TX Converted a military shelter to use as a concessions stand & storage facility Allows the league to provide concessions to parents & fans while also raising money to support the league operations.

25 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX Piper Aztec 250 Airplane The aircraft has an integral role and position in the education of future technicians in the aviation program. The Texas Federal Surplus Property Program is one of the best instruments for educational institutions to reclaim equipment and proved an outlet to reclaim taxpayer dollars. -Joseph Dudek, Aviation Maintenance Program Coordinator for Del Mar College

26 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Community Food Bank, Fort Worth, TX Non-profit food bank reopened on May 18, 2010 after an arson fire in All of our equipment was burned and damaged; it was like starting all over...Our budget was low but the staff at the Federal Surplus Office worked with us on a weekly basis to get the necessary items we needed. The staff was most friendly and always followed up with our demands. Today we have two trucks, various tables, and all the necessary items needed to start up a food bank. When I say that we partner with the Federal Surplus, I mean they were the driving force in helping a nonprofit get back on its feet. - Regina Taylor, Executive Director, Community Food Bank, May 2011

27 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum of Texas, Huntsville, TX Received various military equipment from Dept. of Defense to use for outdoor museum displays including: Cargo Truck Gamma Goat off-road vehicle Huey Helicopter Cobra Gun Ship Helicopter

28 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated The National Vietnam War Museum, Mineral Wells, TX Opened a new Visitor Center in May 2011 using a double-wide mobile home obtained through FSP Previously used at President George W. Bushs ranch in Crawford, TX to house the White House staff. It had been outfitted with numerous electrical outlets, and bedrooms had been converted to communications room. Even after the permanent Visitor Center is built and the building finds another use, the museum plans on keeping it as a historic artifact Im sure you can appreciate what this facility means to our project. Since we do not have funding to build our main museum building, this space allows us to display exhibits just as we would in the main building only on a smaller scale. I hope this (letter) demonstrates how much we need and appreciate your program. – Jim Messinger, Treasurer of the National Vietnam War Museum

29 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated The National Vietnam War Museum, Mineral Wells, TX Summer 2010 – Museum staff used a forklift, maintenance truck, and 5-ton tractor obtained through FSP to help the community of Mineral Wells to repair the arch at the entrance of Fort Wolters.

30 Success Stories: Examples of Property Donated Texas Air & Space Museum, Amarillo, TX NASA space shuttle training aircraft Once flown by Amarillo native Rick Husband who was one of the seven astronauts that died February 1, 2003 in the Space Shuttle Columbia "To have a part of that program, not just a part of that program but part of the NASA program but to have a part of the program that's tied to Rick Husband. It's, to us, it's somewhat undescribable. It's a really, really big thing for us. - President of the Texas Air and Space Museum, Ron Fernuik.

31 Who is receiving the property? Donee Type Original Govt Acquisition Cost of Property Education $26,538, Cities, Counties & State Agencies $11,593, Volunteer Fire Departments & Emergency Services $5,268, SBA 8(a) Companies $2,243, Conservation $1,125, Providers of Assistance to Homeless $656, Service Educational Activities $615, Public Health $489, Parks & Recreation $176, Providers of Assistance to Impoverished Persons & Families $136, Public Safety $102, Economic Development $3, TOTAL $48,950,893.70

32 Who is receiving the property? Property Donated in 2011 by Donee Type

33 Search for Available Property Search our inventory online. All available property is listed on our website (with pictures!!)

34 Warehouse Locations Unable to find what you are looking for? Donee requests are encouraged! Contact the Warehouse closest to you: Fort Worth Austin San Antonio The Texas Facilities Commission is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADA). If you need a reasonable accommodation while visiting our warehouses, please contact FSP.

35 Warehouse Locations Ft. Worth 2826 N. Beach Street, Fort Worth, Texas, Open Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00 PM Manager: Toby Marks, (817) San Antonio 2103 Ackerman Road, San Antonio, TX, Open Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00 PM Manager: Jon Smart, (210) Austin 6506 Bolm Road, Austin, Texas Open Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 4:30 PM Kristy Fierro, (512)

36 Warehouse Locations Ft. Worth Warehouse 2826 N. Beach Street Fort Worth, Texas, Open Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00 PM Manager: Toby Marks, (817)

37 Warehouse Locations San Antonio Warehouse 2103 Ackerman Road San Antonio, TX, Open Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00 PM Manager: Jon Smart, (210)

38 Warehouse Locations Austin Warehouse 6506 Bolm Road Austin, Texas Open Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 4:30 PM Manager: Kristy Fierro, (512)

39 Tips for Federal Program Donees Keep your contact information up-to-date (especially addresses!) Spread the word within your organization Look for creative, non-traditional uses for property Check the TFC website regularly for new property. Keep in touch with the Warehouse Manager Submit requests to the warehouse closest to you

40 Contact Information State Surplus Property Program Marios Parpounas, Director / Judy Beers, Program Specialist / Federal Surplus Property Program Kristy Fierro, Assistant Director / Jim Virdell, Compliance Specialist / Megan Sorley, Marketing & Eligibility Specialist /

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