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Using QR Codes For Education By: Michael Rinchiuso.

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1 Using QR Codes For Education By: Michael Rinchiuso

2 What Are QR Codes? QR stands for Quick Response Used to receive addition information about something, through scanning an label. Most commonly used with smartphones.

3 Where are QR Codes used? - Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain with QR code sign - Shopping made easy with QR label - Real Estate sign

4 How do I Scan QR Codes? App store (QR Pal or Scanlife app)

5 I Dont Have a Smartphone! Email picture of QR codes to

6 How to make QR Codes Create your own QR code at

7 Why use QR Codes in Eduction? Immediate student engagement. A sense of comfort and familiarity. Same technologies students use outside of the classroom.

8 Using QR Codes in Education Make QR codes in you class room. Biography of Picassos life Videos covering Picasso Information on Cubism Images of other art work

9 Using QR Codes in Education Include QR Codes in class notes Scan for addition information on a subject. Teacher created content.

10 Negatives of QR Codes Not everyone has access to technology Technology can not always be reliable. Over usage of technology in class?

11 Conclusion QR codes are an exiting new technology. Many possibilities Can enhance Classroom learning Should be a considered tool in the classroom.

12 Questions Do you think positively about the use of QR codes in the classroom? Why?

13 Questions Are there any ways you would use QR codes in the classroom, that were not presented in the Powerpoint?

14 Questions Would the fact that some students do not have access to this technology cause you to not use QR codes at all, or sparingly?

15 References xt&list=HL1316057317&lf=mh_lolz qr-codes-in-your-classroom/ classroom.aspx classroom.aspx qr-codes-in-your-classroom/ classroom.aspx classroom.aspx

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