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2 WHAT IS QE ? QE is a brain-based total approach to super-speed acquisition of English literacy. QE is based on scientific studies in early childhood and beginners learning of English as a second language by reputed educationists, linguistic and neuro- linguistic specialists such as:

3 PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE QE enables early childhood learners and beginners to acquire sound and proficient English literacy in the most effective way and in the shortest time possible through a strong, solid foundation of the English language.

4 RESEARCH STUDIES BY : Jean Piaget Maria Montessori Lev Vygotsky Glenn Doman Colin Rose Naom Chomsky

5 PROGRAMME OUTCOME (PRE-SCHOOL,K1&K2) Distinct results observable within 6-12 months for pre-schoolers depending on age, home and environmental support. Before end of Pre-school (K2), learners will be able to speak simple everyday English clearly with a vocabulary of words.

6 AMAZING OUTCOME Period from pre-school (3-4 years old) to end of Primary or Elementary school covers a period of 8-9 years. Through QE – from our Toddler programme (for 3-year old kids) followed by K1-K2 and E1-E3 (for primary pupils) covering only 5-6 years- your child should be able to achieve English proficiency at Year 6 level (Elementary School) in 5-6 years instead of the normal 8-9 years.

7 SUPERSPEED IS POSSIBLE QE lays the solid foundation and equips learners with the complete building blocks of the English language. The key building blocks at pre-school level include. Mastering the sounds of the Alphabet Word Recognition Phonics

8 KEY COMPONENTS (contd) Pronunciation (Articulation & Intonation) Reading through Phonics Writing Skills Spelling Skills (through Graphemes) Vocabulary Building Basic Grammar Basic Comprehension Basic Composition

9 LEARNING MATERIALS Super-speed is achievable through: Specially-designed learning materials that are structurally graded, activity- based, fun to learn, appeal to the senses (multi-sensorial) and promote learning success. Learning approach in tune with childrens learning motivation, sensitive periods and learning style. Environment conducive to learning.

10 TESTED/PROVEN MATERIALS Also, the materials had been field tested or proven to work e.g. Starter Readers developed and tested in the US by language specialists for over a decade and nationally used in the US. Phonics 44 is used widely in all full-fledged Montessori pre- schools.

11 MODES OF DELIVERY QE is offered as a dedicated enrichment programme in a tutorial centre (or home-based ): Or, as a supplementary programme/subject in a pre- school or kindergarten; Or, as an integral part of the pre- school/kindergarten curriculum.

12 WEEKLY DURATION & FEES As a dedicated or supplementary programme, QE can be offered twice a week - each session spanning one hr. An educational break can be included as an option. Suggested monthly fee (e.g.Malaysia): RM 80 for Toddlers, RM 100 for Stage K1 and RM 120 for K2.


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