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Pendulum Lab – Model Data Tables:

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1 Pendulum Lab – Model Data Tables:

2 Pendulum Lab – Model Data Tables:

3 Pendulum Lab – Model Data Tables:
Copy/Paste these formulas in all cells to calculate the average period for each trial.

4 Pendulum Lab – Sorted and Average Data Tables:
Sort the data by Amplitude as shown here. In other words, group all of the data taken at 5 degrees together, group all taken at 10 degrees, etc.

5 Pendulum Lab – Sorted and Average Data Tables:
Average the two trials at each amplitude and consolidate the data…do this for both Procedure 1 and Procedure 2.

6 Pendulum Lab – Sorted and Average Data Tables:
Convert the Procedure 1 data (after it has been averaged) into a chart like the one shown below.

7 Pendulum Lab – Sorted and Average Data Tables:
FileName: EngPrac_Period_LastNames.xlsx Example: “EngPract_7_Scott.xlsx”

8 Pendulum Lab – Sorted and Average Data Tables:
We set out to prove that the period, T, of a pendulum was given by the equation: and that mass and amplitude have no effect on T. In addition, we also want to determine the constant, C. With the data we took last week, we have the information we need to do this!

9 Pendulum Lab – Sorted and Average Data Tables:
This equation, is the same thing as saying that, If that’s true, then… If we plot Log T vs Log l, then the slope of the line should be the exponent, a. What do we expect that to be?

10 Pendulum Lab – Sorted and Average Data Tables:
Log Rules: 1) 2) log(mn) = log(m) + log(n) 3) log(m/n) = log(m) – log(n) 4) log(mn) = n · log(m)

11 Pendulum Laboratory Report
Grading Rubric: Format: % Descriptions and lab summaries: 20% Analysis of results: % Error analysis: % Questions answered 20% Sample Lab Report: (Only difference is that you need to include data plots in the body of your report, not just as an appendix.)

12 Pendulum Laboratory Report
Data Tables included at end of report as an appendix: Procedure 1 raw, average data Procedure 2 raw, averaged data Procedure 2 sorted data

13 Pendulum Laboratory Report
Data Plots included in body of report scatter-plot of T vs. L for all amplitudes – 4 plots on one graph using four series (a=5, 10, 15, 20 degrees) scatter-plot of Log T vs. Log L for the “best” data plot in #1 above T vs. L points for m = 1, 2, 3, or another appropriate plot

14 Pendulum Laboratory Report
Write-up Typed, 12 pt font, 1.5 spacing 3-5 pages long, not including appendix of data tables Separate report into sections Answer #1-5, making sure to cite all sources used Describe the purpose of experiment Describe the experiment and method Describe the results Include data plots and a description of what they tell you – based off objectives Describe possible errors that led your results to be different from the theoretical values

15 Pendulum Laboratory Report
3. Write-up (continued) How do your graphs and results support or refute the theory of a simple pendulum?  Your purpose here is to discuss, in writing, what evidence there is that indicates (or does not indicate) that the theory is correct.  Do not do any calculations for this question.  Instead, refer to the shapes, features, and types of relations and equations shown on the graph(s).  Be sure to discuss each part of the lab. 

16 Pendulum Laboratory Report
Due Dates: Wednesday 10/6 – Intro/Procedure Thursday 10/7 – Results Monday 10/11 – Discussion/Conclusion Monday 10/18 – Final Lab Report Tuesday and Wednesday 10/19,20 UNIT 1 TEST

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