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Ergonomics: What, Why, and How CPE LLC.

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1 Ergonomics: What, Why, and How CPE LLC

2 Fitting the task to the person an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely called also biotechnology, human engineering, human factors (Merriam- Websters) Controlling fatigue

3 Force Posture Repetition Secondary Cold Vibration Static positions Impact/contact stress F R P Overall Ergo Risk R P

4 Wind screen Throttle Rocker Low seat pan Floor boards Highway bars Heel and toe shifters Back rest


6 New work processes, tools and equipment have ergonomics designed into them from the start Ergo issues are found before they cause harm All employees report discomfort Ergo issues are resolved quickly and at the lowest possible organizational level All employees use good work methods, use provided ergo tools, and follow written SOP or JHA

7 Work in groups at your table Review set of tools Pick speaker to report findings Most ergonomic tool Least ergonomic tool

8 / omapps / ContentServer?c=cms_docu / cms_document / ShowDoc&cid=1138365240689

9 Increasing age Previous injury Tobacco use Arthritis Diabetes 1/workplaces-feel-the-impact-of-obesity M. Hagberg, B.A. Silverstein, R.P. Wells, R. Smith, P. Carayon, H. Hendrick, M. Pe´russe, I. Kuorinka, L. Forcier (Eds.), Workrelated musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD): A handbook for prevention, Taylor and Francis, London, UK, 1995.

10 Plan DoCheck Act Screen w/comfort survey first. Detailed assessments: NIOSH Lifting index; Job Strain Index etc. Brainstorm solutions Check design guidelines Build/buy prototype Ask for feedback Repeat comfort survey Repeat detailed assessment Finalize new design Document in SOP and/or JHA Correct similar cases

11 DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 97-117 7-117/pdfs/97-117.pdf

12 1. NIOSH Lifting Equation 2. Snook Tables 3. RULA 4. REBA 5. Job Strain Index 6. Washington State checklist onomics_assessment_tools_1215/

13 DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 94-110 Read pages 1 - 35

14 lift-calcu l ator/id447112695?mt=8 EMC Insurance Companies omicsNIOSH.aspx Dr. Bernard, USF

15 In Series In-100 $115 described as good to weigh Muskie, Sturgeon, Coyote, Fox (1 lb markings 2 to 100 lbs) Chatillon DFXII; listed at $582.55; 200 lb capacity; accuracy +/- 0.3%

16 Liberty Mutual Also called Push/Pull tables or Liberty Mutual tables Need force gauge Need set acceptable criteria OK for 95% of all females 90% of all females 75% of all females (same as NIOSH Green Lifting Index)

17 Page 125 DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 97-117 7-117/pdfs/97-117.pdf

18 How to make it work for you http://www.oros /1863.pdf

19 Back supported Feet supported Hands on task Eyes on task http://www.oros /1863.pdf

20 http://www.oros /1863.pdf Select 10 to 20 questions From pages 38 to 43

21 NIOSH Cornell Washington State OSHA National MSD Prevention Toolbox Oregon OSHA Oregon Office ergo guide AIHA ergo tool kit pdf

22 HFES members enjoy the following benefits: 1. Free annual subscriptions to: Human FactorsHuman Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Choose either the print or the online version. View the journal FAQ for details.FAQ Ergonomics in DesignErgonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications. Choose either the print or the online version. JCEDMJCEDM: Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making. Members have access to the online version or may purchase the print version for $30. ReviewsReviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics: Members have access to the online version and may also purchase printed volumes. HFES Annual Meeting Proceedings: Members have access to the online version and may also purchase the CD-ROM version.Proceedings HFES Bulletin: A monthly e-newsletter bringing members news about important activities related to the field, Society news, a calendar of meetings and other events, and news from related fields.Bulletin HFES Directory and Yearbook: Includes descriptions of activities within HFES committees, chapters, and technical groups; alphabetical member listings; a geographical index of members, as well as historical information about the Society and the field. 2. Special member prices on all other HFES PublicationsHFES Publications 3. Opportunity to participate in the HFES Annual Meeting and other HFES meetings: Reduced registration fees, Discounts on workshops, On-Site Career CenterHFES Annual Meeting Paper presentations, panel sessions, and posters 4. Subscription to the HFES Members-only Career Center, including Confidential résumé posting, Job search, Résumé search for employersCareer Center 5. Members-only access to the Online Member Directory 6. Members-only access to placing listings in the Online Consultants Directory (requires full membership)Online Consultants Directory 7. Access to Membership in 23 Technical Groups, including, Newsletters, Technical program tracks, Listservs, NetworkingTechnical Groups 8. Members-only participation in WebinarsWebinars: Monthly webinars with access to previous recordings and handouts. LinkedinLinkedin group: For HFES, with sub-groups for Technical Groups and chapters. 9. Local and Student ChaptersChapters 10. Discounts from other publishers/providers: 20% off software, workload assessment tools, data analysis tools, and other products from the Human Systems Information Analysis Center (formerly CSERIAC)Human Systems Information Analysis Center 15% off Taylor & Francis books and subscriptions to ErgonomicsTaylor & Francis 15% off selected book from Academic PressAcademic Press 11. Discounts on car rentals from HertzHertz


24 Ergonomics: What, Why, and How CPE LLC

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