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EFIS (ECO Frequency Information System) Presentation to ITU-R Working Party 1B – 4-11 June 2013.

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1 EFIS (ECO Frequency Information System) Presentation to ITU-R Working Party 1B – 4-11 June 2013

2 General info EFIS is the information tool to fulfill the ECC Decision ECC/DEC/(01)03 and the EC Decision 2007/344/EC on the harmonised availability of information regarding spectrum use in Europe 42 CEPT countries (incl. all EU member states) are represented in EFIS; also, there is an ITU allocation table (Region 1) and the ECA (European Common Allocations) table The ECA is fully integrated in EFIS and all data in ECA are searchable (and comparable) as is the case with national accounts data In 2012, another mandate to CEPT was issued to further develop EFIS in relation to the RSPP (Radio Spectrum Policy Programme of the European Parliament and the Council as set out in 243/2012/EU). This mandate recognised the existing role of the ECO Frequency Information System (EFIS) and the potential to develop it in a way which would enable it to serve as a primary input to the spectrum inventory. See CEPT Reports 46 and 47. The following Commission Implementing Decision 2013/195/EU defines the practical arrangements, uniform formats and a methodology in relation to the spectrum inventory, in particular, that data should be made available by Member States through EFIS.

3 ERC Report 25 (the ECA Table) is now generated from EFIS. The ECA Table contains all CEPT ECC harmonisation measures (ECC Decisions and Recommendations identifying spectrum) and the related ETSI harmonised European standards for radio services and applications. EFIS contains the following data types (regulatory information): –Allocations –Applications (agreed application terminology as in ECC Decision (01)03 Annex 2) –Radio interfaces –Documents –Right of use info

4 Recent EFIS development Spectrum management information has featured much more prominently in EFIS since early 2012, with the introduction of a non- regulatory section A wide range of information is now available, mostly in the form of documents linked to the European Table of Frequency Allocations and Applications (the ECA table or simply ECA); among these CEPT questionnaire summaries for dedicated spectrum inventory purposes, ECC Reports (e.g. compatibility studies) and other useful information about the actual present and future planned spectrum usage Enhancements and improvements: a considerable number of software enhancements were made during 2012. Many of these were additional features for and improvement of administrations interface with EFIS. The issue of user-friendliness and efficiency in EFIS, also for national administrations, is always a matter of high priority in the development of the tool. In addition the following was implemented: the visibility of information and clarity of display were improved via an increased use of icons/thumbnails, for example for notes/comments fields, to avoid displays getting too big and to make the appearance tidier. Cross-referencing of information was also introduced (for example display of ECA allocations and applications via thumbnails). Users can now also get auto-translated search results within EFIS.

5 R&TTE Directive related information Information pages in EFIS

6 Information available in Documents section (1) EFIS contains a wealth of information both in national tables and ECA in the form of documents (actual documents or links, e.g. to national websites) There are two documents categories, regulatory and non-regulatory, also called spectrum inventory

7 Information available in Documents section (2) Regulatory type documents: –EC Decisions: relevant Decisions of the European Commission –ECC Decs/Recs: ECC Deliverables, i.e. Decisions, Recommendations and Reports –Harmonised standards: European Harmonised Standards –RIS Models: Radio Interface Specifications Models These documents are all linked to the ECA table in EFIS and uploaded by ECO –Licensing info: linked to national tables and uploaded by national administrations –NTFA: National Tables of Frequency Allocations –Other: Documents containing other relevant information –R&TTE subclass: Class 1 and Class 2 information (with EC having access to update info) Spectrum inventory type documents –ECC-ECO: relevant information about current usage of one or several frequency bands, or expected future usage. –ETSI Srdoc: (System Reference Documents): may include information about the market such as existing spectrum usage, current regulations, forecasted spectrum usage and a proposal for the future spectrum usage as well as regulation. These documents are already published by ETSI and sent to the CEPT. –Draft ETSI SRdoc: this type includes ETSI SRdocs which are not published yet, but exist as adopted ETSI ERM Work Items or draft SRdocs. –EU: relevant information/reports from European Commission –National: when national administrations have additional information of a non-regulatory nature on the possible evolution of spectrum use under study in their country they may upload documents under this type. –Third Parties: documents with relevant information from ECC MoU/LoU partners. These partners propose such documents to be uploaded into EFIS to the ECO. When agreed, ECO uploads the information. –

8 How to search for information Basic principles for using the EFIS tool/database: –All data types are searchable by national table (or ECA, ITU) –A search (or comparison between different countries) may be narrowed down by specifying a frequency range and/or an allocation/application Documents are searchable by frequency range and/or applications, i.e. a search may be narrowed down by specifying specific parameters Search results are csv-exportable Display of search results: in the Status column are clickable icons showing: validity date for document European Common frequency allocations And, for deliverables: Implementation status

9 ECC Deliverables in EFIS Status column: click on icons will display validity date for document European Common frequency allocations Implementation status for specific deliverable Search for ECC Decisions and Recommendations: narrowed down by indicating specific search parameters: frequency range and application

10 Implementation status for ECC deliverables Click on icon provides graphic display of implementation status for the specific Decision

11 European Harmonised Standards in EFIS Regulatory document type Harmonised standards is selected This type automatically links to ECA table Search is narrowed down by indicating a specific frequency range Status column: click on icons will display validity date for document European Common frequency allocations

12 Sources of EFIS information/relevant documents and EFIS websitewww.efis.dkEFIS website ECC/DEC/(01)03 on EFIS and Commission Decision 2007/344/EC (16 May 2007) on harmonised availability of information regarding spectrum use within the Community Mandates to CEPT on EFIS (2005 and 2012) including recent CEPT Reports 46 and 47 ECO! Thomas Weber Spectrum Management Tel: +45 33 89 63 12 Pia Hammer Bloch EFIS Project Manager Tel: +45 33 89 63 10 ECO Nansensgade 19-3, 1366 Copenhagen, Denmark Tel: +45 33 89 63 00 Fax: +45 33 89 63 30

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