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Using Tables F & G.

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1 Using Tables F & G

2 Table F problems Solubility guidelines for ionic substances in water
solubility ranges from very low solubility (basically insoluble) to very soluble Use table F guidelines to predict if a given compound is soluble or insoluble

3 To use Table F Separate the ionic compound into the positive ion and the negative ion Scan for both in Table F Left side of Table F shows soluble compounds with exceptions Right side of Table F shows insoluble compounds with exceptions

4 Predict solubility of LiCl NH4F Ca(HCO3)2 BaSO4 K2CO3 CaCO3 Mg3(PO4)2
Ca(OH)2 Soluble – cmpd with a Group 1 ion Soluble – cmpd with NH4+ Soluble – cmpd with HCO3- Insoluble – sulfates with Ba+ Soluble – cmpd with a Group 1 ion Insoluble - most carbonates Insoluble – most phosphates Soluble – hydroxide with Ca+2

5 Why do we need to predict solubility?
To determine the precipitate in a double replacement reaction

6 Predicting Products AgNO3(aq) + KCl(aq)  ? AgCl(s) + KNO3(aq)

7 Table G problems Shows amount of solute or solvent required for a given amount of the other Involves setting up a proportion Precipitation problems

8 Problem: How much KCl will dissolve in 300 grams of water at 50C?
Use the graph to set up a proportion 42 g KCl = 100 g H2O X g KCl 300 g H2O Problem:

9 Finding amount Solute 42 g KCl X g KCl = 100 g H2O 300 g H2O

10 How much H2O is required to just dissolve 200 g NaNO3 at 20C?
88 g NaNO3 = 100 g H2O 200 g NaNO3 X g of H2O

11 Finding amount H2O 88 g NaNO3 = 200 g NaNO3 100 g H2O X g H2O

12 Precipitation problems
A saturated solution of KNO3 is prepared in 100 g of water at 50C and then cooled down to 10C. How much KNO3 will precipitate?

13 88 g KNO3 in 100 g H2O at 50C. 20 g KNO3 in 100 g H2O at 10C. 88 g – 20 g = 68 g KNO3 precipitates.

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