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Data Collection and Processing

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1 Data Collection and Processing
A Guide to Tables in IB Labs

2 The Purpose of Tables Tables should be organized so that others can clearly understand the data and realize relationships within the data. The data must be clearly labeled, ordered, and presented a simply as possible using as few tables as possible. Raw Data – should be presented with few processed data Processed Data – pooled/summary data from Raw Data table(s)

3 Table Labels Heading Table number - for reference in the body of the report. Description briefly identify what the data is constants used for all trials can be included here brief notes and explanations may also be included Table 1. Raw data of the time intervals for the PAScart to travel various distances down an inclined track. The slope of the incline was 14.6° from the horizontal for all trials.

4 Column Labels All columns should be clearly and concisely labeled
Variable Name, symbol / unit and uncertainty mass, m / ± 0.5 g time, t / ± 0.02 s When there are several trials of the same variable, extend the label over all the columns

5 Ordo ab chao: sorting tables
Tables should be put in logical order according to the independent variable If there is no order for the independent variable, then sort the data by the results (dependent variable) Order may be ascending (small large) or descending be consistent with order for all tables in your report Independent variable should appear in the first column

6 Table 2. Height and width of left hands for randomly
Table 2. Height and width of left hands for randomly selected males and females in the Science 10i class Females Males height, hf ±0.05 m hand width, wf ±0.5 cm height, hm hand width, wm

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