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CMEF Requirements for the Monitoring tables as part of the Annual Report RD committee 24/10/2007.

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1 CMEF Requirements for the Monitoring tables as part of the Annual Report RD committee 24/10/2007

2 Monitoring tables - Transmission Possible data transmission: Online forms Web Forms (WF): MS users manually fill in online web forms and submit the indicators tables in a defined format. Web Services (WS): automatic submission in the required format when MS collect automatically the indicators data from their existing systems. Offline forms Excel Forms (EF): MS users fill in offline Excel forms and submit them.

3 Monitoring tables - Submission SFC2007 : the submission interface Whatever the format that will be used, the submission of the monitoring tables will be made through SFC2007. The SFC2007 is a front office interfacing four DG's with Member States in all matters related to the fund management in the period 2007-2013 (common for DG EMPL, DG REGIO, DG AGRI and DG FISH).

4 Monitoring tables – Formats timetable Timetable: Web Forms (WF) and Web Services (WS) DG AGRI and SFC2007 are putting all the effort to put WF in place by the second trimester of 2008. WS will follow with a delay of a couple of months. Excel Forms (EF) Given the uncertainty for the first reporting year, in case of major delays, MS will be able to use at least EF for the Annual Report 2007 (to be sent by June 2008). By June 2009 both WF/WS will be available. According to our planning, the EF will be only used for the first reporting year.

5 Monitoring tables – Web Forms formats The main advantages of Web Forms are: The data can be directly filled in SFC2007. The modification of the data – if necessary- will be made directly in the SFC2007 web forms without any re- submission of all the tables. It is not possible to modify in any way the structure of the forms/monitoring tables, which might be possible for the others formats: this will reduce the number of re-submission requests in case a wrong Excel file has been submitted by mistake.

6 Monitoring tables - Excel formats Excel format The EF will be locked for editing, which means that it will only be possible to fill-in the required fields, thus also preventing any change to the file structure. In addition, for certain fields it will not be possible to input a free text but it will only be allowed to chose from a list of pre-defined values (i.e. the CCI number of the programme...).

7 Monitoring tables – State of play State of play of templates: the monitoring tables and the Guidelines We have modified some points in the Guidelines to give more precise information on the indicators to be collected. The revisions were mostly due to specific comments received from the MS. According these comments, we have also slightly modified the tables to facilitate the collection of the data. The most important modification is that, at least for the first 2007 tables, the cells for expenditure realised will NOT be pre-filled by DG AGRI. This possibility has been raised in the past and was stated in the guidelines put in CIRCA.

8 Monitoring tables – State of play The last version of the Guidelines for the Monitoring Tables (in EN) is available in CIRCA. The MS may still send us their final comments concerning these Guidelines by 8 th November. After this deadline the Guidelines will be translated and the final language version will then be put on Circa. The last version of the templates for the monitoring tables (in EN) is also available in CIRCA, as a reference. However, the final language version of the tables should be used. The respective excel files will be provided in all languages. The tables will be also locked for editing by respective safeguard options

9 Monitoring tables Thank you for your attention F3 contact:

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