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REDCap Treatment Randomization Module

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1 REDCap Treatment Randomization Module
By J Kevan Essmyer Acknowledgements: Paul Harris (Vanderbilt CTSA) Jack Baty (WUSM REDCap Admin)

2 Overview What is it… Where is it… What are the costs…
REDCap Features (A brief tour of the system)… Getting Started (Creating a REDCap project)… Demonstration…

3 Need for Data Capture Software
Convenient uniform data entry method Stateless web-based Secure WUSM HIPAA compliant centralized data store. Easy to use multi-purpose clinical database Not Excel, Not Access, Not 3-4 composition notebooks somewhere on the top shelf Reduce data “cleaning” effort during analysis.

4 REDCap System (What is it?)
Easy to use, web based Research data capture system Metadata (Form) driven data store development Generic clinical data system with adaptable features covering Surveys, Cross-sectional, and longitudinal study models Provides data validation at time of entry, and user based data access restrictions. Provides easy mechanism to view and export data in a variety of formats for common analysis tools. Designed to be a self service tool

5 Biostatistics Secure Domain
Public HTTPS Survey Access Biostatistics Secure Domain WEB Server File Server REDCap Survey Uploaded Files MySQL Server Authenticated Access Data WEB Server Sync WU Campus Data Entry /Admin MySQL Slave Server Data Entry /Admin Sidedoor Server Installation Files Host Server

6 WUSM REDCap Servers (
Development “Trying it Out” HIPAA Secure server REDCap User Request form (Fax or ) Sponsoring PI Username /password Open access to the Development server Off-campus Access Sidedoor security certificate Access from any “capable” Internet connection (world wide) Production “Data Collection” REDCap Project Request form (Fax or ) Sponsoring PI IRB Approval or Waiver Only PI or Project Admin can create projects Production “Status” Data Dictionary Changes saved Review of submitted changes to avoid unintended data corruption Delete all records function disallowed

7 Move to Production Status
“Production Status” on the Production Server Data dictionary changes are stored by the system Global deletion of data from system prohibited “High Risk” changes to forms must be approved by Administrators before they are committed to the project. Changes to the Forms/ Event Grid Events may be added but not removed

8 Current Usage Costs Offered as an Investigator Resource for Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences(ICTS) and Siteman Cancer Center (SCC) members. No charge for data or file storage. File size currently limited to 32MB per file No limit on the number of projects per study. Basic technical support and usage guidance provided by REDCap adminstators.

9 Treatment Randomization Module
Stratified Randomization Use up to 14 project fields Multiple Choice fields Group Stratifications Data Access groups Designated Multiple Choice Grouping Field Randomization Template Generated based on selected criteria Development and Production Tables Once in Production status treatment Allocation tables are locked

10 Enable Randomization Feature in Project Settings

11 Set up Randomization on Project Setup Screen

12 Randomization User Rights
Randomization Rights Setup up allocation tables Create and load Trt allocation tables View current randomization Status Check progress of randomization Randomize Participant

13 Treatment Randomization Module

14 Select and Save Criteria

15 Download Allocation Table Template
Example allocations !! You will need to assign your treatment allocations based on your project’s statistical analysis plan

16 Upload Allocation Tables
Duplicate allocations !! You may not use the exact same allocation table for Production status that you used in Development status

17 Randomize Participant

18 Randomization Dashboard

19 Getting Started Enable Randomization Select Fields
Select Data Entry Forms project Set “User Rights” for users who will administer and setup the randomizations Select Fields Up to 14 strata fields Set grouping if applicable Set Treatment Field Allocation Templates Save randomization model Download Allocation templates and replace content according to study protocol Upload Development/Production allocation tables Tables become locked once project is put into Production Status Randomization fields clear Monitor Randomization Dashboard

20 “?!!?” Branching Logic Data Validation User Rights API Data Dictionary
Scheduling Data Dictionary

21 REDCap Lifelines Built-in tutorial videos
Built-in Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) guide Demonstration Databases (Some Online, more to come) WUSM Biostat REDCap Help Queue Monitored by 4 to 5 Administrators

22 REDCap Support

23 REDCap Goals Questions? Easy to use Metadata Driven Adaptable Features
Data entry validation Self service tool Questions?

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