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Review of ISO’s New ILF Tables

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1 Review of ISO’s New ILF Tables
June 16, 2000 beyond The Box Thinking Jerome A. Degerness Seminar on Reinsurance Casualty Actuaries in Reinsurance Committee on Reinsurance Research

2 ISO’s New ILF Tables Overview of the Session Recent ISO ILF Changes
Reinsurance Company Perspective Intermediary Perspective

3 ISO’s New ILF Tables Intermediary Considerations
Underlying Coverage & Reinsurance Terms Limits Deductibles Attachment Points Treatment of ALAE Transition Rules Do limits affect severity? Is ALAE Independent of Policy Limit?

4 ISO’s New ILF Tables Buyer’s Experience - Possible Scenarios
Writes high limits and has a high incidence of large losses. Writes high limits, but has a low incidence of large losses. Plans to write higher limits, has no large loss experience.

5 ISO’s New ILF Tables Experience and Exposure Analysis - Information
Loss and ALAE Limits Subject Premium, lines, etc. Reinsurance Options to be Considered Does the company write Excess/Umbrella over its own or other carriers policies?

6 ISO’s New ILF Tables Risk Load Buyer’s perspective
Reinsurance Company perspective

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