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From 5 Continents in 7 Languages Modern Languages & Literatures says WELCOME.

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2 From 5 Continents in 7 Languages Modern Languages & Literatures says WELCOME

3 Devoted Teachers Active Scholars Public Intellectuals Citizens of the World Our Language Faculty

4 Your Choices: Arabic Chinese French German Spanish Italian Irish 101-104 – Fulfill your language requirement Minor and Major in French, German, Spanish Minor in Italian Studies Learn to speak Irish (1 course only)

5 Learn Modern Standard Arabic Certificate in Islamic and World Studies Minor in Islamic and World Studies

6 Learn Mandarin Chinese Interdisciplinary Minor with a Focus in Asian Studies

7 Learn French Minor in French Major in French Double Major in French & Politics, History, Business, etc.

8 Learn German Minor in German Major in German Double Major in German & Politics, History, Business, etc.

9 Learn Irish Learn the language of your ancestors – 37 million US residents have Irish ancestry!

10 Learn Italian Minor in Italian Studies

11 Learn Spanish Minor in Spanish Major in Spanish Literature Major in Spanish for International Service Certificate in Spanish for Health Care Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies

12 Our Students Abroad:

13 BOOST YOUR LANGUAGE IQ 3 strategies to enhance your learning

14 #1: Take advantage of every opportunity to use the language Mentally rehearse answers in class even if you are not called on Watch movies Listen to music

15 More opportunities: Speak out! Speak to yourself Read the textbook outloud Speak to classmates and others in town Go to your instructors office hours.

16 #2: Be a Language Detective Know why you are learning what you are learning Look for patterns and exceptions to the patterns Look for similarities and differences from languages you know Pay attention to details

17 #3: Use your study time wisely Do something everyday Divide study into 15-20 minutes chunks Be active – write, read outloud, DO exercises Form study groups

18 Tips from successful language learners: Alejandro Martinez-Spanish Kathleen Harrington-Chinese Dylan Himmerich-French Whitney Nelson-Arabic Dr. Kenise Lyons-Italian Professor

19 Why Languages? If you talk to man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. But if you speak to a man in his own language, that goes to his heart. (Nelson Mandela)

20 6909 different languages are spoken in the world 38% of the population of Great Britain speak a foreign language 58% of all Europeans speak at least 1 foreign language We live in a global & multi-lingual world.

21 6909 different languages are spoken in the world 38% of the population of Great Britain speak a foreign language 58% of all Europeans speak at least 1 foreign language We live in a global & multi-lingual world. BUT ONLY 18% of AMERICANS SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE

22 Why YOU should learn a language … or…even better: learn two or three! To prosper economically and to improve relations with other countries, Americans need to read, speak and understand other languages. (Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, in 2010) Source: Forbes 8/27/2012

23 We need diplomats, intelligence and foreign policy experts, politicians, military leaders, business leaders, scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs, managers, technicians, historians, artists, and writers who are proficient in languages other than English. Source: Forbes 8/27/2012

24 For … leaders in global organizations, one single characteristic sensitivity to culture (so-called cultural empathy) ranks at the very top of the requirement list. … Cultural empathy means that you have to not just see through the eyes of someone who is different, but you have to think through that person's brain. … It also springs from deep exposure to more than one language. And this is where American executives fall short. August 23, 2012 Washington Post, August 28, 2012

25 The New York Times, January 23, 2012

26 Why learn another language? Companies want globally competent employees, including multilanguage competency. Learning another language nurtures cognitive skills that are critical for students academic success. Maybe you don't need to be 'fluent' in multiple languages, but life might be more interesting if you were proficient in more than one. Knowing two or more languages is an advantage, not a burden. It helps to learn how to hear around accents, word choices and grammatical patterns.

27 New York Times, March 17, 2012 People who speak two languages are 'better at multi-tasking and less likely to develop Alzheimer's' Bilinguals switch tasks faster than monolinguals, NIH funded study shows

28 LANGUAGES… … provide opportunities … open the doors to internships and jobs … prepare you for travel and study abroad … give you linguistic and cultural competence which are in high demand on the job market … are a lot of fun!

29 CUA Language & Culture Clubs

30 CUA Culture Fest

31 Study Abroad LATIN AMERICA: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico AUSTRIA: Vienna FRANCE : Paris, Nantes, Arles GERMANY: Eichstätt, Berlin, Freiburg IRELAND: Cork, Dublin ITALY: Rome, Venice SPAIN: Granada, Madrid MOROCCO: Rabat CHINA: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai TAIWAN: Summer Program, various locations

32 Grants and Scholarships Department of Modern Languages: – Crisafulli Study Abroad Travel Grants (for semesters abroad) – Departmental Summer Abroad Travel Grants – Annual German Goethe-Institut Summer Course Fellowship – Taiwan Summer Study Scholarships _______________________ - Fulbright Scholarships - Boren Scholarships - Benjamin A. Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship And many more!

33 Visit the MLL Website or stop by in McMahon 208 to speak to one of us! Would you like to learn more?

34 More information about Arabic-Pryz 323 Chinese-Great Room C (front) French-Pryz 321 German-Pryz 327 Irish-Great Room C (back) Italian-Great Room A (front room) Spanish-Great Room B (here) NOW!

35 Modern Languages & Literatures at CUA

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