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Chris Austin Exploiting the potential of designation.

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1 Chris Austin Exploiting the potential of designation

2 Local Ownership issues Liabilities –Structures and earthworks –nature Insurance Resilience Shared resources

3 Franchise models Microfranchises –Operations only –Vertically integrated –mixed Subsidiary franchises Multimodal franchises

4 Infrastructure Signalling –Basic signalling Track –Speed vs frequency/train utilisation –Low tech, low speed Station leases Management focus

5 Rolling stock New vehicles –Lightweight Cascaded vehicles –Life extension Legacy fleet Retained pool

6 Derogations Challenge the orthodoxy Open access Differentiated standards EU requirements on interoperability Designation confers status of local routes (physical separation argument) Making CR accessible TSA

7 Local procurement White van man culture Local suppliers Role of CRP and local authority Station servicing, bill posting Lineside fencing Station inspections

8 Cost allocation A problem since the 1950s Allocated costs high Actual expenditure low Theoretical plan vs practical priorities Avoidable costs Differentiate CR from other regional routes

9 Conclusions McNultys window of opportunity Unfinished business Revenue results stunning No one size fits all Risks of full separation Many costs better managed locally CR focus needed

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