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Sign of the Chrysanthemum by Katherine Paterson

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1 Sign of the Chrysanthemum by Katherine Paterson
Day 4 Discuss Chapters 6-7 Pre-reading Chapters 8-9

2 Question 1 Why do you think Muna is having difficulty adjusting to life with Fukuji? He doesn’t know how to do the tasks that Fukuji asks him to do. Fukuji is his only father figure now that Takanobu is dead and he wants to be his apprentice.

3 Question 2 Who are the two rival clans? Heiki and Genji

4 Question 3 Why does Fukuji sell so few swords?
He wants to make sure that the swords go to good, worthy people with a good spirit. (pg. 54)

5 Question 4 What does Fukuji ask Muna do do for him?
Take a note to Muratani, explaining that Fukuji will make a sword for him.

6 Question 5 He is dying. (pg. 61)
What does Muna discover has happened to Kawaki when he returns for a visit? He is dying. (pg. 61)

7 Question 6 Who does Muna think is the man that bumps into after leaving Kawaki & Akiko’s? He thought it was Koishi, Takanobu’s friend. (pg. 62)

8 Question 7 Why doesn’t Muna tell Fukuji about his troubles?
He decides to wait until he has proven his worth and is more of a man

9 Chapter 8-9 Vocabulary brazier (8-65) deft (8-65) unctuous (8-68)
pan with burning coals and grill for cooking food deft (8-65) nimble, skillful presumptuous (8-66) overstepping bounds of good behavior, forward unctuous (8-68) excessively smooth, suave, or smug ebullient (8-68) overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement tonsure (8-69) shaved patch on the head of monks in a religious order incredulous (8-71) disbelieving or showing disbelief raucous (9-80) rowdy, disorderly

10 Chapter 8-9 Plot Summary First event in chapter 8
Muna fans the fire in Fukuji’s kitchen. Chopping cucumbers, he thinks of how pretty Akiko is. Last event in chapter 9 Muna leaves Kawaki’s house to find Akiko. He is furious with her uncle.

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