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Vasco de balboa.

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1 Vasco de balboa

2 Came from a poor Spanish family He was an uneducated man Spanish Conquistador and Explorer

3 Where he lived Jerez de los Caballeros, Spain.

4 Famous for He was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean from its eastern shore, on September 13, 1513. it was named by Ferdinand Magellan during his expedition around the world several years later They marched to the shore and formally took possession of the ocean in the name of King Ferdinand and queen Isabella of Spain.

5 Vasco’s death In 1513, Vasco de Balboa was falsely accused of trying to build his own government in the west shore, by Pedrarias Davila. He was soon tried for treason and sentenced a public death. Him and four of his friends were beheaded in Panama in January 1519.

6 Honored as an hero In order to honor Vasco de Balboa, Panama put his face on their dime.

7 An journey to the Uraba On September 1,1513, Vasco de Balboa sailed with hundreds of Spaniards and Indians through the Gulf of Uraba.

8 Family Pedrarias Davila
In 1512, Vasco de Balboa married a well-known Indian Chief’s daughter. And then in 1516, he remarried and became engaged to Pedrarias Davila's daughter. Later on, his children sold their fathers close in order to receive money. Pedrarias Davila

9 Stowaway on a ship On February 17, 1501: Vasco de Balboa ran away from his home and stowed away on a ship in order to protect his own life. Once he was on the stowed away ship he traveled to San Sebastian along with his dog.

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