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Tanya Whiting Jaime Urbiha Kyle Rademacher Jordyn VanDerLeest.

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1 Tanya Whiting Jaime Urbiha Kyle Rademacher Jordyn VanDerLeest

2 Started in ancient Greece Used as rituals for the gods, including Dionysus, Elaphebolia, Aphrodite, and a few more Also big in ancient Rome, but they were more discreate Used as rituals for the gods and holidays

3 Orgies we dark celebrations to honor the Goddess of Harvest, and the Goddess of Wine(ancient Greece) Only passive form of entertainment Only active form of entertainment Romans adapted the practice of orgies for crazy festivals to honor Dionysus, their god of Wine Initially only women allowed, eventually they started to let men participate

4 186 B.C.-most orgies were invite-only 16 th century- maypole dance 1970s-people having orgies because they could

5 Orgy- a sexual activity in which four or more participants are present and involved in sexual activity with each other Group sex- involving three participants is called a threesome and isn't normally classified as an orgy. Gang bang- is intercourse between one woman, or man, and a group of men, one after another. An alternate slang phrase for this practice is "pulling a train." If this kind of orgy is not consensual, it is rape.

6 Very unusual job Planner for the rich society Organize food, women, music, and accommodation Downside- not liked by all members of society Many perks to the job

7 Materials needed for a successful orgy: o Alcohol o Lubricants o Bowls of condoms o Towels o Cleaning supplies o Orgy music Orgy

8 Low Lighting People who attend o Heterosexual/Homosexual Free for all, couple

9 Opened in 1977 Famous Ansonia Hotel basement 25 dollars per couple Closed in 1985 Relocated to Fort Lauderdale Platos Retreat 2/The Slammer Famous Story of Platos Retreat

10 Orgies are very taboo in todays culture. Now people are not as interested, so it is difficult to arrange. Participants are encouraged to forget who they are. It is helpful to strip down and step into the light to break some barriers. Special care should be taken at the beginning especially to make everyone more comfortable.

11 Can result in emotional trauma. Participants are very vulnerable. Could possibly damage the relationship. Bad for couples who are fighting. Comes with the risk of STDs and STIs Can be difficult to find participants.


13 Eat spicy food Remove your mask Get drunk, but not TOO drunk Get used to seeing people naked everywhere

14 Do not act brand new Go where you fit in Dont get attached Do not get attached Experiment Do not push it No interference Bring a friend Know all the rules No cameras Have fun


16 prefer-this-not-get-awkward/ prefer-this-not-get-awkward/ party.html party.html

17 from-history/ from-history/ orgy/ orgy/ orgy/ orgy/

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