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Day 4 The Odyssey Agenda Bell Ringer

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1 Day 4 The Odyssey Agenda Bell Ringer
Skill Review: Internal/External Conflict Skill Focus: Homeric Simile Reading - The Enchantress Circe p. 773 - The Land of The Dead p. 775 - The Sirens; Scylla and Charybdis p. 778 - The Cattle of the Sun God p. 784 Exit Slip Movie

2 Bell Ringer #4: (A) 4/19 & (B) 4/20
Write about a difficult decision you have had to make. Between what two things did you have to decide? How did you go about making your decision? Be sure to explain your answer in a well-developed paragraph.

3 Word Work #4 1)Using a dictionary, define the following words: rancor, abominably, ardor and tumult. 2)Write a sentence for each word using the word correctly. 3)Create an image for each word that illustrates the meaning of the word.

4 Day Four Reading: Circe, Scylla, and Charybdis

5 Flashback Review: Define conflict. Why is using conflict helpful to the plot of a story? Give an example of an internal conflict from what we have read of The Odyssey thus far? How has this conflict advanced the plot? Give an example of an external conflict from what we have read of The Odyssey thus far? How has this conflict advanced the plot?

6 Skill Focus Homeric Simile: Homeric simile, also called epic simile, is a detailed comparison in the form of a simile that is many lines in length. The word "Homeric" is based on the Greek author Homer, who composed the two famous Greek epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey. Many authors continue to use this type of simile in their writings. Example: "And the ship like a four-horse team careering down the plain, all breaking as one with the whiplash cracking smartly, leaping with hooves high to run the course in no time..." XIII. line 93 Based on the definition and example provided explain how a homeric simile is different than a simile.

7 Skill Practice Homeric Simile example: As a flag flaps in the breeze, clumsily twisting and flopping without rhyme or reason, so too Mrs. Francis attempted to dance the Dougie, making a total idiot of herself. Create 2 homeric similes on your own. You will choose a person form list A and an object from list B and compare them in some lengthy way. List A President Obama Miley Cyrus Paris Hilton Rhianna BSHS students List B Smelly socks Hamsters Ice cream Pancakes Play doh Pigeons Knife Tiger Sirens Need to add some to list A

8 Circe Circe, daughter of the sun, was a sorceress best known for her ability to turn men into animals with her magic wand. She is remembered for her encounter with Odysseus and his men, and renowned for her knowledge of magic and poisonous herbs. By Waterhouse1891 Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses,

9 The Sirens sea nymphs whose beautiful and mysterious music lures sailors to steer their ships toward dangerous rocks

10 Scylla female monster with six serpent heads, each head having a triple row of fangs

11 Charybdis female monster who sucks in water three times a day to form a deadly whirlpool

12 Reading for Today: The Enchantress Circe The Land of the Dead
Scylla and Charybdis Pg. 773 to 783

13 Reading Questions Circe
Whose island did Odysseus and his men go to immediately after the Cyclops’? What did they receive at this location? (Intro. Of “The Enchantress Circe”) How is imagery effectively used to describe the types of animals in the halls of Circe?(Lines ) How does Circe trick Odysseus and his men? (Lines ) What motivates Circe to trick Odysseus and his men? Land of the Dead Whom does Odysseus look for when traveling to the underworld? Why? (Lines ) Describe three (3) conflicts that Odysseus will soon face that Odysseus learns about while in the Land of the Dead. (Lines ) Describe Odysseus’ reaction to this news. How does this characterize Odysseus? Would this be an example of direct or indirect characterization? When Odysseus returns to Circe’s island, what advice does she give him to get past the Sirens? (Lines )

14 Reading Questions Scylla and Charybdis
Find an example of imagery in this section. Cite the example and analyze its effect on the tone of the section. What does Odysseus tell his men to do to him when sailing near the Sirens? (Lines ) What does this reveal about his character? Why doesn’t Odysseus tell his men about Scylla when they are going directly towards it? Why would this be an internal conflict for Odysseus rather than an external one? (Lines )  What motivation is behind Odysseus’ choice regarding what he tells his men about Scylla? Based on his decision, assign a character trait to Odysseus and explain how you came to this conclusion.

15 Exit Slip SCYLLA A man surf-casting on a point of rock for bass or mackerel, whipping his long rod to drop the sinker and the bait far out, will hook a fish and rip it from the surface to dangle wriggling through the air; (page 783) 1. What two pairs of things are being compared in the passage? ( ____ to ____ and _____ to _____) 2. How does this type of comparison help establish a mood?

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