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Knowledge Management Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director TEAMPro Limited, London-Vadodara Gujarat INDIA.

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1 Knowledge Management Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director TEAMPro Limited, London-Vadodara Gujarat INDIA

2 Dr Rajesh Khajuria2 Can you see Knowledge? Management? Knowledge- Management? In this Picture

3 Dr Rajesh Khajuria3 What is Knowledge? Knowledge is the sum total of Information and Experience, gained through mental and physical faculties. –Touch, Sight, Smell, Speech and Hearing. What you know and can put to use is Knowledge. With vast Universe, and 6 billion people on our tiny Earth, Knowledge is Unlimited..

4 Dr Rajesh Khajuria4 What is Management? Management is the Art and Science of Resource generation and utilisation to achieve the desirable objectives of an organisation or society… Resources are Man, Material, Machinery and Money…also Information. Use of Resources gives Experience. With Unlimited Resources, Management also is a vast field of activity in this world…

5 Dr Rajesh Khajuria5 Knowledge Management (KM) Therefore, Knowledge Management is Managing Knowledge, which is Unlimited… Can it Knowledge be managed? Let us try to define KM first and Then look at the challenges, knowledge creation process and knowledge management process.

6 Dr Rajesh Khajuria6 KM - Definition Knowledge Management (KM) is the art of performing knowledge actions such as organizing, blocking, filtering, storing, gathering, sharing, disseminating, and using knowledge objects such as data, information, experiences, evaluations, insights, wisdom, and initiatives - all of which, though not identical, are from the point of view of KM, simply some items to be managed. In general terms, KM is the performance of knowledge actions on knowledge objects. * By Mr M V Khubalkar, ONGC, Vadodara in KM Conference.

7 Dr Rajesh Khajuria7

8 8 Creation of Knowledge Cycle - Innovation and Creativity Creativty Innovation Action Understand Hypothesize Validate and capture Represent Explicit Paper, software Implicit Brain Current knowledge New knowledge

9 Dr Rajesh Khajuria9 How Do you Manage Knowledge? 1. By Creating Knowledge Infrastructure: –Global level – Internet, WWW –National level – Portals, Libraries, Digital networks, Server Farms… –Organisation Level – ERP & SCM Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management, Portals, Servers… –Personal level – Books, Computers, Laptops, CDs, Pen Drives…

10 Dr Rajesh Khajuria10 How Do you Manage Knowledge? 2. By Managing Knowledge Infrastructure: –Skilled Manpower (You…) –Electricity (basic infrastructure) –Internet – Broad Band, Wi-fi… –Hardware –Software –Information

11 Dr Rajesh Khajuria11 Creating knowledge Societies Economic growth or level of a country is determined based on its level of knowledge. Example, Germany has forged ahead of UK, and together with USA, China and India, these will probably be the four largest economies of the world in Y 2020. Vadodara Knowledge City - Presentation at the end…

12 Dr Rajesh Khajuria12

13 Dr Rajesh Khajuria13 Knowledge Levels Ancient Jainism documents define 5 levels… –Srut Gyan INFORMATION (Data Processing) –Mati Gyan Wisdom generation and display (WISDOM / KNOWLEDGE) –Avadhi Gyan Ability to see things from a distance (INTUITION) –Manah Paryay Gyan Ability to read or know the other persons mind –Kevel Gyan Ultimate knowledge of past, present and future of all objects and beings in the Universe…or BLISS, DIVINE

14 Dr Rajesh Khajuria14

15 Dr Rajesh Khajuria15 Thank You! Dr Rajesh Khajuria, CEO TEAM Projects & Consultants Vadodara Gujarat INDIA Web: Email: Cell: 91-94260 75402

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