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CrisisResponseTeam Fábián Sándor

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1 CrisisResponseTeam Fábián Sándor

2 CrisisResponseTeam Set up for the natural and personal victims of human wolfishness and forgetfulness

3 CrisisResponseTeam Voluntary Crisis Response – Beyond Physical needs Fábián Sándor A fresh approach to crisis management Title

4 CrisisResponseTeam Outline - Introduction of a sample volunteer based organisation - Our role in red sludge disaster relief works - Our technical apparatus - Society forming by voluntary work

5 CrisisResponseTeam Iron can be formed by iron, and a man is formed by other men Book of Proverbs

6 CrisisResponseTeam - Practical aid for the needy - Improving personality of the volunteer himself

7 CrisisResponseTeam What is the way of bringing hope and spiritual endurance to the life of crisis affected people by using mainly the work of volunteers? How to draw layman population directly into crisis response aid tasks.

8 CrisisResponseTeam OperationMobilisation (OM) worldwide: pioneers and leads initiatives to redeem lives, rebuild communities and restore hope in over 110 countries OM Hungary: Crisis Response Team and a lot more…

9 CrisisResponseTeam

10 CrisisResponseTeam

11 CrisisResponseTeam

12 CrisisResponseTeam

13 CrisisResponseTeam State disaster management Aid of volunteers towards the affected Recruiting of volunteers

14 CrisisResponseTeam

15 CrisisResponseTeam Equipment - Handtools, hooks, ropes, axes, shovels - Honda generators, a Honda water-pump, a Stihl chainsaw - Cooking appliances for about 50 people - Helmets, gloves, boots and union suits - Floodlights, portable computers, waterproof GPS units, Motorola personal mobile radios, MagLite personal lamps - Food, water - Vehicles

16 CrisisResponseTeam a nation I (…) by and by shall teach, shall teach. József Attila: For My Birthday Translated by Ozsváth Zsuzsanna

17 CrisisResponseTeam Thank you for the attention

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