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Ministry for Creativity New Modes of Cohabitation Helena Drnovšek - Head, Division for International Cultural Relations - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic.

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1 Ministry for Creativity New Modes of Cohabitation Helena Drnovšek - Head, Division for International Cultural Relations - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Slovenia

2 On Creativity Creative people are those with unusual talents,that are able to make their creative mark without special help (and sometimes gain strength from educational failure) Creativity is embodied in different areas of human life, it is multidimensional and experiential Creativity is something associated with arts and culture Creativity is the ability to produce work that is both novel and appropriate On Creativity: Towards an Understanding of Creativity and its Measurements, study by the European Commission

3 Culture in Europe UNESCO: » to contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among nations through education, science and culture The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: the right to participate in cultural life as being among those conditions that are "necessary for human survival, integrity and human dignity". Council of Europe: « fostering democracy, human rights and cultural cooperation«

4 And the European Union Treaty of Rome: culture as exemption

5 And the European Union Maastricht Treaty in 1991: Community shall contribute to the flowering of the cultures of the Member States, while respecting their national and regional diversity, and at the same time to bring their common cultural heritage to the fore.

6 Approaches to European Cultural Agenda One dimensional, static approach driven by - the nationalist / localist argument - the neo liberal argument - the visibility argument Objectives - Decoration (art as music furniture) - Promotion (art as tourist agency) - Visibility (EU flags!)

7 If you wish to get to know European history, go to the opera. Mladen Dolar If you wish to get to know European contradictions, go to Slovenia Miško Šuvaković

8 Exclusive official cultural exchange -National museums -Traditional folklore -Natural phenomena -etc...

9 Subversive/transversal art practices -Conceptual art -Rock culture -Contemporary art -etc...

10 Intercultural dialogue Interdisciplinary role of culture: - knowledge society - social change - education - migration - employment - urban and structural development - creative industries - external relations Role of civil society: - participation - shared ownership of the political process - bottom up approach - creating and protecting shared spaces of free cultural expression etc.

11 Entropa


13 Objectives: -To promote creativity for all as driver for innovation as a key factor for the development of personal, occupational, entrepreneurial and social competences - To launch the debate on measuring creativity - To raise public awarness and promote public debate on creativity European Year of Creativity and Innovation

14 How to measure creativity? Situation in creativity research is similar to the fable of the blind man trying to describe an elephant by touching different parts of the animal, where the one touching the tail says it is like a snail and the other touching the flanks says it is an elephant.

15 Creativity is a process of interactions and spill over effects between different innovative processes which mixes elements of -artistic creativity -economic innovation -technical innovation Ministry: something that serves as an agency, instrument or means Public servant: ministrates, serves Contemporary artist: transfers countless strategies for investigation of the metaphorical, representational and symbolic levels Transcendality

16 Makrolab/I-TASC Marko Peljhan (SLO)


18 Space Junk Sašo Sedlaček (SLO)

19 Slovenian Space Agency

20 The declaration of the Slovenian artists: -Understanding that the cultures of Art and Science are connected by human curiosity, creativity and the quest for the understanding of the unknown -Recognising the existence of art and culture programs within the current EU structures -Understanding that there are numerous Art, Science and Technology related university programs being established in the last 25 years from the Americas, thought Europe, Africa, Asia to Oceania -Convinced that a major drive for coordination and information and data exchange will lead to reassertion of a cutting edge third culture that combines the work of artists and scientists - Convinced that the public understanding of science and art will be greatly enhanced if we succeed

21 We propose: -To establish a transnational EC art and science collaboration and outreach work group that would be tasked to establish, identify and promote: - Art and Science collaborative models within the EC culture and scientific communities, with the establishment of an Art and Science project and programs fund - Coordination and collaboration in data exchange, archiving and reflection of past and future Art and Science based activities within the existing and established EC programs -The condition for the flourishing of a new third culture that will assert the existence of a historical, conceptual and methodological link, between the cultures of art and science -Links with and between the existing art an science initiatives and university programs around the world - we propose that the EC Art and Science Collaboration and Outreach work group is comprised of the coordinators from the EC institutions and the representatives of transnational art science organisations such us INESCO, the Leonardo International Society for Art and Technology and others

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