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Teacher: Soulou Sarah Class: St 2/3 Numbers of students: 19 Duration : 2 weeks Age of students: 11 Years of learning English: 4 years Aims: Writing.

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3 Teacher: Soulou Sarah Class: St 2/3 Numbers of students: 19 Duration : 2 weeks Age of students: 11 Years of learning English: 4 years Aims: Writing a paragraph about a myth or a legend. Use of text- related words and character-related adjectives. Students were asked to find information about a famous character in mythology or a famous legend. They were given the choice of working individually or in groups and were responsible for finding resources and using their own creativity to complete the task.

4 Leonidas was a king of Sparta. He was one of the four sons Alexandridis from his first marriage of his father (Dorio, Leonidas Kleombrotos).He was a leader and very brave.

5 Leonidas was a leader of the Greek army and successfully managed to keep them together and forget their differences. He was a genius at Thermopylae war and showed heroism when Xerxes sent his messenger and asked him to give their weapons the Spartan king said" Come and get them ". King Leonidas died fighting against the Persians at Thermopylae point. He fought against the Persian soldiers. Leonidas and 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians won the battle. He was a hero.

6 Perseus and Andromeda (introduction) Perseus is one of the greatest heroes of Greek Mythology. He was the son of Zeus and mortal Danae. He is best known as the rescuer of the Ethiopian princess Andromeda. The beautiful Andromeda was the daughter of the Ethiopian king Cepheus and queen Cassiopeia. Made by Kathrine Mouzaki

7 Perseus and Andromeda One day, the queen said that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereids, the sea nymphs. The sea nymphs were angry to hear that and complained to Poseidon, the god of the sea. Poseidon sent the sea monster Cetus to destroy the land of Ethiopia. The sad king Cephus called Zeus, who suggested the sacrifice of Andromeda as the only solution. As Perseus was flying over Africa in his return home, he came across Atlas the Titan, a mythical giant, who challenged him. In their fight, Perseus used Medousa's head to turn the Titan into stone. Perseus continued his journey home and, as he passed the kingdom of Ethiopia he saw the beautiful Andromeda, chained to the rocks waiting to be eaten by a sea monster.

8 Perseus and Andromeda Perseus found himself face to face with the beautiful Andromeda chained on the rocks, waiting for her death. Perseus fell in love with the lovely girl and killed Cetus the beast. Perseus took Andromeda to her father Cepheus and asked him to marry her. Perseus returned to the island of Serifos with his wife, Andromeda, only to find Polydectes,who wanted to marry his mother, Danae. Polydectes soon became a stone statue, because of the use of the head of Medousa. Perseus and Andromeda lived happily in Tiryns and became the parents of seven sons and one daughter.

9 Perseus and Andromeda Andromeda was the daughter of King Cepheus of Ethiopia and queen Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia was very beautiful and always showed it. Giakoumellou Ilianna St2

10 Perseus and Andromeda Poseidon, the sea god, did not like queen Cassiopeia and he sent a great sea monster to Ethiopeia. An oracle told Cassiopeia that the only way to get rid of the monster was to give her daughter to it. So Cassiopeia and her husband King Cepheus chained their daughter to a rock for the monster.

11 Perseus and Andromeda Perseus heard her story and quickly offered to rescue her. He told her parents that he could kill the monster, rescue Andromeda and then marry her. Her parents agreed.

12 Perseus and Andromeda Perseus killed the monster, married Andromeda and had six sons and one daughter. After her death, Andromeda was placed among the stars as the Andromeda galaxy. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME !!! Iliana Giakoumelou St2 2012-2013

13 A famous historic character Katiforis Michael St 2 A famous historic character Katiforis Michael St 2

14 Hercules was the son of Zeus. On the night the twins Hercules and Iphicles were born, Hera would kill them with two snakes. Hercules with his power grabbed the two snakes. When he became a strong man, he married in Thebes, Kings Creons daughter, Megara. Then Hercules killed his own children. He realized what he had done and he went to the Oracle of Delphi.

15 Hercules was a servant of King Eurystheus. Eurystheus decided to give Hercules 12 labors. They were: 1.The Nemean Lion 2.The Lernean Hydra 3. The Hind of Ceryneia 4. The Erymanthean Boar 5. The Augean Stables 6. The Stymphalian Birds 7. The Cretan Bull

16 8. The Horses of Diomedes 9. The Belt of Hippolyte 10. Geryons Cattle 11. The Apples of the Hesperides 12. Cerberus After completing these labors he joined the Argonauts in the search for the Golden Fleece. He is famous all over the world.

17 Hercules Laritzakis Timos St2 Hercules was a hero of Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus and Alcmene and he was born in Thebes. Hercules was famous for his strength and his twelve adventures. When Hercules was born, Ira the wife of Zeus who hated Hercules sent two snakes at Hercules bed but Hercules killed them. The legend The myth

18 Ancient Greeks pictured Hercules wearing a lions leather and holding a big stick. A sculpture of Hercules

19 Hercules was half man and half god. His mother Alcmene, was a mortal. But his father was the king of all the gods, the mighty Zeus. But Hercules did not know he was part god until he had grown into a man.Hera, Zeus' wife, was very jealous of Hercules. She tried all kinds of ways to kill him, including sending a couple of big snakesto kill him. Hercules killed those snakes. Hercules was incredibly strong, even as a baby!

20 Zeus loved his little son. To keep his small son safe from attack, Zeus sent him to live with a mortal family on earth. Hercules grew up loved. But he was too big and too strong. One day, his earth father told him he was a part god. Hercules had a cousin named Eurystheus. Eurystheus was the king of a little village in the city of Argos. Eurystheus was an evil man. He thought everyone wanted to steal his crown, especially Hercules. One day, when Hera and Eurystheus were chatting about Hercules, Hera came up with a plan - a plan to kill Hercules!

21 Hera helped Eurystheus make 12 Labors that Hercules had to complete. If Hercules completed the 12 Labors, he would earn br immortal, or so Hera promised. Hercules asked the Oracle at Delphi who said: "If you complete 12 Labors, immorality will be yours."the Oracle at Delphi The Labors, which Heracles had to complete, were the following: 1. To Slay the Nemean Lion. 2.To Slay the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra. 3.To Capture the Golden Hind of Artemis. 4.To Capture the Erymanthian Boar. 5.To Clean the Stables in a single day. 6.To Slay the Stymphalian Birds. 7.To Capture the Cretan Bull. 8.To Steal the Mares of Diomedes. 9.To Obtain the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. 10.To Obtain the cattle of the monster Geryon. 11.To Steal the apples of the Hesperides. 12.To Capture and bring back Cerberus. He was very strong and earned immorality and lived with the gods of Olympus.

22 old-Seilinos King Midas was a very kind man who ruled his kingdom fairly, but he was greedy and foolish. One day a satyr visited him,old-Seilinos, the satyrs have goats body and human head. The satyr was tired and hungry because he was walking on the mountains so he asked Midas to allow him stay at his home during the night. Midas treated him very well. This satyr was a friend of the god Apollo. Apollo was pleased because Midas treated his friend very well, so he decided to visit him and make a wish come true. Midas thought a bit and wished I want everything I touch to become gold. Apollo said to him that this might be dangerous, but Midas ignored him so Apollo made his wish come true.

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