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. These are a few slides I put together for those who enjoy going to an Italian Festival. A beautiful tradition started some 32 years ago in Clarksburg,

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2 . These are a few slides I put together for those who enjoy going to an Italian Festival. A beautiful tradition started some 32 years ago in Clarksburg, West Virginia and quickly grew to be a major Festival in the United States. Rated the 4 th largest.

3 This Years Festival will celebrate its 32nd Anniversary, September 3, 4 and 5, 2010. The WVIHF has been rated among the "Top 100 Events in North America" by the ABA, a "Top 20 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society" & on of the "Top 4 Italian Festival's" in the nation by the National Sons of Italy. It was born out of Love, and a pride in the cultural heritage of Italian-Americans in West Virginia,

4 During the first West Virginia Italian Festival in 1979, the wine flowed, tantalizing arrays of delectable food abound and the music was fast-paced. With color, pageantry, entertainment, events, contests, exhibitions and displays packing the streets of uptown Clarksburg, the Festival was an instant success. People flock to this little town and fill the hotels and motels of the surrounding cities. A great fun event, and a great way to also have reunions.

5 The Main Street is blocked off

6 The courthouse is converted into the main stage.


8 egemen gül Standing room only or bring your own chairs

9 It Starts usually with a Thursday Pasta cook off. And A dinner honoring the Italian Man of the year, and Italian Woman of the Year. This year I am told that it is Bobby and Donnie Adams from Las Vegas, who of course are originally from Clarksburg. Successful owners of All State Tours of Las Vegas. Here is a list of past Italian Man of the year.

10 Singers and Dancers perform all day long

11 Past Man of the Year Awards 1980 Nicholas T. Camicia 1981 Dr. Jay Arena 1982 Leo Vecellio 1983 Capt. Tom Paul Scott, USN 1984 Dr. K. Alvin Merendino 1985 Robert DeProspero 1986 Lt. Gen. Leonard H. Perroots 1987 Michael C. Paterno 1988 Joseph Antonini 1989 Rear Admiral Thomas Lopez 1990 Larry Ciccarelli 1991 Brig. Gen. Tom Mancinelli 1992 Dr. Thomas Mazzocco 1993 Angelo S. Petitto 1994 Augustine A. Mazzei, Jr. 1995 Joseph L. Tropea1996 Frank A. Oliverio 1997 Larry Argiro 1998 Joseph F. Fuscaldo 1999 Andrew J. Paterno 2000 Lucius Cavallero 2001 Victor Basile 2002 Father Hilarion Cann 2003 A. James Manchin 2004 Russell Bonasso & Samuel Bonasso 2005 Carmine J. Cann 2006 Joseph M. Minard 2007 Leonard J. "Joe" Trupo & Louis J. "Zeke" Trupo 2008 Michael A. Oliverio 2009 Governor Joe Manchin III



14 Not unusual to see people dancing in the streets all hours day and night during the festival

15 Betty danced at every festival that I can remember

16 Constant Entertainment For all ages

17 A great Master of Ceremonies, every year Providing great Music and Entertainment all day long Throughout the festival. Amici

18 Homemade Italian Dishes Everywhere


20 Believe me itss not Digornos



23 The streets are cleared and the dancers do their folk dances on a moments notice throughout the day and during the night.

24 Always entertainment for the Children

25 As for the kids this picture says it all

26 Saturday morning is Parade Day

27 The parade has a little bit of everything. Celebrities Grand Marshals, Politicians. Singers and Comedians. Local High School Bands Church dignitaries and a lot of Community Clubs and organiza- tions. It is really a lot of fun for all. The officials and guest carry lot of hard candy on the floats, And shower the kids along the way with lots of candy. Its a great time for everyone and all ages. The following is a list of just a few of the past Grand Marshals and celebrity guests

28 Here are a few of our past Grand Marshals COACHS ROLLIE MASSIMINO AND TOMMY LASORDA. Champion Pool Player WILLI MOSCONI. Champion Boxer, the great ROCKY GRAZZINO. Many more Ive forgotten. Some great entertainers such as singer Jerry Vale, The Gaylords, Sam Buterra, Al Martino, The list goes on and on. The West Virginia Italian Festival is by far the best. I really hope you get to see at least one.





33 Scubby is a regular favorite

34 a Queen and her Court Is Honored In The Parade

35 Snoopy get in on the act too! Lots of fun for the kids


37 Long time friend and State Senator Joe Minard





42 Kids still go nuts over these guys too,Tom and Jerry



45 Here we have Pauly greeting Bob & John Adams

46 This years Italian Man of the Year award goes to these brothers.

47 Nicky and wife Joretta Roxy Tommy Carmen



50 Mr. and Mrs. John Adams and Tom Basile


52 Anthoney and Me. Classmates and old friends. I use to work for his family When they had the Drive In. What great fun we had then 1953 and 54.

53 Tom Basile Joe Oliverio Lou Tiano enjoying the Fest.

54 Beer & camera in hand another old friend Mike Audia

55 Three Generations of Italians Betty, Folly, Clare.

56 Frank Oliverio affectionately known as Frankie Furniture

57 Joe Minard and Paul Romano cugini

58 Alexa Jada Amy Steve Chicarell MY BABES

59 Tom & Sheila Lopez and Tom Basile

60 Mary Jane Folio Martin - Have some lottery tickets-

61 Mark Basile manager of the KOI in LA and his brother Tom

62 Always great to seeJohn And Anna Secreto life long friends

63 Everyone knows Filomena and Beez

64 Sonny Oliverio Taking a well earned break before the real crowd comes


66 Jada, Alexa, greeting old friends of their dad Steve.

67 Anthony Ellis and Frank Oliverio

68 Look Mom That guy is everywhere!!

69 My old Lockheed buddy Sam Clementi

70 Steve Mutafis and sister Argie and Friends

71 Me and Mike Minutelli

72 Mike and my beautiful daughter Kandy, she loves meeting my old friends.

73 Anitas daughter(spiting image of her mom.) with Frank & Gail.

74 Anthony and Me and son Steve winding down a great evening.

75 Bobby Cotter and wife selling their art work



78 Sunday morning Mass at 11:00 Am. is held on Main St. If you would have told me in 1955 when I graduated that someday over 3,000 Catholics and friends would celebrate Mass on main street, I would of said you are crazy, in this slide Joe Fuscaldo of Las Vegas is going to do the gospel reading. He was Man of the year 1998. Father Larry Cann usually presides.


80 I hope you have enjoyed the show If you have, be sure and tell all of your friends about it. I would like to extend a offer to email me any comments you wish to make on my Italian music site also. I will be happy to correct any errors you find. E-mail me at

81 This entire show is dedicated to my Good friend Tom Basile. That is why I have shown many slides of him. The background music I selected is Tommys Dads favorite song. It is by Luciano Pavarotti. Roman Gutiar I have translated The lyrica on the final slide, thank you for watching.

82 CHITARRA ROMANA Sotto un manto di stelle Roma bella mi appare solitario il mio cuor Under a blanket of stars, beautiful Rome appears to my lonely heart. disilluso d'amor va nell'ombra a cantar...Una muta fontana Disalusions of love I go in the shadows to sing. A silent fountain. a un balcone lassu' O chitarra romana accompagna mi tu Up there on the balcony, O my Roman Guitar accompanies me Suona suona mia chitarra lascia piangere il mio cuore Play Play my guitar, It leaves a cry in my heart. senza casa e senza amore mi rimani solo tu Se la voce e' un po' velata without a home and without love, I remain alone. And this veiled voice accompagna mi in sordina la mia bella fornarina al balcone non c'e' piu' accompanies me in softness, my beautiful Fornarina at the balcony no more. Lungotevere dorme mentre il fiume cammina, On the bank I sleep and walk along the river. io lo seguo perchè mi trascina con sè e travolge il mio cuor. I follow like Im dragging my overwhelming heart. Vedo un ombra lontana e una stella lassù, o chitarra romana accompagnami tu. I see a long shadow, a star up there, Roman Guitar accompanies me.

83 The End

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