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1 The Bishopric as the Presidency of the Aaronic Priesthood How to Improve Your Ward in Three Easy Steps Augusta Georgia Stake Young Men Presidency 7 September.

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1 1 The Bishopric as the Presidency of the Aaronic Priesthood How to Improve Your Ward in Three Easy Steps Augusta Georgia Stake Young Men Presidency 7 September 2006

2 2 Introduction and Purpose David Carlsen, Stake Young Men President

3 3 Purpose Assist Bishoprics and Branch Presidencies in learning how to strengthen families… …by properly implementing the Aaronic Priesthood: Fulfilling Our Duty to God program.

4 4 Important Note We are not introducing anything new… …just trying to assist in the implementation of existing programs & guidelines.

5 5 Assumptions The Duty to God program contains just what the young men need to help them prepare for missions and parenthood. The Duty to God program contains just what the parents need to help them spiritually provide for, protect and nurture their sons. Bishoprics who focus on their Aaronic Priesthood Presidency duties can make a real difference with the young men. When Bishoprics (especially the Bishop) set priorities and communicate them to the Saints, many of the members will alter their priorities to match. Bishoprics should spend the majority of their time with the youth. Bishoprics will help families feel the importance of the Duty to God program by introducing each level in the home.

6 6 The Process Focus on Aaronic Priesthood Presidency Duties Spend more time with the Young Men Concentrate on the Duty to God Program

7 7 The Three Easy Steps 1. Using the principle of delegation. 2. Interviewing young men. 3. Using the Young Men Secretary.

8 8 Using the Principle of Delegation Doug Lowry, Stake Young Men 1st Counselor

9 9 The Problem I have to do it ALL!

10 10 Solution Resource Management

11 11 Woodrow Wilson I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.

12 12 Resources Ward Council Relief Society President Elders Quorum President High Priest Group Leader Primary President Sunday School President Young Men & Young Women Presidents Activities Committee Chair Seminary Teacher Teachers Quorum President Deacons Quorum President

13 13 Secret Weapons The Sisters are often the most overworked yet under-utilized resource in the Ward / Branch.

14 14 William Feather, American Author Next to doing a good job yourself, the greatest joy is having someone else do a first-class job under your direction.

15 15 Goethe, poet / philosopher Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.

16 16 Humility Let the Holy Ghost help you know who should be handling problems. There may be someone out there who can handle it better than you.

17 17 Delegation Barriers Bad reflection on you Dont want to overload them Perfectionist Keys More what & why and less how Delegate whole tasks not just pieces Things you dont do well Ronald Reagan Concept Skill Matching Micro Managing is not delegation Delegate to develop

18 18 Delegation Perfection This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him. JS History 1:17

19 19 Brenden Taylor, Stake Young Men 2nd Counselor Interviewing Young Men

20 20 Interviewing Tips Since an interview often turns into a counseling session, there are some things you need to do: Understand feelings. Appeal to the Spirit. Be willing to learn. Pinpoint specific needs. Identify courses of action. You neednt always have answers. Keep the confidences.

21 21 Beginning the Interview The beginning can be the hardest part. Help them feel that they have a part to play and plan in advance to shift the emphasis from you to the other person: Explain the purpose of the interview. Encourage them to participate. Give them time to prepare. Prepare yourself. Begin with prayer. Dont ask simple yes or no questions. Focus on their interests and activities.

22 22 Getting to the Real Issue Sometimes the persons real problems and concerns remain unclear. The individual may avoid talking about their real problems because: They fear a possible negative reaction. They cant put their feelings into words. Show them that you respect them regardless of what they say, and that you really want to understand the way they feel.

23 23 Listen to Learn Reflect the individuals feeling as they express them. This process is harder than it sounds. Refrain from expressing surprise, concern, and disappointment. Pay special attention to the feelings behind the words. Withhold comment or reassurances until more is known. Put yourself in their place.

24 24 Decisions, Decisions… When a need has been identified, the next step involves deciding on a possible course of action. Dont concentrate on just one solution. Clear choices between right and wrong should be explicitly pointed out. When a decision between alternatives must be made, allow the individual to think, study and pray to better decide for themselves. The amount of time set aside for the interview may be too short to accomplish what you desire. End each interview end on an uplifting note that reinforces the individuals sense of worth and dignity.

25 25 Using the Young Men Secretary Max Molgard, Stake Young Men Secretary

26 26 Young Men Secretary Unfortunately, his can become the forgotten or neglected calling. When properly trained, he becomes an invaluable resource for: Training Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Secretaries Keeping the Aaronic Priesthood and Young Men Leaders up-to-date on the progress of each young man

27 27 The Young Men Interview Packet Duty to God progress Scouting progress Missionary Recommendation Forms Recent trends in attendance (Sunday and Mutual) Reasons for non-attendance Goals set and reached

28 28 You have as great an opportunity for satisfaction in the performance of your duty as I do in mine. The progress of this work will be determined by our joint efforts…. …Whatever your calling, it is as fraught with the same kind of opportunity to accomplish good as is mine. What is really important is that this is the work of the Master. Our work is to go about doing good as did He. (President Gordon B. Hinckley, April Conference 1995) Each Calling is an Opportunity

29 29 Summary and Questions David Carlsen, Stake Young Men President

30 30 Why is this statement true? A Bishop who spends 75% of his time with the youth will have a successful ward. Stephen D. Nadauld, 1C, YM Gen Presidency & 70 (Augusta Georgia Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting 17 February 1996) Mentoring of future leaders Building a relationship of trust Empowering MP & RS Leaders Offering a righteous example Being there during teaching moments Gaining the respect of parents Reducing the Prospective Elder pool

31 31 Questions ?

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