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Laura Andrunachi +40.729.999.696

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1 Laura Andrunachi +40.729.999.696

2 i am Laura…

3 Almost 11 years as a… Trainer Mentor Life Coach & Personal Trainer Consultant Psychotherapist Psychologist Mother Wife Woman of fate Hard Study Beginner Photographer

4 … a source of inspiration for change, reflection, creativity, personal development, success, fulfilment, balance …i am what i am.... since always… …i am continuously looking for self- discovery, self-evaluation and re- invention…

5 I do things differently. I face any situation uniquely. I speak and talk authentically. I am the person who assists others to achieve their goals in life, both professionally and personally.

6 Anyone who wants direction and motivation in life is coming to me. What I do is a process of personal development, it is a "personal journey".. What I do is a process through which I lead others in they true sense of life. When you feel that you can do something, do it! because you can!

7 I personally see life as a "mental diet" that involves a whole lifetime process. It is a process that I am going and I shall go through my entire life. It is the long the way from the "no-how" to "know-how" In your personal relationship with life, you can get success only if you create an authentic self relationship, an open congruence, a sort of synergistic relationship between you and your-self.

8 If you want to know what is important to you, if you want to know today, for tomorrow, I am right here, right beside you. Choose to see things differently and change your world of tomorrow! I am not saying that is going to be easy, I say that is going to worth it!

9 PS. If you want to see ordinary, boring, but informative version of my resume, please, request me the *doc file

10 Laura Andrunachi +40.729.999.696

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